Molly was happy to be cooking a late dinner for everyone else. She may have had an empty nest, but grandkids and cooking for the kids kept her busy. They were all coming for dinner, save for Ginny and George. Ginny had told her she was busy, and Molly thought she must have a surprise for Harry. Harry though was working late, and was having dinner with George and Draco, as he was up in Scotland. She had been shocked when George and Angie had divorced a few years ago, and George was now dating Draco. George and Angie remained good friends, they divorced on good terms, and she was now married again. Ginny mentioned Hermione and Viktor had offered to take the kids for the night, so seemed good timing. Molly had not seen much of Hermione, she slowly drifted away after Ron died, and her and Ginny weren't really friends. Molly did not appreciate Hermione believed the rumors, and knew she only took the kids, because she was close to Harry.

Molly was cooking away, but smiled as she heard the house filling up with life. She wished Ginny had come, it would be nice to have Lily and Jamie there. She would have been more than happy to have them for the night, so Ginny and Harry could have a night to themselves.

Fred came in last with Alicia and the kids. "Hey mum."

Molly smiled. "Just on time."

Alicia apologized. "I was late getting away from the hospital."

Arthur came in. "You and Harry both I hear."

Fred shook his head. "Harry is up at Hogwarts."

Molly turned to her husband. "He is eating with George after."

Alicia noticed her mother in law bristle and whispered to her husband. "Still has not warmed up to Draco?"

Fred sighed. "Still disappointed George got a divorce."

Alicia shook her head. "Has been three years. Angie is married and pregnant."

Fred shrugged. "Mum still hasn't got over a child divorcing."

Bill had overheard. "Think more has to do with coming out and Draco."

Looking at Charlie who was gay, Fred sighed. "Draco."

Molly turned to them. "What was that?"

Alicia smiled. "Dinner smells good."

They were half way through dinner when George appeared in the floo. Molly was surprised. "I didn't think you were coming."

George was pale. "You guys need to come."

Arthur shot up. "What is wrong?"

George said little. "Ginny."

The family watched him disappear, without any other information. They hurried to the floo, the girls agreeing to stay behind, with the kids. No one had any idea what was happening, but from the look on George, it was bad. Other than Molly, the others were worried what trouble she may have gotten into. Molly was blind to her daughter, but her brothers and Arthur were not, not over the last years.

They found Harry, George and Draco at the hospital. Harry was pacing, and the other two were trying to calm him. The aurors had been there, but they had left, though they would be back to question Ginny about her part later on.

Molly looked. "What happened to my daughter?"

Harry looked. "Drug over dose."

Molly shook her head. "That is lies."

Arthur tried to calm her. "We need to listen."

George looked at his mother. "It's true, she survived, unlike the other."

Molly snapped at her son. "The other?"

Harry was pale. "The man she was with."

Arthur was confused. "Who? I don't understand."

Molly tried to stop Harry from going. "We need answers."

Draco stepped in. "He has none."

Molly snapped at him. "You have no part in this."

George cut in. "He found them."

Molly was confused. "Found them?"

Bill asked. "In bed?"

Molly shot her son a nasty look. "Your sister would not cheat."

George would not look at her. "In the bathroom, after…."

Even if it was Harry, the aurors had looked into it. The husband had come home, and found his naked wife and her lover, together. They had been in the bathroom, but there was definite signs of sex, not just the nudity. The man was dead, and Ginny was unconscious, though she was alive still. They had taken a new drug, which was a mix of a Muggle drug called heroin, and a potion, more potent. Ginny would be questioned, as her fingerprints were the only ones found on the bottle and the magic needles. She had shot them both up, a lethal dose for her lover.

Fred went to Harry. "Harry?"

Harry was furious. "I can't believe this."

George was with them. "The stories, you had to…."

Harry smirked. "I am not so naïve, of course I knew."

Fred sighed. "Then….."

Harry was upset. "In our bed, in our….."

George understood. "You caught her in the act."

Harry laughed. "I knew. But my one condition, she never, she never bring them…..I didn't want to see it."

Fred tried. "Harry, you didn't need to stay through that."

George agreed. "We tried telling you on the wedding."

Harry knew. "The kids."

George assured him. "If you leave her, they will have a lot of family."

Harry wasn't willing to think that way. "I am just happy she sent the kids to Hermione."

Fred nodded. "One good thing."

The kids were still young, Jamie only four, he was reminded. They didn't know what had happened, and wouldn't need to know. They would also recover quicker, if Harry took them now, and divorced their mother. But right now Harry was focused on her, and getting her out of here and better. For better or worse, she was his wife, and the mother of his children. And also a link to the family he loved so much. George though tried to remind him, that the family loved him and would always be there for him. Unlike Hermione, he had long ago been adopted.

