The Dawn Scale City Chronicles by The Lady of Dragons

Welcome to my Dragon Booster story. This tale takes place several months after the end of the TV series, when Artha and Moordryd were both accepted into the Academy and started to hate each other a little less.

The two rivals were preparing to head off to the Academy when a nasty earthquake struck. One of the support cables for the Academy building froze earlier in the year and had started to rust, so when the quake hit, it snapped, causing massive damage to the school. The Academy was forced to close until the damage was repaired, which was going to take a very long time, considering that the main part of the building had completely collapsed and most of the dorms were in ruins.

Artha and friends were stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do. The all-city tracks were closed due to damage from the quake and lots of people had left to go live elsewhere until the major repairs were complete. Artha's father suggested that Artha and his crew head over to Dawn Scale City, Dragon City's sister city in the East.

The members of the Penn crew are in for a surprise. They have absolutely no clue about the people, crews, dragons, and adventures they will encounter in Dawn Scale. The first Dragon Booster left more behind for Artha than just a recording and some golden armor. He also left behind an enemy with a three millennia old grudge, determined to have revenge on the current Dragon Booster for the actions of his predecessor. But for once, Artha isn't the only target.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Dawn Scale City

Part 1 – Enter the Dragon's Claw

Artha and Beau walked down the winding streets of Dawn Scale City. The two were beginning to get accustomed to the way the streets twisted and turned like a labyrinth. This, combined with the new and unfamiliar street names, made getting around rather complicated. But they were improving, having only gotten lost once on this particular walk.

Walk. He and the others had been in the city for almost three days now and all they had done was walk. He was sick of it. Well, it's not as if there is anything else to do around here since race season won't start for another week, he thought moodily to himself. He allowed himself to become lost in thought, trusting Beau to keep track of where they were going. As much as he hated to admit it, the golden dragon had a much better sense of direction in this new place than he did.

He allowed his mind to wander, mulling over what he and Beau were going to do for training now that the Academy was gone, when suddenly a rather large, four legged, blue dragon stepped out of a side alley almost directly in front of Artha and Beau. Beau stopped walking, but Artha didn't see the dragon and continued not to see it until he walked straight into its side! That caught his attention.

"Sorry about that," said the dragon's rider, dismounting quickly. "Are you okay?" Artha took the outstretched hand and was pulled to his feet.

"I'm fine," Artha mumbled, rubbing his leg where he'd fallen on it. He straightened up and looked curiously at his new acquaintance.

"Don't know where my mind has gone today, I'm Sharrd. The big fellow you bumped into is Vulken." Sharrd pulled off her helmet and flashed him a quirky smile.

Artha offered her a small smile of his own and Beau snorted.

Sharrd's long hair was a middling shade of brown and fell just short of halfway down her back in slight waves. Her bright blue eyes held small flecks of grey, and a small silver triangle mark at the corner of her left eye stood out against her slightly tanned skin. She was roughly his height, shorter only by an inch or two, and sported a light blue racing jacket with short sleeves. The front of her jacket was covered by a large section of turquoise in the shape of a diamond, with a silver claw-like mark on each shoulder extending towards her chest and similar marks coming up from her sides. Beneath her jacket she wore a lightweight elbow length shirt of pastel green along with light grey pants that contrasted her turquoise calf-high boots decorated with black claw marks.

"You're new around here aren't you?"

"Yeah. I'm from Dragon City."

"Definitely not from around here. Not even close to around here. Let me introduce myself again; I'm Sharrd Westfield, Vulken's rider, Dragon Claw," she held out her hand.

"What?" Artha ignored her out stretched hand in his confusion.

"Oops," Sharrd lightly smacked herself on the head. "I forgot for a second that you're not from Dawn Scale. That's just the way you typically introduce yourself here; first and last name, name of your partner dragon, and your crew. You do have a crew don't you? Almost everyone in the city is part of a crew."

"Yeah, I've got a crew." Just then the symbol stitched on the upper left hand sleeve of her jacket caught his attention. That must be her crew mark. But it doesn't look like any crew mark I've ever seen. Outlined in dark grey was a silver diamond slashed through diagonally by five black claw marks. "Wait, you said you were part of a 'Dragon Claw' crew, But that's not a real Down City crew is it? Because I've never heard of it."

"Of course it's not a Down City crew; those are only in Dragon City. Dawn Scale has its own set of crews based on the draconium colors. I've been told that they're bigger than the street crews you're used to, but they aren't nearly as big as the ancient Draconium Empires, though we do operate on a larger scale because, as I mentioned earlier, almost everyone here is part of a crew."

"This is giving me a headache," Artha grumbled.

"I bet." She paused for a moment and a strange look crossed her face. "Hang on, I just realized something; you and I have been standing here chatting like old friends for ten minutes, after I almost hit you with my dragon, and I don't even know your name!" She then burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Artha found himself smiling at her laugh; he liked the sound of it. It was one of those contagious laughs, and he soon found himself laughing along, as the ridiculousness of the situation hit him too. Once the two of them and their dragons were done laughing, Artha thought for a moment and then said, "Artha Penn, Beau's rider, Penn Racing."

"Very good, Artha," Sharrd nodded. "So are you a member of an actual crew or is you crew like a racing team, you know, just with a few friends?"

"My friends are my crew and my racing team, so we're not exactly a crew, but we are officially registered."

"A little bit of everything, eh? I suppose fewer people can be better, less to worry about." An idea suddenly struck her, "Hey Artha, would you like Vulken and I to show you and Beau around the city for today and teach you how things work here?" she offered, patting her huge dragon affectionately.

"That would be great! But only if I can bring my friends and my little brother too."

