Bathroom Banter

Darcy groaned as she leaned over to wipe the steam from her bathroom mirror off. Loki had offered to spell the mirror so it would stay clean and clear even through the hottest of showers, but she had reminded him that she was human. Or at least she was for a little while longer, and even though it was silly, she wanted to enjoy doing things the mortal way for as long as she could.

Looking into the mirror she couldn't help the huge grin that took over her features. She never would have thought her life would turn out the way it had, but there she was standing in a luxurious bathroom in the palace on Asgard.

Tearing her eyes away from the mirror she set about getting dressed for the day. Loki had tried to press servants on her, but that she also refused and told him that no matter how long she lived she couldn't stand the thought of someone else messing with her underwear.

Darcy sighed as she buttoned up her favorite pair of jeans, the fabric a little tight around her stomach. She knew she would be uncomfortable all day, but she also knew that it would be the last time she would be able to wear them for awhile. Plus as Loki was taking her to Earth for the day she didn't think the dresses made from yards of the emerald silk he insisted on would really go over with her fellow humans.

"Surely we could find something here to do for the day." Loki leaned against the bathroom doorway watching as his wife placed an atrocious hat on her head. He had always hated her hats.

"Yeah, and I know just what you have in mind, but I want one last visit to Earth before I'm no longer human. Come on, you like Earth, I mean you did try to take it over." Darcy winked at her husband as she slipped on her boots. She was the only one able to get away with teasing him, all others ended up on the wrong end of Loki's tricks.

"And look what I got for it, the consolation prize." Loki laughed as Darcy's hat was snatched away by a duplicate behind her and tossed his way. He caught it in one hand and smirked at the look on his wife's face. It had been that look, that fury in her eyes that he had fallen in love with. She was strong and had refused to bow to him, it had intrigued him to the point he couldn't stay away. It hadn't taken him long after that to realize how much he had fallen in love with her.

"Loki! I swear, if you destroy that hat like my others you will be servicing yourself for the next month!" Darcy lunged forward for her hat, only to smack her face right into her husband's leather clad chest. The infuriating man delighted in destroying her hats, and much of her human clothing for that matter. She lightly punched his chest as he slipped the hand with her hat behind his back and then proceeded to try and climb around and over him to get her hat.

"I doubt you could last that long My Dear." Loki laughed and looked down at the woman that was now hanging off of him, her legs wrapped around his waist and hands clasped behind his neck. She looked comical with her hair all mussed up as she tried to actually climb him.

"Loki! That is my last hat!" Darcy tried to maneuver herself so she could reach behind her husband, but he just placed his free hand on her bottom and gave her a gentle smack.

"I'll buy you a billion more hats, but this one has to go. Sorry Love, but this thing looks like a mad hound got to it, and I just can't allow myself to be seen with someone in it." Slipping his hand from her bottom and to the base of her neck he pulled her up as he leaned down and gave a small peck to her nose.

Darcy pulled back when she felt something velvety against her cheek and couldn't help the soft giggle at finding a rose. Loki sure had a sense of humor as the flower he held in his hand still retained the colors and pattern of the knit hat he had made it from.

Shaking her head she took the rose and brought it to her nose. He was forever doing little things that made her smile and scream in turn. The hat before had been turned into a bird that had flown around and delighted all the children in the Court for hours. As far as she knew one of the little girls had taken it home in a cage Loki had fashioned out of golden branches, and it remained with her still.

"Come on Lover Boy, you promised me a day out."

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