Harry was not surprised when Lucius took over the wedding. He was a bit of a control freak when it came to planning things. He wanted to make the wedding all Harry could ever want. Harry's first had been a small one at the Burrow, far from his titles and money, and unhappy already. Lucius had a huge society wedding, to a woman he had not loved, and been unhappy. They would have a happy medium, happy the key word. It would be over the top Lucius style, but be just for their family and friends, some colleagues as well. And Harry's kids would have a main part, as would Draco and Cecilia. Draco was just as much a part of this, and his daughter, as Lily and Teddy. Though Harry's age, he was Lucius' son. Harry knew best not to try and argue, just insisting the kids have a major role, including Draco. And he was allowed to choose his own best man. They were to marry on Boxing Day. They wanted Christmas with the kids, but time enough for a proper honeymoon, before the next term.

Christmas had been a happy occasion at the manor, eve at the Burrow. Cecilia's first Christmas, though next year would be more special, when old enough to enjoy. Harry's adoption of Teddy had also gone through, and Lucius was to adopt him and Lily both, the next day as part of the wedding. On the morning of his wedding, Harry had no idea what to expect, but he was excited to marry the man he loved.

Fred came in. "Ready?"

George agreed. "No cold feet?"

Harry smirked. "Plan? Or exit root?"

Fred shook his head. "None."

George agreed. "Though I don't believe you'd want it."

Harry agreed. "I have never been so ready."

Fred hugged him. "This is how it should feel."

George agreed. "Cold feet is okay but….."

Harry looked to his daughter. "There is but one reason I would not go back and change it."

Lily ran to him. "Daddy, is it flower time?"

Harry kissed her. "Almost sweet heart."

Teddy pouted. "I don't have a part."

Harry turned to him. "Of course you do."

Teddy was surprised. "I do?"

Harry nodded. "I need someone to give me away."

In a break with tradition, both he and Lucius were to talk to aisle. Neither had a parent, and decided to be escorted by their sons instead. Draco was doing double duty, best man as well, since Severus was gone. George would be on their side, holding his daughter, as Lucius' flower girl. Fred got to do the honors, his twin last time, and Oliver replacing Hermione for Harry. As the portkey took Harry and his companions away, he wished his family were there but he knew they were in spirit. But as he opened his eyes, he realized Lucius had found a way to include them. Between the two of them they owned more than a dozen homes in the UK alone, Harry eight, not including the ruins and Grimmauld. Lucius chose the only castle, Potter castle, as a way to include Harry's family. Located in Scotland, the castle was perched on an island in the middle of one of the great Scottish Lochs. There was not much for grounds, but the family owned the entire valley. There was a causeway which led across to the island from the shores. The castle Harry had modernized recently, with muggle items and such, to use as a home.

Even in the winter, Lucius had opted for an outdoor wedding. Harry realized the causeway was under a warming spell. The guests were seated in tows along the causeway, Lucius and his companions up front. Harry was amazed as bagpipe music played. The walls of the causeway, and the ends of chairs, were done in boughs of green and Scottish heather and wild flowers. The walls of the castle, and the highlands all around, acting as backdrop to the wedding. Snowflakes were falling, though the heating spell kept them at bay, feeling like a snow globe.

The minister started. "We are gathered here to join these two in marriage. Who gives them away?"

Teddy and Draco both spoke. "I do."

The man turned to Lucius. "Do you Lucius Abraxas, Lord Malfoy, take Harry as your bonded husband, in sickness and health, till death?"

"I do."

"And do you Harry James, Lord Potter-Black, take Lucius as your bonded husband, in sickness and health, till death?"

"I do."

He turned to Draco. "Who serves as witness to Lucius' vows?"

Draco produced a ring. "I Draco Lucius Malfoy, stand in witness to his vows."

Lucius slid a ring on Harry. "With this ring I pledge my love and fidelity to you."

The man turned to Fred. "And who serves as witness to Harry's vows?"

Fred smiled. "I Frederick Gideon Weasley stand in witness to his vows."

Harry slid the ring on Lucius. "With this ring I pledge my love and fidelity to you."

The minister announced. "By the vows they have made, and pledge signified by rings, I pronounce them bonded. You may share it with a kiss."

Harry pulled Lucius in for a kiss. "At last."

Lucius smiled as they drew apart. "Couldn't say it any better."

Teddy and Lily soon swarmed them with hugs, but Draco, George and Cecilia were included as well. As odd as it seemed, Draco was his stepson now. It was different, Draco was an adult and his age, but Draco was still a member of his family now. Lucius may have been adopting both his children and they may call him Papa, but Draco was just as much a part of this. And Harry was happy they were fully included.

Lucius smiled as he signed all three. "Finally."

Harry kissed him. "A family."

Lily looked at Lucius. "Papa?"

Lucius smiled as he scooped her up. "Yes, Papa."

Teddy looked a bit reluctant and stayed close to Harry. "I am happy for you."

Harry whispered. "You can call him Papa too if you choose."

Teddy was worried. "I'm not really your son. Uncle Luc is….."

Harry kissed him. "You were my son long before I adopted you, and he agrees."

Teddy looked at Lucius. "Can I….?"

Lucius smiled. "Nothing would make me happier."

Teddy hugged him and Lily. "Papa."

Andromeda hugged Harry. "Remus and Tonks would be happy."

Harry had tears. "I wish they were here."

Molly had come up. "They all are."

