George had been relieved when his mother invited his husband to stay. It was not an apology or a total acceptance of Draco but it was a step. Draco was big enough to accept the invitation. He knew how much it meant to George that his mother had made the offer. And it meant nearly as much to him. He loved George and he wanted to be a part of his husband's family. He knew it would be easier as well when they had kids of their own. He took the plate and sat down between Harry and George at the table. He shared a smile with Harry, and George squeezed his hand.

Harry was happy Teddy's school did not start till Friday. The dinner had been Wednesday night, and Helen dealt with, he could focus on Teddy. Muggle kids may have started younger, but hedge witch schools were just getting popular in the UK, and kids began at all ages.

Harry smiled. "Ready?"

Teddy was up at dawn. "Yes."

Harry shook his head. "Glad you are excited."

Teddy bounded into the sitting room. "It is boring, all the kids here are too big."

Harry kissed his head. "I am sure you will have lots of friends soon."

Teddy looked around. "Where is Lily?"

"You missed Uncle George, he picked her up."

Teddy wondered. "Why?"

Harry smiled. "So I could focus on you today."

Teddy was surprised. "I am going to be in school all day. And Lily could come."

"I know but today is special. And I want to spend the day with you."

Teddy beamed. "Okay."

Harry added. "And a special outing after."

Teddy stopped. "Special?"

Harry nodded. "You will have to see."

Teddy hugged him. "Thanks."

Harry knew he could have had Lily with him for this but he decided not to. He knew once in a while Teddy could use some one on one. Like when they took Lily when Harry and Teddy swam, George was more than supportive. He was taking Lily with him to the shop for the day. She loved hanging out with Uncle George and he was hoping the practice would be needed soon. He and Draco were hoping it would not take too long. Andromeda was meeting him and Teddy in London after school to take Teddy for some ice cream before Harry took him for a movie. It was Friday so Teddy could have a late evening. Teddy had never been to a theater before, he had just seen movies at home.

Harry had Teddy's favorite breakfast made for him and a special lunch packed as well. Unlike younger kids, he would have a full day of school. Harry had not been surprised his godson was awake before dawn and ready to go to his first day.

Harry walked with him towards the school. "It will be quiet without you."

Teddy reminded him. "You have work."

Harry laughed. "No one needing counselling so soon."

Teddy smiled. "It is flying lessons today."

"You think they may be traumatized?"

Teddy shrugged. "Heard some end up in trees."

Harry nudged him. "I wouldn't remind Uncle Neville."

Teddy agreed. "Aunty Luna told me."

Harry just shook his head. "Did leave a lasting impression."

Teddy grinned. "I will be like you."

Harry smirked. "No flying unless Madam Hooch says so. Madam Hooch may not be so forgiving this time."

Teddy reminded him. "Professor McGonagall saved you."

Harry didn't deny it. "She isn't head of Gryffindor anymore."

"But you are." Teddy pointed out.

Harry ruffled his hair. "You may not be a lion."

Teddy shook his head. "Uncle George said he will make he one."

Harry was happy when they arrived at the school and Teddy was set to go in. He had a few seconds of nerves though and hugged Harry a bit longer. But he headed into his class and Harry promised to be back after school for him. Between being a counselor and head of Gryffindor, he had no set schedule. But he was aiding Poppy in the infirmary when needed and was going to help tutor some defense classes. Madam Hooch planned to retire in the next few years and wanted him to even consider taking on some duties but for now he wasn't.

Harry headed back to school and he spent the morning settling into his office and some paper work. He was busy and didn't notice it was lunch time until there was a knock at the door. He looked up and he was surprised to find Lucius in the door.

"What are you doing here?"

Lucius floated a daisy to him. "I thought you would let me take you for lunch."

Harry reminded him. "It's a work day."

"Well our usual dinner plans are off."

Harry stood. "I guess I am hungry."

Lucius motioned. "Don't sound too excited."

Harry had a coy smile. "Maybe I prefer the great hall."

"Keep that up and I will find another date."

Harry cut him off with a tender kiss. "Where are we going?"

Lucius motioned. "Only one way to find out."

Harry was surprised they stayed in town. "Not too exotic."

Lucius reminded him. "You pointed out it is a work day."

Harry saw the small café. "I didn't think it opened till tomorrow."

Lucius knocked on the door. "It doesn't."

Harry laughed. "I should have known."

"Wouldn't want to disappoint so soon."

The town had grown ever since the war. It was still a town, but the hedge witch school was a sign of the growing town as well. There were shops and other businesses popping up around it. The little café was the newest and set to open tomorrow. Lucius had an in with the owner and they got to try it out that day. It was a simple lunch but quite good, and Harry enjoyed the cappuccino as well. He thought it would become popular. The more people in town, the more businesses not just geared to students, opened. The tea shop and three broomsticks were still popular though.

Lucius walked Harry back up to school after. "I will miss you tonight."

