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Chapter 13:

Jack's POV

I was standing in a corner in the dark, when I heard the door creak open. Elsa took a step inside and leaned in the doorframe, talking to Louis. They were smiling, but my blood boiled when I saw Louis kiss Elsa's hand. I suddenly had this urge to freeze this pathetic man for stealing my Elsa. I am a man, I get tempted whenever things get out of hand, I can be jealous and mad at some times. There's nothing wrong with that. I have feelings too, you see.

Elsa called Kai to lead the lunatic to his room. They said their goodbye's and they're even eager to see each other the next day. Elsa closed the door and switched on the light, she saw me, shock and disbelief evident in her eyes.

"I can't believe you" I said, anger and jealousy present in my voice, I walked out the room.

I went outside the castle grounds to think. I don't think I'll be able to handle the things happening between Elsa and the lunatic. For goodness's sake, I'm Jack Frost, Elsa's boyfriend.

I haven't really asked Elsa to be mine, so we're not yet official, but that doesn't mean that she can flirt with other guys. We're supposed to not cheat and hurt each other's feeling, we're supposed to help each other in times of need and to comfort one another. Things lately, has been really complicated and difficult for the both of us, Special mention, to this other lunatic, Pitch. Elsa told me that Pitch will come back for her in a week, which is 4 days from now. Have she made up her mind? Did she even listen to me during our confrontation? What choice will she decide?

Even during these times, I can't help but think about Elsa. Basically, It is the two of us against the world, but this Louis guy comes along.

My life is like a jigsaw puzzle, and all of this is the pieces, to figure out what this is about, you'll have to complete and analyze the picture. But in my case, there are puzzle pieces missing.

I looked up to see the view above me, there are a few clouds in the sky, the stars are scattered in beautiful locations, I even made out a few constellations like the serpent and the Orion. My eyes landed on the beautiful crescent-shaped moon from afar. I remembered the man in the moon telling me who and what I am, I remembered the first time I felt hope when I saw it, It's been a hundred years since I entered this new life, but I still feel assurance and a little hope just by looking at it. But I am still utterly confused why I was sent back here.

"Why does it have to be me?" I asked the man in the moon

"Why does everything have to be so difficult?"

"Why does things have to be like this all the time?"

"Is this the way of punishing me? For every bad thing I did in my past life?"

I have always been like this, asking questions to the man in the moon, whenever I feel down. No matter how hard I try to look for an answer, he won't give me any answer to my questions.

And little by little I'm losing hope that my life could ever be normal.

Elsa's POV:

I am so angry at myself, I feel like it's my fault for hurting his feelings. But then again, maybe it is my fault. Is it even possible to hurt someone who has always been nice to you all those times?

I am such a cruel, evil creature who doesn't deserve a good thing and all those people around me. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, break a few things and freeze Duke Marshall for complicating my already complicated life. I even doubted myself that there can be a way out of this situation. Hell, just look at where I am now. I need to marry a complete stranger, Pitch is coming back for me in 4 days, and my friends and family are in danger, because of me. It's like I'm a magnet of danger and complication. I'm not the queen, I should be, I'm losing my composure, my strong persona, and sooner or later I will be losing my own mind.

To be honest, I push people away, I hurt their feeling so that I can think clearly and properly, but no, It turns out, I push people away because I don't think I will be needing them.

I make a mistake, I'll be mad at myself, I push people away, I lose them, I ask for their forgiveness and the cycle begins again. My whole life has been like that, that cycle is the story of my life.

I don't even know how my family can forgive for doing that. But I am thankful that, they can accept the mistake I made even though, they're hurting.

I am slowly falling apart, I am breaking into a million pieces, and I am so tired of crying, and hurting. I just want to lead a simple life, how hard can that be, right?

I wiped away the tears streaming down my cheeks. I walked out of my office and tried to find Jack in the castle, I looked everywhere but he is nowhere to be seen. I promised myself, I would apologize and talk to him tomorrow so I walked to my bedroom. I changed into my nightgown and looked at my window. It was a peaceful night, there are a few clouds in the sky and there are lots of stars scattered. I searched the view for Jack and I spotted him, there he was sitting in a tree branch, his back facing me, staring at the view above. I lay down on my bed, I suddenly thought about Pitch, what am I supposed to decide? Do I join him or not? I am so messed up right now, I don't know what to think of. Not long after that, I drift into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up to the light streaming into my room, I went to the bathroom and fixed myself before meeting with the Duke and Louis and my friends and family. I went to the great hall and saw all of them talking and laughing, but I didn't see Jack, I sighed to myself and approached the table. They greeted me with warm smiles and I smiled back at them, I took a seat next to Anna. She smiled at me and asked me how I was, I told her I was fine. In the middle of breakfast, Jack came in taking a seat next to Tooth. I was quite disappointed he didn't sit beside me, he always does. Louis and I were having our conversation when I saw how handsome he looked. He has dark hair, which is swept to one side, Green eyes, straight nose, full lips, and perfect set of white teeth. From the corner of my eye I saw Jack glaring at us, and instantly I looked away from Louis.

