Blast From The Past

Hi, this is my first fan fiction so I don't want to tell you too much, only that I have some REALLY good ideas for this story so please give me a chance.

Anyway here's the Disclaimer, you know what to do with it. Enjoy :)


I hung my head in my hands and finally let the tears run down my face. How could things have gone so wrong? I asked himself. Everything was going fine! Just a normal day at court and then BANG! Everything changed.

24 hours ago

"Dimitri, whats going on?!" asked Rose.

"It's an attack. We have to warn the others!" We set off at a run, back to the guard house to raise the alarm but halfway there we heard it sound anyway.

"It must have been a simultaneous attack. They've already hit the guard tower," I muttered to myself. I turned to Rose to see that she had come to the same conclusion.

"I don't understand. How did the Strigoi get past the wards?" she asked me as if I would hold the answer.

"I don't know but that can wait until later. Right now, we just need to get into our positions."

Rose gave me a nod and set off to the throne room to guard Lissa, but before she even took first step, we were attacked by a group of five Strigoi.

We instantly went into combat positions. Rose and I were back to back, simultaneously grabbing our stakes before launching at the enemy. I took down my first one in seconds, he was just recently turned and fell for my obvious faint to the right. Behind me, I heard Rose taking down her one as well. Before long, we had defeated all five and were ready for more.

"I have to get to Lissa, she needs me!" Rose said and turned to leave. I stopped her with my hand. I knew it was wrong. From day one, it was drilled into my head, "They come first"

But I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that something bad was going to happen to her. I really hoped that I didn't inherit any of my grandmother's ability to sense things.

"Wait!" I cried. She turned around and before she could say a word, I crushed my lips against hers in a heated, passionate, but sadly, short kiss.

"Be careful out there ok?" I couldn't lose her, not now, not when things were finally settling down. It has been over a year since I was turned back from being a Strigoi and finally realized that I was capable of love and more, that I was still in love, and I had almost been too late. Reluctantly, I released her and stepped back.

"Don't worry, Comrade. I'm the best remember?" And with those words she she flashed me her famous "man eater smile" and ran off to her post. Normally, I would have been right behind her as I was Christian's guardian, but he had been busy teaching all the Moroi who were willing to learn defensive magic and would be coordinating their attack. So I headed to the guard tower like I was supposed to.

Had I known what fate had in store for me, I would have never left her side.


What the hell is going on here! I kept asking myself. The wards are in place specifically to STOP a Strigoi attack and now we're smack bang in the middle of one...great. If I had the time, I would have rolled my eyes and probably took an eye out of whoever's job it was to set up the wards this month, but with the aforementioned Strigoi attack in progress, that could wait until later.

I finally made it to the throne room, with only one or two Strigoi related delays, where I was met with Hans who turned to me when he heard me approach.

"Hathaway report!" he barked at me. I guess it isn't his fault, he is normally a nice guy... when you get to know him, but right now he was not just Hans, he was the Head Guardian and it was his job to keep his head while all of the other people around him were losing theirs. And that's why I answered him straight instead of giving him one of my classic "Rose Hathaway" answers I was so famous for.

"I had just came back from my patrol of the north gate when Dimitri and I discovered a ward that had been broken and we were on our way to the tower to report it when we were attacked. By the time we took them down, the alarm had already sounded so we went to get into our positions." Hans just nodded his head at me with a hard look in his eyes.

"It's the same all over I think, you're the third one to report such a thing." He appeared to be deep in thought and I didn't want to interrupt, but I had to ask.

"I keep asking myself how the Strigoi made it passed the wards and I keep coming up with the same answer... sabotage, we were betrayed." I looked closely at his reaction to see if this was news to his...apparently it wasn't.

"I've been thinking the same thing, either that or the Strigoi have people working for them. Its happened before."

He's right, I remembered when I was still in school and a similar thing had happened. It was when I went on a road trip with Dimitri to see Arthur Scholenberg, the man who was going to be giving me my Qualifiers test at his charge's house...only to find his and 9 other bodies instead.

Shaking that memory off, I snapped back into reality. Living in the past will get you dead in the future so you had to live in the present. DAMN, now I'M quoting Dimitri and his zen life lessons. Oh well, I guess if you live with someone long enough, then they will rub off on you.

