Note From Author: ("This story is a fan fiction of my favorite anime and videogames. Also, if anyone hasn't heard of the games or anime I put in here, or you don't understand something, please feel free to ask me about it.")

What would you do if you had ultimate power? Would you help others, or help yourself? Would you protect, or destroy? This is a story about the very question. It's about the origins of Jack Mist Darkly and his ultimate enemy. So let's begin...

(Chapter One: With everyone's favorite ninja, a.k.a. Naruto.)

Five miles North of the 'Village Hidden in the Leaves', there lay an abandoned town. However, there wasn't much left to actually be called a town. All that remained of this village was burned ruins. No plants could grow here. Try as they might, the sorrow left behind in these ruins would choke anything that took root. Yes, not even Mother Nature could cover the disaster that destroyed this town and its people.

Four people coming from "The Village Hidden in the Leaves" walked up to the burned ruins. One was tall, there was no way to tell how old he was, with one black eye, white hair and a mask over his mouth and nose. His left eye was completely covered by his black headband, on which was a leaf symbol, the symbol of his home village. The other three were children around the age of 13 each, wearing blue headbands that also had the leaf village symbol on them. One was a boy with black hair and black eyes. He wore a blue t-shirt with a red and white fan painted on the back, and white shorts. The second person was a girl with pink hair and green eyes; she wore a red sleeveless shirt and black shorts. The last of the four was a young boy about 13 years old. He had blonde hair with blue eyes and wore orange pants and a sweater. The party of four walked up to the sad ruins with both a feel of sorrow and dread.

The party walked into what use to be the town square and studied the area. "Wow," the blonde boy said, "this place is a wreck." The black haired boy looked around with mild interest. He turned to the white haired man and said, "Hey, Kakashi. Didn't you say the ninjas in this village were some of the best? How did their village fall so badly?"

The white-haired man, named Kakashi, turned to face the black haired boy with mild sadness in his uncovered right eye. "Well, it's a long story, Sasuke. About ten years ago this was a great village full of the best ninja of our time. They could use any ninja art they learned of, but their true skill was vanishing." Kakashi looked round to the pink haired girl and blond boy who had started digging in the rubble.

"Sakura, Naruto. The Leaf Village protects this place. If you keep digging, I'll have to act on my orders and stop you." After hearing Kakashi's words, Naruto and Sakura jumped a way from the rubble. Naruto turned to Kakashi, "Kakashi-sensei, what did you mean by their true skill was "vanishing"?" "Well, let me explain."

Kakashi walked over to a stump and sat down. "This village was known as the Shrinking Mist Village. Like I said before, the ninja of this village were some of the best of their time. They had amazing powers that could only be used by members of the Mist Clan. These powers were activated when they used their 'Secrets of the Mist' technique. One of their known skills was their ability to shrink themselves or anything they wanted to 1in in height."

All three of the young ninja turned to Kakashi with open mouths. Kakashi smiled under his mask at his students' dumbfounded faces. "Yes, they could shrink themselves. I told you they were a unique group of ninja, and powerful as well. I battled one of their best once. He beat me big time."

Naruto was shocked. Kakashi was one of the strongest ninja in the Leaf Village. He found it hard to believe a ninja clan he had never heard of could house a ninja whose skills could defeat Kakashi so badly. Sasuke showed mild surprise, while Sakura was wide-eyed.

"Kakashi!" All three of the young ninja in training jumped at the loud voice that came, seemingly, out of nowhere. Kakashi looked to the roof of a half burned building. Naruto and the others followed their master's gaze. They jumped to the ready upon seeing a man standing on the roof. Then, fast as lighting, the man appeared behind the young ninja.

"Put those knives away. If I had wanted to attack you, all three of you would have been dead long before now," the man said as he walked over to Kakashi. "Kakashi, why are you here with these kids?" Kakashi looked up at the clearly angry man. "Well, it's good to see you again too, Jack," Kakashi replied back showing no sign that he really cared about Jack's anger.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke gazed at Jack with equal amazement. He was clearly a ninja. He wore a headband similar to the ones that Naruto and company were wearing that rested under his short brown hair, except that Jack's had a white feather on it instead of a leaf. He was dressed in a pair of blue pants and had a skintight black shirt on under a blue jacket. He also had on a pair of black fingerless gloves. On his back was a samurai sword with a red clothed handle.

