It all started with an egg. One little egg. Well actually it started with two eggs. Two different species, Two different dinosaurs, with only one thing in common; they're still in their eggs. But one day, they're going to come out from those little eggs, and start a new herd and a new family. One egg belonged to an Iguanodon, while the other to a Pachyrhinosaurus. Both in a different Nesting Ground, caretaking the eggs in their nest. Suddenly, a Parasaurolophus comes by the Iguanodon's nest, ending up being shooed, twice. The young Parasaurolophus wanders around the nesting ground, curious about the eggs and nests. Of course, the Iguanodon wasn't the only one who shooed the young Hadrosaur from its nest. The Parasaurolophus chases a dragonfly, leading it to the edge of the forest. The young and curious Hadrosaur sees some thick liquid drop from the trees. The Hadrosaur smells it, and looks up, and sees a mouth full of sharp teeth. The young Hadrosaur suddenly jumps out from the forest, screaming. When the herd saw the screaming Parasaurolophus, they were confused, until a giant Carnotaurus comes out, chasing the poor Parasaurolophus, as well as the herd. At first, the giant Abelisaurid had its eyes on the young Parasaurolophus, now it has its eyes on a Pachyrhinosaurus. The Carnotaurus tries to kill and eat the Pachyrhinosaurus... and succeeds. But the Pachyrhinosaurus wasn't the only one who was killed during the attack. Some eggs in a nest were crushed by the giant's foot. Poor eggs, the baby dinosaurs never got a chance to really live. But one egg survived from the Carnotaurus's foot: He will shortly be adopted by a clan of lemurs, and he will be named Aladar.