Resident Evil: NextGenZ

Arpil 13th

Outskirts of South Capitol City


Crunching gravel and the chirping of crickets could be heard in the dark countryside. Trees and shadows ran along both sides of the lonely path, that Laurie Pratt was taking to her country home. The only light was from the full moon high above.

Miss Pratt was a medical student, only a few months shy from graduation. She came from a good family and had recently been engaged. The wedding was set for next March. Thinking about grad. dresses and wedding dresses she didn't notice the shadow that moved behind her.

The sound of a snapping branch made Laurie stop and listen, upon hearing nothing else she continued on her way, humming a song she had heard earlier today. Another twig snapped behind her , feeling a bit paranoid she sped up. Footsteps fell in step behind her, Laurie could see nothing when she looked over her shoulder a second time, she stopped and spun around. The footsteps stopped with hers as she looked out into the night.

"I'm losing my mind," she said out loud.

She let out a deep breath to try and calm herself by saying there was nothing there. Slightly calmer, she turned around and screamed...


April 15th

West Capitol City

5:16 pm

"The body of 26 year old med. student, Laurie Pratt, was dragged from the river earlier today when two local fisherman found the body. Ms. Pratt's body was found mangled in the same way that four other locals were found only yesterday. Her body has been taken to the South Capitol City morgue. Anyone with information of these attacks should see..."

The t.v was turned off in the WCPD conference room.

"Five bodies in two days," said the Commissioner , "A lot of people suspect wild animals."

"Uh Sir?" asked Trunks, " if it's animals then why are we being called in?"

"Their police force there hasn't any luck and we all know how stupid they are. Besides you are the Special Tasks and Rescue Squad. And this is a special task."

"Since when are wild animals a special task?" asked Pan.

"Look at these," said the Commissioner passing a file full of pictures and reports, "that's what's left of the bodies, and why the STARS team is being called in, the military has been kind enough to barricade all entrances and exits you'll be flown in by helicopter."

Bra wrinkled her nose and passed the pictures and file to Goten.

"Mr. Briefs separate your team into two units and prepare to move out."

"All right," said Trunks standing up, "Bravo Team will consist of Pan, Bra, Ubuu, Lonni, and Michael. Alpha Team will include myself, Goten, Lunsj, Rachel and Ben. Bravo Team, you'll follow Pan's lead since I'm putting her in charge."

"You heard him, let's move, we leave at 22:00 hours," said Pan as her and her team got up to get ready. They'd be departing in five hours.


The helicopter carrying Bravo landed on the docking pad on top of the South Capitol City Police Station. When they got out Pan motioned for the pilot to take off.

"Alpha Team this is Bravo repeat Alpha Team this is Bravo," she said into her walkie talkie.

"Bravo this is Alpha Team we read you over."

"We're here and the chopper is headed back to West Capitol over."

"Copy that Bravo Team, Keep in touch, Alpha out," said the operator.

"All right guys let's go," said Pan leading the way over to the door.

"You think it was a bear that's doing all this?" asked Bra.

"A rabid bear maybe, five cadavers in two days though?" said Ubuu.

The team made their way down the stairwell to the main level of the Police Station...


"Bravo? Bravo?" repeated Lunsj, "Bravo Leader this is Alpha come in Bravo? Pan? Come on where the hell are you guys?"

"Keep trying," Goten told her.

"It's nothing but static," she said.

"Maybe it's nothing," suggested Trunks.

"That's my niece out there."

"And my sister's with her," said Trunks making up his mind.

Contact between Alpha and Bravo had been lost over two hours ago, nothing was heard but a whole lot of static.

The STARS Alpha Team was going into South Capitol City to find them, something had gone very wrong.


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