"Where's Lissa?" I hoped she was in the safe house that was a part of the throne room but knowing her, she wouldn't want to hide in safety while others died for her. She would of wanted to be in the thick of it, at the command center giving orders to people, trying to keep them alive. So I was pretty relieved when Hans said,

"Don't worry she's in the safe house, though it took a while to convince her to stay in there. "

"Yeah she can be surprisingly stubborn for someone so small," I smiled and went in to check in on her.

"Hey Lissa, it's me open up," I said while banging on the safe room door. I heard rustling inside and then the door flew open and Lissa jumped into my arms.

"Rose, oh thank goodness you're ok! The attack happened so fast and I didn't know where you were and when I tried to go and find out, Hans stopped me and gave me the whole "you're the queen and you must be kept safe thing" and I was so worried and-"

"Whoa whoa, Lissa, take a breath. I'm ok but he's right, you need to be kept safe, that's why I'm here," I said sounding as confident and cocky as I could.

"Ha, watch it Rose, or your head will get so big that it won't be able to fit in the door and how will you protect me then?"

"Well if my head were that big, I would undoubtably have acquired super intelligence, therefore, I would simply zap the Strigoi with my brain blast." Lissa burst out laughing.

"Oh, how I love your Rose logic."

I smiled and was about to reply when I heard someone cry, "STRIGOI!"

The smile left my face and I snapped back into action.

"Get inside and STAY there!" I said to Lissa as I ran out of the throne room and joined the attack.

As I got out of the door, I saw at least 50 Strigoi battling against the Guardians. There where 5 surrounding Hans and I quickly ran to help him. Now even though it is impossible to kill a Strigoi from behind, it will at best paralyze them for a split second and at worst distract them. I decided to give Hans some time so I ran up behind them and knocked one on the head to distract and stake the other to paralyze. Hans took the opportunity I gave him and staked the dizzy one while I spun the paralysed one around and staked him. By this point, about half of the Strigoi were down and things were looking up. But then from down the hall I hear a running sound and I see even MORE Strigoi coming.

Can't I ever catch a break!?


We had the Strigoi on the run, but that wasn't because they where retreating. No, they just didn't want to waste their time on us. The throne room was their obvious target, but then that meant they were headed straight for my Roza!

I ran after them as fast as I could and when I rounded the corner to the throne room I saw the remainder of the Royal Guards fighting a group of Strigoi, and in the middle of it all was my Roza.

I ran even faster, I had to get to her. We were a team, nothing could stop us when we were together. But as I was about to reach her a Strigoi who must have been a Dhampir before he was turned, judging on how big he was, got in my way and he would not let up.

But no matter how hard I tried to get him he would not move, he was playing hard to get, literally. Just as I was getting desperate to end the fight all of a sudden the Strigoi froze. I wasn't about to question why and staked him through the heart. As he fell I saw my Roza behind him with a smirk on her lips.

"How's it going Comrade?"

I smiled back and said, "Oh you know, just a regular day at work." Before I met Rose, I would never be able to joke like this, especially in the middle of an attack, but being in love changed you I guess. The moment was short lived though as we had to get back to defending the palace.


"Back to back!" I said while turning around, Dimitri follows suit and we press our backs together to make a strong defence. Not many guardians will put there absolute trust in each other like this. Don't get me wrong, Guardians will stick their necks out for one another and die for one another in a heartbeat. But with the whole "They come first" motto we have, we're discouraged to have much of a personal life and as a result most guardians become loners.

But Dimitri and I are different, not only because we went against the rules and got together, but because our trust is as strong and deep as our love.

A Strigoi comes at me and I'm ready, he's not a young one, he knows not to go for the obvious kill, instead he goes for my legs. He crouches down and swings out his leg to try to take mine out from under me. I jump over his leg but just barely and as a result I'm off balance. The Strigoi sees this and goes for my neck, just as he's about to bite I decide to let myself fall and take him with me. Dimitri and I have spent many hours grappling and as a result I had the upper hand. While this Strigoi wasn't young he obviously hadn't had as much time grappling as I did. I quickly took advantage and rolled on top of him and staked him through the heart. I got up and look around me.

There were still a lot of Strigoi around but we were more than holding our own. A quick glance behind me told me that Dimitri had finished off his and was looking for his next opponent. We didn't have to wait long, as another wave of Strigoi was approaching.