Harry had actually had a student come to speak to him and he had helped with flying lessons. He would also be working in town like Poppy did. The town had never had a full time healer or in his case counsellor. Harry kept busy so he would not be thinking about his son too much. Teddy had long felt more like a son than his godson. The more time the boy spent living with him, the deeper that bond had become. He knew Teddy had been a bit nervous even though he would not admit it. But he knew Teddy would love school and he would make friends soon.

He headed to school to collect his son from school and head to London with him. Lily was having a sleepover with Uncle Draco and George for the evening. The two of them had insisted on it. Harry was looking forward to the day with Teddy.

He smiled when he saw Teddy. "Did you have a good day?"

Teddy was all smiles. "It was so much fun."

Harry kissed his head. "You will have to tell me all about it."

Teddy reminded him. "You promised a surprise."

Harry laughed. "I haven't forgotten."

Teddy asked. "Am I allowed to have friends over?"

Harry stopped. "Of course. Why would you ask?"

Teddy reminded him. "We live at school."

Harry assured him. "They can come to school. Or we can have them to our other homes."

Teddy beamed. "Okay."

Harry asked. "Does that mean you have a friend or two?"

Teddy nodded. "Three."

Harry ruffled his curls as they got on the bus. "You can tell me and Grandma all about it."

Teddy was surprised. "Grandma?"

Harry nodded. "She wants to hear all about it."

Teddy was happy to see his grandmother when they got to Florean's. He had wanted some time with Harry but he was assured he'd get it too. He thought it odd they would do it on Friday though. He and Lily usually had a sleepover with Grandma or Aunty Molly, sometimes Uncle George, on Friday nights. Before he came to live with Harry, Lily often came for sleepovers on Fridays. He kind of thought Uncle Harry went out for dinner with Uncle Luc. He had heard Uncle George say something. But he was happy to spend the day with Harry and Grandma. They had ice cream together, and he got to tell them all about his day in school. He had a lot of fun and liked his new classmates and teacher too.

Andromeda was invited to come to the movie but she turned it down. Tonight was supposed to be a special boy's night and she would not interlope. Harry knew they likely should have had dinner first but did an early movie.

Harry smiled when they came out. "What should we do for dinner?"

Teddy bounced. "Pizza."

Harry laughed. "I should have known."

"Can we go to that place from last time?"

Harry nodded. "Has some of the best doesn't it?"

Teddy nodded. "Need lots of pepperoni."

Harry shook his head. "May need some veggies."

Teddy had a coy smile. "Tomato sauce?"

Harry just shook his head. "I guess it is a special day."

Teddy surprised him when he shouted. "Uncle Luc."

Harry saw the man. "What are you doing here?"

Lucius turned. "On way home from work."

Teddy beamed. "Are you having pizza?"

Harry thought. "Meeting someone?"

Lucius saw his questioning look. "All lonesome, my usual dinner partner was busy."

Teddy looked back and forth. "Can Uncle Luc join us?"

Harry was surprised. "If you'd like, you can ask."

Lucius smiled. "Sounds better than a night on my own."

Harry had not wanted to bring the kids in until he and Lucius got serious. But he was reminded that both Teddy and Lily already knew him. They adored him after the pool party they had at the manor. For now he was Uncle Luc, a friend of Harry's, and Uncle Draco's dad of course. He smiled over dinner as he watched the two together. He still marveled at how good Lucius was with children. He would make a great grandpa one day Harry thought to himself. Harry wondered for a half moment if Lucius would not want more kids. But he shook away such a thought.

Harry motioned after dinner. "We should be going."

Lucius smiled. "Thanks for keeping me company."

Teddy was happy. "I am sure Uncle Harry will be free next week."

Harry looked at Teddy. "Teddy?"

Teddy turned to him. "I heard Uncle George say you guys eat together."

Lucius shrugged. "He has good taste."

Harry laughed. "We are good friends."

Teddy shrugged. "Maybe I and Lily can come sometimes."

Lucius smiled. "Maybe one evening."

Harry flagged the bus. "When not too late."

Teddy waved as he got on the bus. "Night Uncle Luc."

Lucius waved back. "Night Teddy."

Teddy was tired when they got home but didn't want to go to bed. "It's early."

Harry motioned to the bathroom. "Not that early."

"We just had dinner."

Harry didn't budge. "Because we did a movie first."

Teddy was reluctant but he could see his godson was exhausted. After a bath Teddy curled up with him to read a book he got from school. He and Teddy were only three pages in when the little boy fell asleep. It was early but even with the treats, the boy had an exciting and long day. It felt odd to have no kids and be on his own. He turned his television on and was about to settle in when the floo flared to life. He was not surprised to find Lucius there. Lucius was a bit worried that Harry may have been upset. He knew they had agreed not to tell the kids.

Harry assured him. "Teddy figured it out, besides you ran into us. And he seems to have taken it well."