Harry eyed Molly and back. "I am not sure how right you are."

The man was an American quidditch player it turned out, and a married man. The aurors had looked into it, and the affair went on for some time. There was a long history of drugs, and the man had been arrested and suspended before. The drugs had been purchased by him, but Ginny had been the one to administer them. Ginny stood to face charges of drug possession, and involuntary manslaughter in the case, when she woke up. Harry knew he could have divorced her and walked away, but for the sake of his children, he had not done so.

It was a Malfoy he turned to, but Draco, for help. Draco helped to arrange a lawyer for him, to help Ginny, so she hopefully would not see jail. He offered Harry a divorce attorney, but for now Harry was not ready for that

Ginny was to be released. "Finally."

Molly had come. "I am sure you are happy to leave."

Ginny nodded. "Some peace and quiet."

Arthur brought a chair. "The kids will be anxious to see you."

Ginny grimaced. "I am sure Hermione can keep them a few extra days."

Harry was in the door. "She has her own son, and a career."

Ginny shot her husband a look. "What rock did you crawl out from under?"

Molly shot her daughter a look. "He has been here every day."

Arthur turned to Harry. "Do you have the release papers?"

Harry shook his head. "No."

Ginny was mad. "I wish to leave."

Molly calmed her. "You will be out of here soon."

Draco came in. "I have the forms."

Ginny was confused. "Why are you here? And why do you have my release forms?"

Draco shook his head. "Not release forms."

Molly was confused. "What?"

Harry handed them over. "Committal papers."

Ginny was enraged. "You can't commit me."

Harry informed her, it was not to a mental hospital, but to a drug clinic. He had used all his power, and his attorneys from Draco, to work out a deal for her. If she agreed to six months confinement in a drug and rehab clinic, she would not face prosecution, for the drug and other charges. The man's death had been ruled an accidental over dose, and Harry had proved, his wife would get some help.

Ginny looked down at the papers like they were some kind of joke, and at her parents, expecting them to tell her that she was right. But all she could see was the same shock in the face of her mother, as on her own. Her father had an odd reaction.

Molly looked at Harry. "You have to do something."

Harry looked at her. "What would you like me to do?"

Molly shook. "You are the boy who lived, do something."

Harry reminded her. "She use drugs, and helped kill a man."

Ginny shot him a look. "It was an accident."

Molly was in tears. "She doesn't need rehab."

Arthur tried to calm his wife. "She needs help."

Harry spat. "It is that or prison."

Ginny smirked. "You could get me off."

Arthur was calm. "Ginny….."

Ginny pushed. "He is just punishing me."

Harry ground his teeth. "Punishing you?"

Ginny nodded. "Your pride is hurt."

Harry looked at the couple. "Can you leave us alone?"

Arthur cut his wife off. "They need to talk."

Molly looked ready to argue but nodded. "We are just outside."

Harry looked at the woman, his wife he reminded himself, and tried to remain calm. He had chosen to marry her, for better or worse, in their vows. God she had put those to the test from the start, even before the vows. He knew what he was getting into though. Back then, he had told himself they were just rumors, but he was lying to himself. In the years since, if she had not caused him scandal or done it in his bed, he had turned a blind eye to it. His only relief now, the kids had not been in the house, and they had not been hurt by any of this.

Harry spat. "I don't need to punish you."

Ginny didn't buy it. "The big hero's ego is bruised."

Harry spat. "My only rule, you never bring one home."

Ginny laughed. "You never caught me."

Harry thrust the papers at her. "Sign them."

Ginny glared. "Or what?"

Harry shrugged. "You can face court, without my attorneys."

Ginny reminded him. "I am your wife."

Harry bent down. "I can change that quickly."

Ginny was pale. "You won't, I'll get half…."

Harry laughed. "Forgot the pre-nup? You get nothing."

Ginny had. "The kids?"

Harry handed her a pen. "Who do you think the courts will give them to? Me, or a drug pushing mother who helped kill her lover?"

Ginny took the pen. "No divorce papers?"

Harry spat. "Clean up your life Ginny."

Ginny signed them. "Don't have the balls?"

Harry took them. "The only thing saving you, is our children."

He went to leave, but he assured her, things would change when she got home. If she didn't clean up her act, and not just the drugs, he would divorce her. There would be no more drugs in his house, and no more other men, if she wanted to continue to be Lady Potter. He knew she may be having fun, but she loved his title and money more, he thought. And if she wanted to keep it, she would clean up her life.

Ginny called to him as he went to leave. "I will make this up. I promise there will be no more, when I am out. I will be a proper Lady Potter."