There and Back Again

By Calcifersgrl

Author's Note (05/30/06)

Even now as you, my reviewers, realize that this is just an author's note and not an actual update, I'm afraid that you'll be wont to throw tomatoes or other assorted fruit. I'm sorry for that.

I have not forgotten TaBA – this is, after all, my baby, and I do mean to finish it to the end. I have only three chapters left to write. I started this when I was about 14, here I am at the old and crusty age of 18. I am going to get it done.

The question is when. I've had a trying year. I moved coasts to attend a prestigious and difficult university, got over the three hour time zone difference, made friends, experienced boy trauma, then fell in love, experienced girl trauma a la Mean Girls, had a moment of peace, experienced more boy trauma, had family drama, had roommate drama, fell out of love, and concluded my freshman year of college. As I've said, it's been a trying school year, but through it all, I've grown. I stopped writing when I went to college. I actually stopped doing almost everything that I'd been doing up till then – writing, painting, music, sports, etc. What I've realized is that I miss writing. Now that my life no longer resembles the plot summary of an OC episode, I want to write. (I've picked up another project that I used to work on over at fictionpress so check that out if you're interested.)

I know exactly what's going to happen in Chapter 19 of TaBA, the question is putting the words onto paper/computer screen. Don't worry, it'll be coming soon. I'd really, really like to finish TaBA by the end of this summer. But as you all know before, that might not happen. Nevertheless, that's what I'll be aiming for.

I have two pages of Chapter 19 already typed on my computer. Unfortunately, it's still in bits and pieces, therefore, I won't have a teaser.

But I can give you the title and let you ponder over it!

Chapter 19: In which Sophie Looks into the Well and Receives a Hint

Anyway, thank you, thank you for not quite giving up on me. I sort of gave up on the idea that I'd ever finish TaBA. Thank you for all of your kind reviews and your e-mails asking when I'd next update. I'm still in awe of how popular this little story is of mine. It's on 114 fav lists. 5,688 hits, whatever that means (but the number is large). Wow, oh wow. I owe it to you guys to finish. I owe it to myself to finish.