His parents, Remus and Tonks, Sirius, they were all here. Severus was here in spirit for Lucius. He would have been so happy for his brother. He may have laughed though that Lucius was marrying a Gryffindor and one as young as his son. He had been at Lucius' side when he was forced to marry Narcissa all those years ago. Like the twins were now, he'd have been happy to be by his brother's side, when he wed the man he loved.

Lucius motioned. "The rest awaits."

The cocktail part was being held on the outer walls of the castle. Again warming spells were used, to allow them to have it out doors. The wedding party though went to the mainland for photos. They made sure among them, a photo with Harry and Lucius, Teddy and Lily, Draco, George and Cecilia were included. He was sure it would be his favorite photo of the bunch. He had photos with the Weasleys and Andromeda too, closest thing to his parents he had there. He was reminded that he had plenty of family, even with them not there. They joined the others for apps and Harry was amazed by it all. He had known Lucius had promised him a wedding he'd not forget, but this was stunning.

They did move in doors for dinner. The great dining room, as large as a ballroom in some homes, was used for dinner. A massive two story fireplace dominated one wall, and windows but high up the walls like the great hall at school. The tables were in red and green, with wood trenchers filled with the flowers from before. Photos had been blown up, decorating tapestries on the wall, with a spell. The menu was a traditional Scottish meal, but Lucius had included some extras like his wine and lobster. Harry was relieved it was only three courses.

Harry was amazed at the first course. "This is?"

Teddy looked at him. "It's Ravioli."

Lily nodded. "We have lots."

Lucius smiled. "It is."

George was confused from the other side. "Is what?"

Harry smiled. "The private chef."

Lucius reminded him. "Hermione asked if he catered."

Harry laughed. "He did say he did weddings."

Draco smiled. "Dad insisted he have a part."

Harry went to take a bite. "You didn't help?"

Lucius looked hurt. "I have been getting better."

Teddy smiled. "He makes good pancakes."

Harry reminded him. "Pasta is not your strong point."

Draco assured him. "He was too busy."

Lucius flicked Harry on the nose. "For that, the first meal I cook for you, will be pasta."

Harry smirked. "I won't hold my breath."

Laughter followed the comment by all who were close enough to hear. Lucius had helped make breakfast for them a few times by now. Harry never thought to see the man cook but he had been pretty good about doing it. Harry didn't cook all the time, he had the elves to help as well. Their witnesses were the only ones at the table with them, but the rest of the Weasleys, and Andromeda, were close as well. The food and company was definitely cheerful, and after dinner, they moved to the adjoining ballroom. The room was nearly a mirror, but had fireplaces on either end of the room, and the ceilings vaulted. The windows were floor to ceiling along one wall, intermingled with doors, out onto the gardens. Harry could see bonfires set up and knew there would be fireworks later. There was a band playing, and there was some desserts and such on the side.

Lucius led Harry onto the floor. "Our first dance."

Harry smiled. "Of many."

Lucius asked him. "Are you happy?"

Harry played coy. "I don't know, I mean…."

Lucius nipped him on the nose. "Too late to change your mind."

Harry kissed him. "Would never happen."

When the song ended Molly claimed Lucius. "Traditional."

Harry wondered. "Cecilia is in the kid room. I guess Draco?"

Andromeda laughed. "I hope I will do."

Draco reminded him. "My Aunt."

Harry happily accepted. "Family."

Andromeda said. "They would be so proud."

Harry kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

Andromeda simply reminded him. "You and the kids are my family. Well and Draco and Cecilia."

Harry assured her. "The kids are not the only one who love you."

Andromeda loved Lily as dearly as Teddy, as she would any more kids. She considered Harry to be a grandson, because of Remus. As Harry danced with others and his husband, Andromeda thought of how proud the others would be. The cake was cut outside, some of the kids joined them, from the kid room. The cake was a beautiful traditional tiered cake, but made by Molly, and oddly decorated by their chef. There was hand crafted wild flowers that looked real. The bonfires went to life during the cake, and there was a huge fireworks show.

Lucius motioned. "Almost time to go."

Harry looked at his kids. "Are you guys okay?"

Teddy nodded. "We're having a sleep over with Uncle Draco."

Lily nodded. "And Grandma and Aunty Mione and….."

Lucius laughed. "Everyone is taking a night it seems."

Andromeda shrugged. "Keep the kids occupied."

Teddy reminded his dad. "Need to make Lily a big sister."

Harry blushed, they had spoken to the kids about it. "We will try."

Lucius held Harry after they both said goodbye. "Ready to go?"

Harry felt the tug already. "Yes."

Lucius kissed him when they arrived. "I hope you approve."

Harry opened his eyes. "Where are we?"

Lucius led him in. "Australia."

Harry was amazed. "This is incredible."

Lucius led him in. "We are in Cairns for now."

Lucius had considered Africa but changed his mind. Wizarding resorts would have made it safe for a gay couple, wizards had different laws. But they would have had to be careful out of the resort. Besides it was a trip he thought would be good to take the kids on. Australia had the wild life and they didn't need to hide. And he had planned an amazing two weeks for them. They would see a lot of the country but also plenty of time to work on a baby sister or brother for Teddy and Lily. As they settled into the honeymoon suite of a luxury hotel in Cairns, Harry was amazed. He was so happy to be married and a family for once with Lucius and the kids. Harry wanted another one or two, but it would change nothing. Teddy and Lily not having his blood, never mattered, and wouldn't now. Alby may have been his only blood child, but he loved them all equally.

Lucius made a toast later as they had some wine and strawberries. "To our new life together."