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A Son for a Son

1 - Huston, We Have a Problem

A high pitched signal is what brought them there. Luthor sent it from his favorite building in Metropolis, calling both of them. Batman didn't like being carried through the air, but considering the circumstances, he had no choice but to accept Superman's help. The bald CEO smirked in his chair, his message still on his computer screen. It was a simple one, and very direct. It was sure to get the ones he wanted to talk to's attention.

Attention Superman and Batman:

If you wish to see Robin alive and happy again, come straight to my office.

Soon enough, the deemed world's finest were on his balcony, charging inside. It was a good thing he left the glass doors open or the dark knight and man of tomorrow would have broken each one getting in. The looks on their faces though... if he were a lesser man he would be scared to death. As it was, they were just... amusing.

"I see you received my message."

Batman stormed up to the megalomaniac, yanking him to his feet by his lapels. "WHERE IS HE?!"

"Temper temper Batman. Didn't your father ever tell you this is not a way to get what you want?"

If possible the Bat only became angrier. He was beginning to see why this man was the most feared in the League, but only just. He was after all just a man. The gods he fought beside were, to him, much more frightening. The mortal's teeth clenched together just as he threw him against the wall. Not the brightest move on the man's part.

"Better answer the question Luthor," Superman jibed. He also was scowling fiery death at him, but kept himself at bay. "Batman has a lot less rules than I do."

"What did you do with Robin?!" Batman dropped to one knee before the slouched man, grabbing him by his coat again and giving it a firm shake.

"My, have we been looking for the lad all night?" A fist was raised to start pummeling him for answers, and that was something he did not want to experience. "If anything happens to me, you will only see him as Ra's al Ghul's servant, if he remains alive."

That stopped the man from making any wrong moves. Such a sentimental man. His assumption had to be correct. Seeing he had the man's attention, both of them, Lex smirked to himself. Teach them a thing or two about messing with him. They glared at each other for a moment, then Batman released him, letting him get to his feet. Both he and the man of steel though loomed over him dangerously.

Straightening his tie, Luthor gave them all a smug smirk. Having that boy as leverage was possibly the best deal yet. Still business must be done. And crossing the Bat for too long was never a good idea. The angry bat growled this time, barely in control. "Where is Robin?"

"Safe, and nowhere near here I assure you. Nor in any building you'll be able to connect to me." He looked the dark knight squarely in the eyes, showing no fear. He had the upper hand after all. "I've made sure he was off the books and in safe hands. No harm will come to him, so long as you behave."

"You plan on extorting me?" There was a fury there he'd never seen before, and one he knew not to test for too long. He wouldn't get away with this for long.

"As amusing as that may be, even I am not that brave. You'd only bide your time and operate a rescue, or the boy would find a way to release himself. No, I'm offering a trade. A son for a son.

"Give me back Superboy and I'll return Robin to you."

If someone dropped a pin in that room, you could hear it two floors down.

"What?" It was unclear who said it louder, Batman or Superman, but both were in shock from the deal. This trade.

Luthor smirked pleasantly. "Isn't it clear enough already? You have my son, Superboy, in your custody. I have yours. You return what's mine, and I'll give you back what's yours. Willingly."

"Are you out of your mind?!" Superman spoke up, enraged now. "Superboy is not your son!"

"I financed his creation, I did the numbers and had a hand in the science, and I contributed DNA for his creation." His smirk only became broader. He could see the pieces falling into place on the Kryptonian's face, though the Bat became still as marble. "He is more my son than yours. I knew about him from the beginning and I have an open door for him if he ever wanted it. I was always willing to take him home.

"Only thing stopping him is some idea that you, his other genetic donor, gives enough of a damn about him to give him some sense of purpose. You've painted me as a villain, and yet you hardly give him any attention." He cocked his head to the side in mock consideration. "Do you claim to be his father now? After a year?"

"Why you-"

"Why now?" Batman interrupted them before an argument could start. "Why are you so interested in him now? Desperate to get him back?"

Lex kept his face composed, giving nothing away. He had his reasons, but he wasn't about to share them with these two. "Can't a man just want to be with his son? Superboy means more to me than you... no, more than Superman here can imagine.

"Superboy for Robin. You don't have to choose now of course, and I'm certain you'll want to talk it over with him. But do know," a dark smile came to his face, "I only have so much control over my associates. Every day you drag your feet, the more likely it is you won't be seeing him again. If I do not contact them once every so many hours, they will take him to a place I don't even know, so taking me hostage or putting me in the hospital won't be helping him.

"For the next forty-eight hours I can guarantee his safety. After that, it'll become harder. While in my care he will be well taken care of, as Superboy has been. No harm will come to the boy if I have any say in the matter, but I won't always have a say. Understood?"

Batman's eyes narrowed dangerously on him before snapping around and heading towards the window. Superman jerked his head around to his dark friend, enraged and shocked at the same time. "Batman?!"

"We'll be in touch," the detective stated flatly, taking a grapple off of his belt to shoot over to the next building (likely after a free-fall, as this was the highest building in Metropolis).

"You know where to find me." The infamous Bat disappeared from view, but the alien lingered. After watching his ally vanish, Superman snapped his eyes on the millionaire. Lex raised an amused eyebrow. "Is there a problem?"

"You're not going to get away with this Luthor." The Kryptonian nearly snarled at him. "You aren't getting Superboy and you can't keep Robin. We will stop you."

A broad smile graced his face as the man of steel left his office. "I'm looking forward to seeing you try."

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