However, the most striking thing about Jack, as Naruto could see, was his green eyes. Jack's eyes had a strong look, the look of someone who could take on an army and win. However, under that look of strength and bravery was something that reminded Naruto of...sadness. Yes, that was it. Naruto saw it in his eyes, an incredible, empty sadness.

Kakashi got up off the stump and walked up to meet Jack. He turned to his students. "Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, this is Jack Mist, the last remaining member of the Mist Clan." The three ninja trainees stared with shock. Jack looked madder than ever. "Kakashi, I asked you what you're doing here. I want an answer now!" Jack was on the verge of yelling at Kakashi. However, Kakashi just smiled.

"Don't get all mad, Jack. We just came to deliver a gift from the Third." Upon hearing Kakashi mention the Third Hokage Jack's anger vanished into thin air. He had a look of mild interest and surprise on his face. "What kind of gift?" Jack asked with caution. Kakashi smiled and pulled a black string from his pocket. On the end of the string was a blood red jewel. Naruto noticed that jewel gave off a strange golden glow.

Jack stared at the jewel with complete shock and amazement. "Kakashi," he stammered, "is that what I think it is?" "Yes, Jack. This is the 'Jewel of Darkly'. The Third found out that you were trying to find a way to go after 'her'. He thought this should help." Kakashi handed the strange jewel over to Jack who held it in his cupped hands as if it was a newborn baby. After a few seconds, Naruto thought he saw what looked like a tear fall from Jack's face but he didn't know for sure.

Jack then looked up. He smiled brighter than anyone had ever seen him smile. Jack then put the jewel around his neck and tucked it under his shirt. "Kakashi, please give the Third my thanks." Jack looked away and Naruto saw his smile turn into a wicked grin. He thought Jack said something under his breath but thought nothing of it. Jack turned back to the four Leaf Ninja, "I would like you to protect this place while I'm gone. Is that ok with you, Kakashi?" Kakashi nodded his head, "No problem. You have my word." Jack nodded back then he disappeared again.

Naruto looked around trying to find Jack. He turned back to Kakashi, "Kakashi-sensei, why did Jack's eyes have that sad look? He seemed to be just like me." Kakashi looked at Naruto for a few seconds then replied. "Well, Jack is a lot like you and Sasuke. He lost his family and is now almost completely alone in this world. All because of a mad man." Kakashi looked up thoughtfully at the sky while he paused. "But, there are differences between you and him. He was forced to watch his entire clan die one by one." The look of shock returned to Naruto's face. Kakashi turned back to the path to the Leaf Village, "Well, our job's done, let's go home." As the four travelers walked back home Naruto took one more look at the ruined village and felt a sense of sorrow stronger than ever.

Somewhere close to the ruins of the Mist Clan's village was a small house hidden in the woods. An old man was standing in front of the house looking up toward the sky, deep in thought. The man was dressed in light blue robes and was completely bald. He looked to be about in his late 50's. His old gray eyes had a look of kindness and wisdom. The man turned his attention to the woods behind him as a figure in blue came out of the thick trees. He smiled.

The man looked at the figure, "Welcome back, Jack Mist." Jack walked up to the old man and kneeled before him, "Thank you, master. It is good to be home." The old man shook his head. "Jack, I've told you before. You have mastered everything I could teach you. You are no longer my student but you are now my equal, so just call me by my name. Now rise."

Jack stood up and smiled brightly at the old man. "Master Ovan. I just meet with Kakashi of the Leaf Village. They have returned my clan's most prized treasure," Jack pulled the red jewel out of the pouch that hung from his left hip, "the Jewel of Darkly." The old man, Ovan, gazed wide-eyed at the blood red jewel. A kind smile formed on Ovan's face. "Well, it looks like you can finally go on your mission. But first touch the jewel and run your energy through it."

