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Chapter 28: Meido Zangetsuha

"Are you thinking about Kagura?" Chie inquired, Sesshomaru was seated on a rock.

"I see how it is." Tōtōsai noted, arriving in a ball of lightning.

"What do you want?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I knew that something was missing." Tōtōsai remarked. "Tokijin's gone."

"Even without my sword, my claws will be enough to tear you apart." Sesshomaru snorted.

"That has nothing to do with this." Tōtōsai chided. "I was compelled to come here. Tenseiga called me. Don't play dumb." He scolded. "You must have noticed that Tenseiga is making noise. It appears that your heart now has what it was lacking."

"What do you mean, 'lacking'?" Jaken snapped. "Sesshomaru-sama has a perfect heart."

"He's strong and kind." Rin supplied.

"Tenseiga reacted to the change in your heart." Tōtōsai explained. "A heart that felt rage and sorrow for the sake of another, most likely. Now, hand over Tenseiga." He requested. "The time has come to reforge Tenseiga into a weapon."

"Draw your sword." Tōtōsai instructed, having taken the group to an ethereal area.

"Ogre!" Jaken stammered, taking refuge behind Chie.

Now show me, Sesshomaru. Tōtōsai mused. Tenseiga should guide your stroke.

"It didn't cut him." Jaken blinked, Sesshomaru having sliced the ogre, only to find it unharmed. "Nothing's changed."

"What's that?" Rin pointed. "Behind the ogre."

"He's opened the Path to the Underworld." Tōtōsai explained as a crescent-shape portal appeared behind the ogre and sucked in a portion of the ogre's body.

What was that?" Jaken was stunned as the decapitated ogre fell to the ground.

"As you just saw, the ogre's body was taken to the other world." Tōtōsai remarked.

"A technique that cuts through the Underworld…" Sesshomaru mused.

"Tenseiga is a sword that connects this world to that world." Tōtōsai stated. "That is why Tenseiga's master can see creatures from the other world and cut them down, returning the dead to this world. So, instead, he cuts into the Path to the Underworld to literally send his enemy to the next world. That is how you use Tenseiga. And you just performed Meido Zangetsuha." Still, he mastered it at one go. He mused. Spiteful brat. Well, Tenseiga's accepted him, so I can't do anything about it.

"Tōtōsai, I now hold Tenseiga for battle." Sesshomaru declared. "Let's go." He told his entourage.

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