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Complete summary: Bella is a 12 thousand year old vegetarian vampire, the third oldest vampire in existence still alive, and can absorb any gift or talent she comes in contact with. She has been able to live in secrecy and hide her powerful gift but was discovered by the Volturi when she was visiting some friends in Italy. She flees across the world under the disguises of being a new student who just lost her mother and finds safety in Forks Washington, home of the Cullen's. When Edward sees Bella he knows she is his mate. Let's hope they can survive the Volturi. M for lemons and a dirty talking Edward.


I can't believe I was so foolish! I knew I shouldn't have visited Amy and Blake. Did they tell the Volturi about me? What am I saying? They don't even know about me! But . . . fuck, this is why I don't trust vampires! Italy is no place for someone like me! How could I be so stupid, to come so close to the Volturi? If they get their hands on me and me . . . I don't even want to think of the consequences.

I can hear my pursuers gaining on me.

Fucking Italian scum.

I can see the water. I just need to make it to the water, then I can be free.

I'm going to be on the run for the rest of my vampiric life!

Stupid stupid stupid!

I can see the cliff, I just need to make it to the cliff. I push my legs faster, my long skirt whipping behind my legs, my long brown hair flowing behind me as I run at impossible speeds to escape.

Once I reach the two hundred foot cliff, I don't pause in my stride, I dive straight into the water falling, falling, falling. If I wasn't so scared about being chased by the Italian fuckers and captured to be their slave, I would have enjoyed the fall.

Once I break into the water I swim a hundred feet deep and head west. I can feel that I'm no longer being chased, but I doubt they've given up completely.

Italian bitches, are probably too scared to get their clothes wet.

For 12,000 years I have been able to hide myself. For the 2,000 years those fucking Italian assholes have been in power, I've been even more careful as they've always been deceitful and cruel. They would make a science experiment out of me as well as a fucking killing Machine.

Isabella, you are so goddamn stupid, how the hell have you survived for so long with obvious shit for brains? I'll be on the run forever for sure now . . . or maybe I've lived long enough?

Dammit, shut the hell up, Bella.

I was born roughly around 10,000BC and . . . I'm very special. I'm the third vampire ever created, turned into this monster at seventeen. I've lead a relatively . . . simple existence, well compared to the one I have ahead of me now. But that's not why the want me.

There is no real name for what I am, because as far as I know, I'm one of a kind, but I call myself a sponge. I can absorb any gift I come in contact with. Not right away, I have to be around the vampire for some time and practice my ass off at it. But once I do develop it completely, it's with me forever.

I have many, many gifts. So much power . . . too much power.

With each stroke of my arms against the frigid water, I start to feel like my vampire age. I'm not tired physically, never physically, but mentally . . . I'm just so drained.

Now what am I going to do? Where in the world could I go? Maybe I could . . . no that work, I can't trust them. Well maybe I could . . . I mean it's remote and the sun hardly ever shines . . . and I do have a relative there. I had another in New York, but she just passed away.

A plan starts to formulate in my mind.

Over the last 12,000 years I made sure to always keep track of whatever family I might have out there. Whether it be cousins, nieces, nephews . . . etc.

It makes me feel . . . alive, knowing I have some type of family out in the world. It's just lucky for me my blood line never completely died off.

But, could I . . . could I impose on a humans life like this? I could be the death of him.

I then think to the fucking Italian bastards.

I have to risk it. I have to find a safe refuge or else . . . I don't even want to think of the carnage the Volturi would cause using me against my will.

Realistically, I know their powers of persuasion wouldn't work on me seeing as I could just block them with my mental shield . . .but I just can't take that chance. I'm very powerful, yes, physically and mentally using my many, many powers . . . but they have thousands in their guard.

No, I can't risk it. I'm powerful, but I'm not fool enough to entertain the idea that that's a fight I could win.

I swim with the fishes for three days and nights not stopping until I reach Spain. As a vampire I don't have a need to breathe but when you go three days without it, you miss it.

I use my gift of Un-detect to hide my scent, making me almost impossible to track, I start running, drying my long black dress in the process, until I find a bar.

Walking in, the disgusting smell of drunk, sweaty humans hits my senses like a tidal wave. Left one ocean and into another.

"What can I get for you, beautiful?" A skinny, ugly human man asks me in Spanish, in what I suppose he believes is a charming manner, as he cleans a glass with a dirty rag.

"Could I by any chance use your phone? I was supposed to meet a girlfriend, but I can't find her and I left my purse in her car." I pout slightly, biting my lip seductively and lean against the bar, pushing my large breasts forward.

He licks his nasty, chapped lips, focusing on my cleavage.

That's right you dumb little boy; take the bait.

"Well, I'm normally not allowed to . . . " He licks his lips again.

I push them forward more.

"Please? You would be my hero!" I purr, lightly tracing my finger tips across my chest. A woman can get almost anything she wants from a man if she makes them feel like her savior. Men need to feel invincible. Idiots.

He gulps loudly, the vein in his skinny little neck pumping under the thin skin. I don't have the urge to kill him, not realy. I haven't had the urge in over ten thousand years, when I stopped drinking human blood, but it's still something you notice when speaking to nervous humans.

"Ok, sweetheart. You can use the phone in the back room." He directs me to it, a boney hand on the curve of my ass.

I bite my tongue and restrain myself from snapping his wrist. I ask for some privacy in the small, cluttered office and he unwillingly leaves, a last wink in my direction before her goes.


I call the number I have memorized by heart, hoping he didn't change it.

"Hello." I hear a gruff, sleep filled voice groan out after quite a few rings.

Crap, I forgot about the time difference from here to America. It's about 3:00am there.

I disguise my voice, giving it a Brooklyn feel to it, also making it more nasally.

"Hello, is this Charles Matthew Swan?"

"Yes, who is this, do you know what time it is?" His gruff voice barks out.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience sir. This is Tiffany Marks from New York child services. Did you just have a cousin pass away recently? A Renee Swan?"

There's a long pause and a yawn.

"Hmm, I know I have a cousin Renee, but I've never met her . . . she passed away? Wait did you say child services?"

"Yes, sir, Renee Swan is survived by her daughter, Isabella, who is 17 years of age. You are listed as the only living relative that we know of. Bella is quite . . . against going to a group home. We must ask you if you are willing to take her in."

Another long pause. A really long pause.

Please, Charlie, I have watched over you your whole life, don't let me down.

"Mr. Swan are you still there?" I hedge.

I hear a cough and a silent, "shit."

"Yes, I'm here, umm . . . " He trials off.

"Mr. Swan, I know this must be a very tough decision for you, but if I could just say, I have met Isabella and she is a wonderful girl. Very smart, but very scared. She needs to be with family. I realize that you have never met her but trust me, a group home will be the worst possible place for a bright girl like her. She needs stability right now. You would be doing her a great kindness."

Another sigh.

"You're right. Ok she can stay with me. Of course she can."

Hallelujah! Thank God! Praise Jesus!

I pull the receiver away from my mouth and and let out an unnecessary gust of air.

"I'm very glad to hear that Mr. Swan. We'll call you at a more appropriate time with the details of her flight and the paperwork needing to be signed. Luckily, she is almost of age so it will not be as extensive as if she were a child, so don't worry too much about that."

"That's not what I'm worried about." He muttered, making me chuckle internally. If I was human I wouldn't have heard it.

We end our call and I relax. First step: done.

Now I just have to get to Washington.

And for the first time . . . officially meet my grandson.