"Queen Elsa?" Duke called

"Yes?" I replied

"Would you like to take a stroll outside with Louis?" he asked, I was taken aback, I don't want to, and that's for sure.

"That'd be great" I don't know where the words are coming from

"Lovely, you may want to leave in a few minutes, before it gets cold" Duke said, If I would be given a chance, I would freeze this old man sitting beside Louis.

"Okay" I said, then I walked off, I heard footsteps behind my tracks

"What do you want, Louis?" I asked, irritated, I looked back to see not Louis but Jack, his eyes narrowed

"What the hell is that?" he asked, there is a hint of jealousy in his voice, I find it really adorable to hear

"Why? Are you jealous?" I asked, smirking

"Why do you care?" he retorted

"It's none of your business, Jack" I said, sighing. I never wanted to say those words, I didn't want to hurt Jack. I just don't know where the words are coming from

"None of my business?! I'm your boyfriend, Elsa!" his voice rising

"That's not my problem anymore" Stop.

"Fine, have fun" he said then walked away. I didn't mean to say that, I didn't want to hurt his feelings. What is happening with me?

"Jack!" I called, but he didn't even turned around

"Jack!" Nothing

"Jack please! I'm sorry!" Still nothing, my eyes started to water, I walked to my room. I wiped away the tears, I don't want to show them how weak I was. I fixed myself then, went to the great hall to meet Louis.

"Hey Elsa, how are you?" Louis asked me

"I'm fine" I replied, smiling

"Let's go?" he asked, I nodded and we went out.

We walked towards the village, we both received warm smiles and greetings, I returned their gestures. Then we went to the docks.


"Are you alright?" he asked me

"I'm fine, I just wanted to ask you something, If that's alright" I said

"Yeah sure, what is it?" he said then looked at me

"My powers, gift, whatever… they don't uhh err.. bother you?" I asked, I'm nervous to hear the answer, he chuckled

"No" he said

"Really? How come? I mean, I could just freeze you, accidentally" I said

"No, I trust you" he said, something about this makes me feel uneasy, I'm not used to this kind of heart to heart conversation with anyone but Jack and Anna

"Oh" was all I managed to say

"So, where to next?" he asked, smiling at me

"The Park" I replied, I love hanging out there, It's my favorite place in the kingdom

"Alright, let's go?" he asked, I nodded and we walked forward, I feel a hole boring into my back, I turned around, It was Jack.

"Louis? Can you wait for me here? I'll just talk to one of the villagers" I lied

"Alright" he said, I walked towards Jack but he just glared at me and walked away, I tried to catch up with him but it was no use, he is mad at me. I walked back to where Louis is and we went to the park.

"Wow" was all he said

"Like it?" I asked

"Yeah, this place is really beautiful" he said smiling at me

"Really? You know I really love this place, It's actually one of my favorite spots in the kingdom" I said

"Why is that?" he asked, curious

"It's just so serene and beautiful" I said

"You like quiet places?" he asked

"Yeah, this is an ideal place to read a book" I smiled

"You love reading books?" he asked, his eyes are literally twinkling with amusement

"Yeah, It's my escape from reality" I said, grinning

"Me too, what's your favorite book?" he asked, It was shocking, I didn't expect him to be a book nerd

"Um.. that's a hard question. But my all-time favorite is, Pride and Prejudice" I said

"I love that book, but mine is Wuthering Heights" he said

"Really? It was one of my favorites too. The storyline is really intriguing"

"Yeah, it is. I like the author's style of writing"

"Yeah" I said and for a long moment we stared at each other's eyes, For me, it's pretty awkward

"Elsa?" he said


"Marry me, and we'll be happy together" he said, but I was frozen in place, because I saw Jack a few meters away from Louis and I can tell that he overheard our conversation and he is furious. He's glaring at me, and all I could do is beg with my eyes. He shook his head and closed his eyes, I turned my attention back to Louis, I am so confused. What has my life become?

"I-I-I… c-can't, Louis I- I'm just not ready yet" I stuttered, he looked at me like I had slapped him in the face

"We still have a few months together, anyway" he said, and smiled sadly at me. I feel so horrible and angry at Louis for upsetting him, and for infuriating Jack.

"I'm sorry, Louis" I said, I didn't mean it. He doesn't deserve to be forgiven, he's trying to ruin my relationship with Jack

"No, you don't have to be sorry" he said curtly, and he intertwined his hand in mine. I saw Jack's face redden in anger and then he walked off, trying to hold back hot and angry tears. I hold back my tears that are threatening to spill.

I'm so so sorry Jack, I didn't want for this to happen.

And then a single tear streamed down my cheek


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