The herd walked and walked and walked. Restlessly. Patchi would NOT let the herd rest, for his children and the herd's children. He thinks Gorgon might be tracking them, so he doesn't stop the herd...until now. Well, the herd has been only walking for about 15-20 minutes. (A/N: Hey, I walked all over Manhattan.) Thankfully, Patchi decides to stop and let the herd rest.

"We'll rest here for the night." Patchi announced.

And in an instant, the herd fell off their feet in relief.

4 hours of resting later...

The herd awoke.

And Patchi woke just in time to see another, SMALLER herd pass by.

Patchi bellowed to notify the herd. And the herd jumped on its feet and moved, after a check of course.

"Lets go! We're gonna lose them!" Patchi said.

Then a vicious pack of Velociraptor's jumped out of nowhere.

"Run!" Juniper announced.

Well, as you see. The Velociraptors are running towards Patchi's herd, forcing Patchi's herd run faster to the other herd...Its simple.

Well, Patchi's herd was too large for the velociraptors to take over, so the raptors give up, after minutes of trying.

Eventually, Patchi's herd reaches, and joins, the other herd. Little did Patchi know that this herd, is the herd of Aladar, lead by the mean Kron, his brother Bruton, and their kinder sister, Neera. Soon, Aladar will change the lives of Patchi and his family.

Another long walk...this time, hotter. The heat of the desert was kinda-unbearable, at least for Scowler.

Then Scowler grew weary, which is unlikely, since he's older than Patchi and is stronger.

Scowler grew so weary, he dropped and almost fainted.

Luckily, Aladar was behind the herd Patchi decided to follow. Aladar saw Scowler and thought he needed help getting up, so he ran to Scowler.

"Hey, you don't look so good. Let me help you." Aladar said.

"I can do it myself." Scowler said.

Scowler tried to get up with all his might. But all his might is gone.

"You gotta get up." Aladar said as a began to lift Scowler up.

"Can't let those meat-eaters...take you."

"Meat-eaters..." Scowler said.

"I better tell Patchi." Scowler said.

"What's going on?" Aladar asked.

"We're in Ambush Alley. This is the part in migration when carnivores ambush migrating herds. We better tell the herd leader. I'm going to tell Patchi." Scowler said, trying to get up.

"Little help?" Scowler asked Aladar.

A few minutes later...

"Keep them together, okay? Scowler will be back any minute now." Patchi said.


Patchi saw Scowler running to him.

"Have you noticed, Patchi?" Scowler said.


"We're in Ambush Alley. We have to move, fast."


"Kron!" Aladar called to the herd's leader.

"Get the herd outta here! This is Ambush Alley!"

"What are you talking about?!" Kron said.

"Carnivores are probably waiting for us. We have to move, and fast!

Then Gorgosaurs jumped out of nowhere and attacked the herd, especially Patchi's herd.

Kron notices the attack, and tries to defend himself, and himself only.

Aladar also notices the attack. So he drops off his adopted family on his good friend Eema, and fights the Gorgosaurs.

But the Gorgosaurs are NOT alone. Suddenly, two Carnotaurs appeared, and aimed for Kron's herd.

Aladar fought a Carnotaur, while Patchi and Scowler fought Gorgon the Gorgosaurus.

Aladar, tries to push the Carnotaur off his feet for a good shot. He uses all his might to protect the herd, despite not being the leader. Kron on the other hand is very selfish. He's arrogant, greedy, did I mention selfish?

Bruton, Kron's brother, still tried to protect his brother and sister.

One Carnotaur came to the herd's leader and attacked, Bruton guarded his brother with a whack from the tail to the meat-eater.

Carnotaurs were very strong. A whack from its tail would knock you off your feet. You have to be as brave as Bruton or Aladar to face this guy.

Then Bruton pushes the Carnotaur, trying to knock it off its feet or lose its guard.

Meanwhile, since the Gorgosaurs are a teeeeeeensy bit not as tough as the Carnotaurs, Patchi could take them down, with help from Scowler of course.

Gorgon, like always, was defeated, but not killed. Scowler was responsible for Gorgon's defeat today, but Scowler wasn't a killer. If he was, he would've killed Patchi when Patchi was stuck under the tree log. So again, Gorgon and his pack were defeated. But the Carnotaurs took a little bit longer to defeat. Bruton was getting restless, Aladar too.

"I will not stop!" Aladar said as he pushed harder and harder. Then he whacked the Carnotaur with his tail not once, not twice, but three times.

Aladar roared, and he kept fighting, until finally, the Carnotaur gave up. It called its mate, who was fighting Bruton, and made a run for it.

Aladar roared to make the Carnotaurs run faster and not look back.

"Scowler was right about carnivores." Aladar said to himself.

The herd moved on. Trying to forget about the ambush. Aladar was around the back of Kron's herd, Patchi, Scowler and Juniper behind.

"So, do you always go through Ambush Alley during migration?" Aladar asked.

"Yes, its one of the only ways to get to our nesting ground." Patchi responded.

"So, are you migrating?" Aladar asked.

"No, we're trying to find a new nesting ground." Juniper said.

"What happened to your home?" Aladar asked.

"It was attacked. Those Gorgosaurs whom attacked us in Ambush Alley, were the ones who invaded our home. We had to move out because maybe they'll attack again. Plus, the herd has kids of their own. We can't risk the lives of the herd." Scowler said.

"Hey Aladar!"

Suddenly a beige furry creature appeared from who knows where.

"Um, who's that?" Juniper asked.

"That's my uncle, Zini. He's a lemur." Aladar said.

"Who are these?" Zini asked.

"I'm Patchi. This is my wife Juniper and my brother Scowler."

"I see you have kids. Hey! That one looks like its father." Zini said.

"Um, Zini. Where is your family?" Juniper asked.

"Oh, they're riding with Eema."

Everyone, except Aladar, gave Zini a confused stare.

"You see that elderly Styracosaurus around the back of the herd?" Zini asked.

Everyone nodded.

"That's Eema."

"So, who else is in your family?" Patchi asked.

"Oh, there's Yar, Plio, the one who adopted Aladar, Suri, my playful sister. And of course me and Aladar." Zini said.

Then a flying reptile landed next to Aladar, causing Zini to fall by surprise.

"The perimeter is secure, the area is safe. Though we should still be careful walking between the mountains." The FEMALE fly reptile replied.

"Thanks Flia." Aladar responded.

"Oh, who are these?" Flia asked.

"That's Patchi, Scowler and Juniper." Aladar responded.

"Hi. My name is Flia."

Suddenly a very weak 'Hi' came. Which turned out to be one of Patchi's kids.

"Oh, how adorable." Flia said.

"Our babies can talk already, Juniper?" Patchi said, notifying Flia that Juniper and Patchi are mates.

"Yes. They learned to talk just a few days ago."

"Oh. Well, good for you." Flia said.

"Thanks." Juniper said.

"Well, I got work to do. Catch you all later." Flia said just before she left.

Then they heard babies crying. It was Patchi and Juniper's kids. They're hungry.

"We hate to leave, but We need to feed the babies. Its been nice meeting you, Aladar." Juniper said.

"You guys too. See you later."