AN: So after three stories, I have finally decided to live up to the other half of my name and give Lucius his chance to shine. Hope you enjoy.

Harry had recently turned twenty one, and today was his wedding day. He knew it should have been the happiest day of his life, and he wished it was. He and Ginny had been together for many years, back together after the war ended, and it was of course the next step. Others had been expecting the marriage for a long time, asking since a year after they started to date, if not earlier. Molly was likely the happiest, after Ginny of course, that he had made the decision. He was the last of his friends, except Hermione, to marry. Hermione and Ron had been engaged when he died in battle, and though she had been dating again, only for the past year. Harry knew Ron would have been happy, that this day had come.

Fred and George had come into the bedroom, and wished they could convince Harry to run. Fred had been saved by Ron, who died protecting him from a falling roof. They loved Harry as a little brother, and knew their little sister was not right for him.

Harry turned to them. "I guess it's time."

Fred shook his head. "You have some time."

George added. "Enough time."

Harry turned. "You have a plan."

Fred nodded. "An exit root."

Harry scoffed. "My joint best men plan to leave?"

George shook his head. "No, for you."

Harry sighed. "I am marrying her."

Fred put a hand on his arm. "But why?"

George agreed. "You know you don't love her."

Harry looked in the mirror. "She loves me."

Fred hated to say it. "For your title and money."

George agreed. "You don't want to marry for that."

Harry was set. "I do love her."

Fred snorted. "As a sister."

Harry sighed, and perhaps deep down he knew they were right, but he was doing this. He had always wanted love, and a family, a life his parents had even for a short time. He was the boy who lived, and even three years after the war, his fame had not died down. He had watched the death of his last father figure in Remus, and had seen how short life could be. He wanted to marry, and have children, and Ginny could give him that. It may not be true love, but he knew it would work, and he would have the family he wanted. His mind went to Teddy, who he had been more hands on with in the past year. Andromeda was not that old, but her health had been questionable, and a toddler was hard work for her. Harry knew Teddy would likely come live with him in a year or two, and he deserved a mother like figure, and siblings.

Fred and George had wished he would take their advice, but had known deep down he wouldn't. They walked down with him to the garden, and stood by his side as he married their sister. They knew Ginny did not love their brother, and was in this for other reasons.

Molly was so happy when the ceremony was done. "Welcome to the family Harry."

Arthur hugged him. "You have been for a long time, but just official."

Ginny beamed. "Finally Lady Potter-Black."

Hermione quietly whispered. "Finally married you mean?"

Fred agreed with her. "You are showing your real motives."

Ginny smirked. "Harry knows why I married him. That is all that matters."

George sighed. "Unfortunately he does."

Fred shook his head. "I wish it had been enough."

Hermione actually agreed. "I tried last night."

George watched the two with the other guests. "You know he will never leave her."

Hermione agreed. "Unless she really screws up."

Fred smirked. "He'd have to catch her red handed."

Bill had been listening. "He is too noble."

The brothers all loved her, but unlike Molly, no one was blind to Ginny. They had their doubts she had been faithful to Harry, over the years. She played for the Harpies, and there were always rumors about her out there. She always claimed they were just rumors, people trying to get at her. She was famous, and considering her boyfriend, people targeted her. Harry had turned a blind eye, not naïve, but just unwilling to let go.

Ginny came to Harry's side. "Our first dance."

Harry took her onto the dance floor. "Are you happy?"

Ginny smiled. "Of course. Are you?"

Harry kissed her. "Yes."

Ginny looked at her ring. "Lady Potter."

Harry ground his teeth for a moment. "Is that all that matters?"

Ginny pulled back. "Of course not, I am your wife."

Harry pulled her back in. "Hopefully you remember that."

Ginny nearly stopped. "What do you mean by that?"

Harry whispered in her ear. "I don't need to hear any more 'rumors'."

Ginny bristled. "They were lies. And now we are married…."

Harry kept dancing. "Keep it that way."

Molly came over. "My turn."

Ginny danced with her father, as her mother danced with Harry. She would make sure the rumors did not come, they were married now. She planned to retire soon, she knew Harry wanted children. She had finally convinced him to move out of Grimmauld, though into Black Manor. She had been hoping for Potter Castle, she knew Sirius did not approve of her or Remus, but he had insisted. Harry had not become an auror, but a counsellor, finished med school last year. He had played national quidditch the past few summers. She hoped to convince him to be active in the Wizengot and use his fortune, but he would with time. There was no use being married to a Lord, if he didn't take advantage of the perks.