She grinned, "Deal. So what breed of dragon is Beau anyway? He's red and blue, and has four legs but he doesn't look like a Nautilus class or an Energy class. Well, his color reminds me of a few dragons I know, but that's about it."

Artha and Beau looked at Sharrd, then at each other, then back to Sharrd, who was now given them a strange look. They had absolutely no idea what to say as cover for Beau's unusual appearance because no one had ever bothered to ask them before.

"He's a mixed breed, a hybrid, not sure what he's a mix of though," Artha said quickly while Beau nodded vigorously behind him.

"Sure he is," Sharrd drawled as both she and Vulken rolled their eyes at the obvious lie "Artha, when you feel like telling me the truth, I will be waiting. I won't press you now, but I will tell you this; I can tell you two have power."

Artha and Beau stared at her shocked that she had seen through their flawless cover story. After a moment of awkward silence, Artha asked, "What about Vulken?" he gesturing to the large blue dragon. "Is he a Nautilus class?"

"No, he's not a Nautilus. Take another look."

Artha did just that and Vulken kindly stepped around Sharrd to let him have a better look. Artha noted the silver markings along the dragon's sky blue back and flanks, the strange jagged silver tail spines, and, in sharp contrast to the deeper blue of his head, the small silver triangle mark under his left eye that matched Sharrd's almost like an ID tag for dragon and rider. Vulken's claws were silver as well.

"What class is he? I've never seen any dragon with silver markings like that before."

"That's because those markings aren't the only things that are silver. Vulken is a silver draconium Unity class dragon, an ancient breed kept alive by the Dragon Claw crew. Unity class dragons are supposed to be very distantly related the ancient gold breed of legend just like all the other classes."

"Silver dragons?"

"Why not? And I can and will tell you about them later, after you go get your friends," she replied, smiling at him.

"Oh that's right! I almost forgot, I'll go get them now." Then a thought occurred to him. "Did I interrupt something you were doing before I bumped into you?"

"No, I was looking for something to do, since racing season won't start for another week yet, and things get kinda boring when you have nothing to do besides spar with your crew mates for the thousandth time."

"I just didn't want to be a bother to you."

"Nah, don't worry about that. If I had something else to do I'd have told you that I did. Now go get your friends and I'll wait here, ok?"

"Sure, I'll be right back," he quickly mounted Beau and headed back the way he came.

She watched him go.

"They have the Golden power," a deep rumbling voice said.

"I know Vulken I felt it too. He and Beau must be the ones that we were told of earlier, and I get the feeling that our paths will get more intertwined than just our playing tour guides for them."

"Could you hear Beau?"

"Yeah, I could hear him. You already know that Dragon Claws can hear their dragons and that I can hear all dragons, so why ask if you already know the answer?" she looked up at the big blue dragon quizzically.

"He is different. I wanted to know if his energy had any effect on your connection with us."

"Ah," was her simple reply. "You never cease to amaze me, my shinning silver friend."

Several minutes later Artha returned with Kitt, Lance, Parm, and their dragons.

"Guys, this is Sharrd and her dragon Vulken." Artha introduced the two Dragon Claws to the rest of the group. "Sharrd this is everyone. Kitt Wann and Wyldfyr," he pointed to each pair as he spoke. "Parmon Sean and Cyrano, lastly, my short little brother Lance, and Fracshun."

"Hey! I am not short!" Lance cried.

Sharrd laughed, "You think you're short? You're taller than I was up until three years ago."


"Unfortunately, yes."

"Artha's just being a dork to impress you!" Lance exclaimed quickly, and then ducked. A second later Artha's fist would have nailed him in the shoulder if he hadn't moved. Sharrd began to laugh at the brothers along with Kitt and Parm and Artha flushed as he chased Lance around, trying to get revenge.

"Well, it's nice to meet you all," Sharrd said, turning back to the rational members of the Penn crew. "As Artha said I'm Sharrd and this is Vulken. Welcome to Dawn Scale City!"

"M-my what a l-large dragon you have," stuttered Parm.

"Yeah, he's pretty big." Kitt grinned, "But can he race?"

"You bet he can. And I guess you'll get to see firsthand just how well the two of us can race when race season begins," Sharrd added, a competitive gleam in her eye. Then she grinned and changed subjects, "Since it looks like we are going to be your tour guides today are there any questions you have for me that I can start with?"

"Actually yes," said Parm. "On the way over here, Artha was babbling about a lot of things and he mentioned something about your being in a crew. Would you mind clarifying that a bit, because if I had to judge by appearances I would say you don't look like the member of a street crew…" he trailed off, laughing nervously, half afraid she was going to bite his head off for hinting that she might be a street thug.

"I'd be happy to explain, but it will take a while. Why don't we all go over to the park a few blocks from here? Then I will tell you everything and more."

Meanwhile the dragons had of course been having their own conversation.

"Everyone, this is Vulken," said Beau. "His rider is Sharrd, the one Artha was going on about on the way here. Vulken this is everyone. Wyldfyr is the red, Cyrano the green and Fracshun the blue, you already heard Artha introduce their riders."

"You're really big, for a Nautilus class," Fracshun squeaked.

"Y-yeah," Cyrano agreed nervously. "You're not gonna put us in cages like the other crews did are you?"

"First of all, I'm not a Nautilus I'm a Unity class. And second, why would I, or any of the crews, want to put you in cages?" Vulken asked, rather surprised at the ridiculous question. "As my rider is about to explain to yours, the crews here are not like street gangs. Now let's go to that park so you can all get comfortable, this is going to be a long explanation," he said as Sharrd vaulted onto his back.

End of part 1