Where were they all coming from!? Dimitri and I made our way to Hans. He and the remaining guardians were copying what Dimitri and I had done earlier and had made a big circle with their backs to each other. We joined the ranks and were ready to fight...and that's when the lights went out.


Why turn out the lights? I thought to myself. It's true that the Strigoi had better night vision but as Dhampirs we could see in the dark just as good as in the day. That's when I realized what they had in mind.

As if on cue, all of the Strigoi stopped and put on some sort of goggles. At first it didn't make sense but then the lights started to flicker on and off really fast. We Dhampirs could see well in both daylight and at night but our eyes needed time to adjust and with the lights flickering like they were, we were as good as blind. That's what the goggles must be for. They must block out the sudden light changes and with that they had the advantage.


This was bad. The Strigoi were way too organised. We had to think fast or we would all be slayed. Suddenly I heard Hans voice in my ear.

"Go and protect the queen, she's what they want!"

I looked at him like he crazy and said, "I'm not abandoning you."

"You and Dimitri are our best fighters and I need you to protect her, just go Rose!"

I didn't like it. And I especially didn't like leaving Dimitri out here but Hans was right, I needed to get to Lissa and make sure she was ok and that she stayed that way. I gave him a quick nod and turned and entered the throne room... and was met with a nightmare.


"Just go Rose!" I hear Hans tell her, I knew she wanted to argue more but she knew her duty and left for the throne room. Meanwhile the rest of us were going to fight our best in these seizure inducing lights.

It reminded me of the time that Ivan dragged me to a really lame roller disco party.

The first Strigoi came at me and I dogged his strike but it was much harder then it normally would have been. The flickering lights were reaking havoc on my depth perception. After a few more near misses I finally had my opening and took it. I staked him through his heart and turned to do the same thing to the next one in line for death.


There was so many bodies! As queen, Lissa always had some body guards that never left her side and those were the bodies that now littered the floor. With the guards dead, the Strigoi were now trying to get into the safe house door. I had entered the room already in a defensive pose and they all looked at me for a split second before leaping at me. I snapped into action and fought them off as best as I could but I was starting to get overwhelmed. Just as it was all getting too much, the Strigoi I was about to stake fell to his knees. And behind him was my sexy Russian.

We didn't stop to exchange pleasantries and went back to back and the fighting resumed. And then I heard her scream.

"ROSE HELP!" Lissa cried. I tried to run toward her but all of the Strigoi in the room seemed to see that one coming and half of them dropped what they were doing and came at me...great.


"ROSE HELP!" I hear Lissa screem. Rose started to run to her but the Strigoi seemed to see that one coming and swarmed around her. My instincts said to go and help her, but as I went I heard her call out to me.

"No Dimitri, go and protect Lissa. I'll be OK just GO!"

I didn't want to, I wanted to go and help my Roza,I couldn't let anything happen to her. But she was right, Lissa was the queen and she needed me more. At least my Roza could defend herself. So against my better judgment, and with a bad feeling in my gut that this was a bad idea, I left Roza and went to protect Lissa.

I never knew what making that decision would cost me.

I ran up and staked a Strgoi with one quick movement and moved on to the next one. This went on for an immeasurable amount of time and eventually I was done with all of the Strigoi around me...though there should have been more. After all, getting to the queen was the goal here, but they seemed to be more interested in..."ROSE!"

I turned around as I hear her pained gasp and then I saw the worst sight imaginable. A Strigoi sunk it's teeth into my Roza's neck. "NOOOO!" I screamed but as I ran towards her, a Strgoi blocked my path. I fight him as fast as I can, desperate to get to my Roza before its too late.

"Hold on Roza, just hold on, I'm coming!" I call out to her as I keep fighting but more keep coming and then suddenly...gone. As if someone had given a silent retreat signal, all of the Strigoi turned and left, and I let them go.

Normally, I would chase them down till there was none left but right now I had more important things to deal with. My duty, my first priority should have been to secure the queen's safety but my brain didn't register that. It didn't understand protocol or duty, all my head and heart were saying was WHERE IS SHE? WHY ISNT SHE HERE!?

As I looked around the empty throne room, my brain finally caught up with me and I realized the truth. My Roza was gone, she had been taken. By Strigoi.

I know this is long but it really is worth it:)