Fred grimaced as the two left on a honeymoon. "I wonder how long it will take Ginny to get knocked up, to keep him."

Five years later...

An exhausted Harry headed into a bar after work. He had been up at the school, and he decided not to head back to the manor just yet. He had decided to become a counselor, when the war was done, after all he had suffered. Though his main work was at the hospital, from time to time, he went to the school. Poppy had heard how well he had done, and she often called him, when she had an abused student. Harry found the work fulfilling, and one of the good things in his life recently. He loved his children, but sometimes he found it hard going home.

He had dinner at the school with Draco and George. The two of them had been dating for about six months, since George came out. Draco had taken over as the potions instructor, a second class working for his next level, and George ran the shop in town.

He finished his first beer and asked for the next. "I'll take another."

A voice came from behind. "Put it on my tab."

Harry turned to see Lucius. "I didn't expect you in a place like this."

Lucius sat down on a stool. "I could say the same about you."

Harry shrugged. "Long day of work."

Lucius drank a whiskey. "Seems we are in the same boat."

Harry opened his bottle. "Thanks for the drink."

Lucius stopped him. "Maybe dinner."

Harry shook his head. "Your son and George already did."

Lucius motioned to a table. "Dessert."

Harry shrugged. "Persistent?"

Lucius led him. "You just look like you aren't anxious to go home."

Harry sunk into a chair. "That obvious?"

Lucius took one across. "I know the face well."

Harry sighed. "I love my children but…."

Lucius understood. "The marriage."

Lucius knew better than most, Harry was aware. Lucius' wife had been a criminal, where he had been a spy. She had received the kiss after the final battle, along with her sister, and others. She had thrown away her helping Harry, when she had hexed an auror, later in battle. The woman had been questioned under vertiserum, and she had admitted to her long list of crimes. Lucius was not too sad to be a widower, it had been a loveless arranged marriage, and the only happiness had been their son. He was happy Draco had escaped such a path.

Harry watched the man, and he enjoyed the beer in front of him. He had never thought to drink with Lucius, but then again, he never thought he'd be friends with Draco. But he and Draco had got along before he dated George, actually he had helped set the two of them up.

Lucius watched. "How many is it now?"

Harry smiled slightly. "Three, well two….."

Lucius wondered. "Teddy?"

Harry sighed. "Andromeda has decided to keep him still."

Lucius had to wonder. "She is retired."

Harry nodded. "She thinks Ginny has enough to handle."

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "And does she?"

Harry didn't look up. "She often complains Jamie is a hand full. And Lily seems to have colic."

Lucius shook his head. "I admit I was never quite hands on."

Harry looked up. "She has elves as well."

Lucius knew. "I am sure with a mother like hers, she barely uses them."

Harry laughed. "Molly's maternal instincts have not rubbed off on her."

Lucius was surprised. "I thought she would be quite happy to have the kids."

Harry grumbled under his breath. "The status."

Lucius had heard the rumors, over the years. They had died down a bit, since the wedding, about Ginny. She had not retired until the second pregnancy, she had liked the fame. She had gone into premature labor with the second baby, a little boy Lucius had heard, and the child had died a few days later. It seemed to be the reason she had retired, whether it had been her choice, or that of her husband.

Harry went to stand. "I should get home."

Lucius called for coffee. "Drink this first."

Harry smirked. "I haven't drank that much."

Lucius pushed it on him. "Your kids will be awake."

Harry sighed and sat to drink. "I try not to drink except when they are with their grandparents."

Lucius understood. "Sometimes you need to blow off steam."

Harry agreed but quickly said. "I should be home with my wife."

Lucius shook his head. "Not in this shape."

Harry finished it. "Thanks."

Lucius walked with him. "It was just a drink."

Harry shook his head. "For someone to talk to."

Lucius shrugged. "You know where to find me."

Harry surprised himself. "I might take you up on that."

Harry left to head home to the manor, feeling a moment of guilt. He should have been sharing those moments with his wife, not with Lucius. But his wife was part of the issue, and he needed to blow off steam. He was in a better place, when he headed home to his wife and kids, Jamie four and Lily having just turned one. He was surprised when he was not greeted, when he got home, by screaming kids. He was informed by an elf, his wife had sent the kids to Hermione and Victor's, and was surprised. They were Lily's godparents, but Ginny had not mentioned anything. He headed for their bedroom, but not finding his wife, headed into the bathroom. He wondered what was going on, and had his suspicions.

He was shocked though when he found her. "Oh Merlin."