King Loki

Loki had always known his wife was strange, it was something he had come to accept long ago. She had an unusual sense of humor, one that he had seen way more of than he could handle since their children had been born. So the scene in front of him should not have surprised him.

Trying to ignore his wife and four children, Loki looked back down at the book in his hands. Darcy loved to play dress up and pretend with the kids. It wasn't uncommon to find all five of them running around the palace dressed as cowboys, pirates, and once they had all even came to dinner dressed as him. Of course Loki hardly minded, the things that Darcy's chest did to the front of his tunic actually was the reason for their last son.

So when Darcy and his children marched into the great hall dressed like ancient Egyptians he just ignored it. Sadly his family had other plans as they quickly surrounded him and started dancing. Again he just ignored it, hoping they would become bored and go annoy the guards. But his eyes shot up as his children started chanting "King Loki" over and over.

He stared open mouthed as Darcy stepped in front of him and started swinging her hips back and forth, bouncing up and down as she did so.

"Now when he was a young man, he never thought he'd see; people stand in line to see the Chaos King. How'd you get so funky, did you do the monkey?" Darcy snapped her fingers and tried not to laugh at the look on her husbands face. They had been rehearsing this for weeks and she wanted to get this right.

Loki looked to each of his children as they sung and back to his wife and shook his head as she sang through more of the altered lyrics. When her dancing changed he just rolled his eyes.

"Dancing by the bifrost, Disco Loki…the ladies love his style…." Darcy turned around swinging her behind back and forth. She squealed as she felt two arms come around her waist and pull her into her husband's lap.

"Daddy! We haven't finished yet!" Rad watched his father gather his mother in his lap, and crossed his arms over his chest. Daddy could be such a party pooper some times.

"I'll tell you what, all you can finish this for me later when we are in our rooms so that way it can just be for me. Sound alright with you?" Loki held tighter as Darcy tried to get out of his hold.

"Wellllllll…ok, but you have to let us do the whole thing without talking." Rad dropped his arms at his sides, he didn't like being interrupted, but Daddy's idea did make it more special.

"Of course. Why don't you take your sisters and brother and go out and play, I want to talk to your mother about something." Loki watched with a smile as his children ran off. He almost felt bad for the servants…almost.

"Oh, did we embarrass you?" Darcy gave her husband as innocent a look as she could, but the roll of his eyes and the pinch on her back side told her that he wasn't buying it.

"You are going to be paying for that later." Leaning down, Loki pressed a nipping kiss on her throat.

"Oh?" Darcy held in the moan that threatened to burst from her lips, her husband never failed to hit just the right spot.

"Oh yes, I think later on tonight you should give me my very own private solo rendition."

A.N: Ok, the last one. Though I might go ahead and extend this later on, I don't know.

And for those that may not know, the song that Darcy rewrote for this was "King Tut" sung by Steve Martin on SNL. This song came on my computer and I just had this image in my head of Darcy and their children dancing and singing it to Loki.

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