AUTHOR'S NOTE: This started out as a formally written critique of the film. I thought about what should have been added to the film and what should not have been in it. And then it turned into a full-on, re-imagined story. And then I came across the official, published script and delete songs, and...Well, it has been a little more than 7 years since I have posted anything on this website or written anything remotely FanFic-esque. Please enjoy!

FROZEN © Disney. Content property of Disney, 2013.


We're underwater looking up at it. A saw cuts through, heading right for us.


ICE HARVESTERS, dressed in traditional Sami clothing, score a frozen lake. They SING.


Born of cold and winter air

And mountain rain combining,

This icy forth both foul and fair

Has a frozen heart worth mining.

The men drag giant ice blocks through channels of water.

Cut through the heart, cold and clear

Strike for love and strike for fear.

See the beauty sharp and clear.

Split the ice apart!

And break the frozen heart.

Hup! Ho! Watch your step! Let it go!


Ice has a magic, can't be controlled.

A sharp ice floe overtakes the workers, threateningly. They fight it back.

Stronger than one, stronger than ten,

Stronger than a hundred men!

Massive fjord horses drag heavy ice plows.

Born of cold and winter air

And mountain rain combining

The sun sets. Lanterns are lit.

This icy force both foul and fair

Has a frozen heart worth mining.

Cut through the heart, cold and clear.

Strike for love and strike for fear.

There's beauty and there's danger here.

Split the ice apart!

Beware the frozen heart.

The workers pile onto the giant horse-drawn ice sled as it pulls away. We sweep up from them to the Northern Lights filling the sky...then move across the mountains...beneath the snowline...and descend upon...


A humble castle, built of wood, nestled in a deep fjord. In the public square, a schoolmarm is trying to orchestrate a group of children. Princess ELSA (8) and her little sister ANNA (5) are in a world of their own amongst their peers.

SCHOOLMARM: Places please! Places.

The children scramble to their spots and begin to SING.


Winter's gone and spring is springing.

Shines the sun with warmth of gold.

DING DONG. DING DONG. Temple bells are ringing!

We are done with being cold!

Flowers are blooming, with orders pleasant.

All of Arendelle is glad.

Mother Earth we thank you for the present.

Spring is good and winter's bad.


SCHOOLMARM: Good. Now, exit our group. Narrators come down stage with confidence!

A little girl steps forward, nervous.


We celebrate Spring. We know once it's here,

The ancient troll prophecy won't come to pass this year.

She breathes a sigh of relief.


What is this prophecy?

What did it say?

Well that is the subject of our little play!

SCHOOLMARM (O.S.): Where are my trolls? I need trolls.

A line of children dressed as trolls shuffles onto the stage.


Your future is bleak.

Your kingdom will splinter.

Your land shall be cursed with unending winter!

Anna is making faces from the audience. The 'trolls' can barely finish the piece before breaking out in snickers. The harpsichord SLAMS.

SCHOOLMARM: Stop! Stop these shenanigans. This is not some silly comedy, Neils Normburg. (Sternly) This is the Trolls' prophecy. This could be our fate. [Offers a hand to another child on stage] Give. Me. Your. Sweet.

The child swallows something.

SCHOOLMARM: (sighing) Take it from 'Your future is bleak'.

The harpsichord starts up again.


Your future is bleak.

Your kingdom will splinter.

Your land shall be cursed with unending winter!

SCHOOLMARM (O.S.): Good. Going on.


When blasts of cold, will come dark art!


And the ruler with a frozen heart!


And all will perish in SNOW and ICE!


Unless you are freed with a sword's sacrifice!

CHILD #1: (to the child next to her) What's a 'sword sacrifice'?

CHILD #3: Beats me.


Anna confidently marches out to center stage. Her circlet of flowers is lopsided.


But frozen starvation is not today's fate.

Plus we have an extra special cause to celebrate!

The most gracious, gorgeous, smartest, kindest, absolutely perfect—

SCHOOLMARM (O.S.): That will do.


Role model this land has ever seen!

Princess Elsa—I really love her! —Becomes our QUEEN!

Elsa is pushed onto the stage wearing a prop crown that is too big for her head. She tries to curtsy but ends up bumping down a prop. Calamity ensues: The entire stage falls apart. The schoolmarm can feel a headache coming on.

SCHOOLMARM: That will do for today, if you please. You are dismissed.

Elsa offers her hand to her little sister. They gaily walk back home, toward the castle.


Ann and Elsa sit with their mother and father. The King is reading an old tome. The Queen is working on her cross-stitch. The girls are sitting on the floor, doing a handclap. Can you say familial bliss?


One, two, three together!

Clap together! Snap together!

You and me together! We together!

Free together!

Up or down together!

Princess crown together!

Always be together! You and me!

They fall into a fit of giggles that soon turns into yawns and eye rubs.

QUEEN: I think it's time for bed.

Met with tired protests, the Queen scoop up her girls and exits the room.