Kura: Okay, so this came to me when I was in dad's car, listening to some music I have on my phone. One of the songs just so happened to be Shots, and then I remembered something my AP US History teacher had told us, in the 1700s and I'm assuming this goes for the whole 1000s years and further back, because there was no way to clean water unless you were rich and drank tea...

Sakura: You drank either cider or beer.

Kura: And well, this came to me. I hope you like it! All the Burgess kids, except Sophie, are about 20. Pippa, Monty and Cupcake are 19, Jamie, and the twins are 20 and Sophie is 13.

"You really think you can beat any of us at shots Jack?" 20 year old Jamie Benette asked his white haired, frosty spirit, friend.

Jack Frost smiled, "Yes, I will win."

Pippa snorted and brought out the shot glasses. The Burgess lids, minus Sophie who was a minor, and the Guardians were having a drinking contest. Sandy had agreed to give the children a dreamless night for once, and Tooth left one of her fairies incharge. Christmas and Easter had passed, so North and Bunny were free, and Jack finished spreading snow. So here they all stood. With shot glasses, whiskey and their pride on the line. Jamie poured each one of them a glass of whiskey. They all downed the drinks and were fine. Another, again they were just fine. A third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. They all stood firm. On their eleventh drink, Pippa had ran off to the bathroom, and could be heard hurling from outside, she was the first to lose. Two more glasses latet, Sandy and Tooth were out. By their 30th drink, Monty had lost and Claude was close to losing. He lost on his 32nd shot. North pulled through along with Bunny for 30 more shots, but at 62, both had lost. Caleb and Cupcake had two more drinks before they lost. The only ones left were Jamie and Jack. Jamie looked like he would give in any moment and Jack... Jack looked just fine. Almost as if he were drinking water rather than alchohol. About twenty glasses later...

"You...y-you..." Jamie slurred, "you..."





"I'm okay... wh-where was I?"

"You?" Jack provided.

"Oh...oh yeah... you...y-you chea-cheated...howdyadoit?" Jamie slumped over.

Jack smiled, the obvious victor of the shot off. "Well..."


Four year old Jackson Overland stared at the yellowish liquid in his cup. He ways drank it. But he couldn't tell what it was exactly. It looked like pee.

"Idunwannadrinkpee!" He cried. His father choked on his drink and let out a loud laugh. Jackson looked towards his father. Why was he laughing? Was it something he said? His father caught sight of his son's confused look and decided to explain as best as he could.

"Jackson, what we drink, isn't pee. It's called beer."


"Aye, it is liquor, do you know why we drink it?" Jackson shook his head, "Because we are poor. And all the clean water we have goes towards cleaning clothes and ourselves." Jackson nodded and took a sip of his beer. End flashback.

Jack smiled. Everyone looked at him with shock.

"'re years of drinking has given you immunity to getting drunk?" Pippa asked.

"Nope, I can just stay sober longer. And because of that...YOU ALL OWE ME $100 EACH!" Jack flew off with a laugh. Who knew making a bet on shots could be fun?

Kura: Haha, that happened. I'm saying this now, drinking isn't something I recommend doing. If you do, keep it under control.

Sakura: That said, review.