Jack did as he was told, he held the red jewel in his left hand and focused as his energy flowed into the jewel. A second late the jewel started to glow bright with a golden aura. The aura was so strong Jack and Ovan had to shield their eyes. Jack let go of the jewel and the aura disappeared entirely. "Wow, what was that?" Jack cried. Ovan looked a little worried as he stared at the jewel. The old man bent down to pick it up and said, "Jack, this jewel is the Jewel of Darkly. As you know from the stories, Darkly was the first of the Mist Clan. He came to this land looking to start a ninja clan that would project and who needed it." Ovan paused as Jack nodded. He continued, "However, there is another story that only a select few knew. Not even the Third Hokage knows. The ones who knew were the elders and myself, but they're dead now so I'm the only one who knows. Come, it is time for you to hear." Ovan walked to the wooden house and Jack fallowed.

Inside the house, Ovan and Jack sat on their knees facing each other. Jack watched Ovan carefully waiting to hear the story. Ovan had lit a pipe and was smoking it as he thought of how best to tell Jack. Finally he pulled the pipe from his mouth, exhaled some smoke then continued, "Jack, your clan's founder, Darkly, was not from this world." Jack's eyes widened upon hearing this new information. "What do you mean, Ovan?" 'Here, Let me explain."

"Many years ago, Darkly traveled through dimensions one after the other, searching for someone. This someone, as Darkly well knew, had the ability to destroy the entire universe. No one aside from Darkly has ever seen this person. However, that all changed ten years ago when he appeared, killed your clan, and sent Yuna into that vortex." Jack's mouth was wide open now. The enemy of his ancestor, Darkly, had attacked the Mist Clan and left him, Jack, as the last member alive. But that made a question for Jack. Why did that man let Jack live?

Ovan picked up the red jewel and continued, "Now, this jewel belonged to Darkly as you well know. However, what you don't know is that this jewel is what allowed Darkly to travel through the dimensions. He just focused his energy into the jewel and call out the name of a light caretaker of a certain dimension. The jewel would then transport him to that place." Ovan handed the jewel back to Jack.

Ovan stood up and walked to the window. As he looked out at the birds he spoke again, "Jack, the fact that the jewel reacted to your power like that means that you have inherited some Darkly's powers. You will soon become a great warrior. You have to go after that man and save Yuna." Ovan turned back to Jack and looked him directly in the eye. "Jack, if you fail, we all die."

Jack was speechless. He just strained blankly at the floor. Ovan smiled and started to laugh wildly. Ovan struggled to speak, "You should have seen the look on your face. HA HA HA. Don't worry, Jack. The only thing you have to worry about is going after that guy and getting Yuna back. Ok?" Jack glared at Ovan, "That wasn't funny!" "Ok ok. If you say so."

Ovan sat down, "Ok. So are you ready to begin the journey?" Jack answered sternly, "Yes, I am." Ovan took a deep breath. The old man looked at Jack with a sad smile. "Well, It seems it's time for me to say goodbye." Ovan bowed to Jack much to the young ninja's surprise. Ovan continued, "It was an honor to teach such an amazing student. Now that you have inherited Darkly's powers and duty, you are from this day forward, Jack Mist Darkly, the highest ranking in your clan. Not ever the elders were given this title." Jack was over whelmed. "Th-Thank you master. I will honor this title and try my best to be worthy of this honor." Jack bowed to Ovan.

Ovan stood up and turned to the door of his bedroom, "J. M. Darkly, that will be your new title. Now, go. Find Yuna and keep her safe, " Ovan walked into his room and took one last look his student, J. M. Darkly, "This will be my last order to you as your master. Use the jewel to find a man called Cloud Strife. He should be able to help." Ovan closed the door. Jack held the jewel in his hand and pooled his power into it. When it glowed bright gold he called out, "Cloud Strife!" The golden light shinned brighter than ever as it blinded everything around. Then, as quickly as it came, the light vanished, along with Jack.

Ovan sat on his bed looking down at his open hands. He held a set of prayer beads that had snapped apart for no apparent reason. This dark act of fate happened while Ovan was praying for Jack's success. The old man feared it was an omen of dark events in Jack's future. Ovan squeezed the beads with his left hand as he gazed out the window of his room. "Please, mighty Darkly greatest of all ninja, protect Jack, the last of your children. Help him through his travels as he now caries your name with him. I pray that you will save him from this dark omen and your age old enemy..." Ovan paused as he looked out his window at the ruins of the Mist Clan's great village, "...Darren."