Resident Evil: The Next GenZ

Chapter 14: Epilogue

High heels clicked across the smooth marble floor, as the blonde made her way through the building. Pushing past the numerous amounts of people in the lobby, she made her way to the elevator and headed to the top floor. There were only four other people in the elevator with her. Two got off on Floor 11 and the other on Floor 18. Now alone in the elevator, Marron contemplated all that had happened. South Capitol had been completely leveled to avoid further exposure. It was hard to believe that the disaster had only happened two weeks ago.

Soon after the Factory explosion, Trunks' radio had started working again. The helicopter pilot who had flown them in had been trying to reach them all night. He had started to circle again, when he saw the explosion. Trunks and Marron walked further away from the newly filled in tunnel and were picked up by helicopter. In the air and then arriving back in West Capitol City, the nightmare was finally over.

"May I help you?" asked the receptionist as Marron walked up to the desk.

"Yes, I'm here to see the president. Tell her Marron Krillan's here to see her."

"Just one moment, please."

The receptionist confirmed Marron's appointment and let her into the president's office. Once inside she made sure the door was shut tight and locked.

"Marron! Good to see you survived."

"Well if I hadn't you wouldn't have gotten what you paid me for."

"Quite right, I assure you I had no idea Red Ribbon was going to try and get the sample from Gero. Or that he would actually release the virus. Man, did Red Ribbon seriously screw up or what?"

"Idiots, really. Anyway here's the sample Mrs. Briefs."

Marron took the G-sample out of her briefcase and handed it over to Bulma, president of Capsule Corporation, and Red Ribbon's leading competitor.

"Oh wow. I can hardly wait to test this out! When Vegeta told me what happened at the Mansion I could hardly believe something like this really existed!"

Before the South Capitol outbreak, Bulma had hired Marron to in and find the G-Virus. She was given a cover job as a secretary in the Police Precinct. The ground work and tunnel plans that Bulma dug up lead right into the Factory. The plan was to go in, kill Gero, and get the virus. But that didn't go as planned. Red Ribbon got there first, thus making Gero let the virus loose that killed everyone in the city plus 3/4 of the STARS team, including Bulma's daughter.

What started out as competition for the covert pathogen had turned personal to the blue-haired genius. The G-Virus would now be fitted into a new retro-virus, the Z-Virus.

And Red Ribbon would pay.

"I know you usually take off once a job's done but I was maybe hoping you'd stick around," said Bulma.

"For Trunks?"

"He seems quite fond of you, seeing as you both were the only ones to survive. And also I don't think he'd be too happy if he knew the virus still existed. He needs a ...distraction..."

"Your son's a good man."

"Then I'd suggest you get to know him, he could use a smart woman like yourself."

Bulma smiled as Marron left her office. Today was a good day indeed. Marron felt something for Trunks, a mother could always tell! Her eyes softened considerably when his name had come up.

'Oh, yes this will be perfect.' thought Bulma. She could make her son happy and destroy Red Ribbon completely, not to mention painfully. Once she examined the G-Sample and made the proper changes, Red Ribbon would cease to exist. They would be nothing more than a hole in the ground, just like South Capitol...


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