GTA San Andreas: Looney Toons Style.

A/N: This is a recreation of the events of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, staring none other then the Looney Tunes Cast! I'm sure a lot of you won't know the plot of the game, but don't worry, it should be just as enjoyable for someone who has never played a Grand Theft Auto game before, as it is for those that have. Anyway, this story is about the LT characters pertisapating in a play based on the game in quistion, and just so you know, it will have all the Looney Tunes humor and the more graphic elements of the story will be toned down, so it's more appropriate for a LT Fanfic. This first chapter is just a list of who will be playing witch role, but just to open things up, we'll start off with Bugs and Daffy bickering backstage(Well, Daffy Anyway). Whelp, if anyone bothers to read this story, I hope you enjoy it. R and R.

Back stage of the Looney Tunes theater in Los Angelas, Bugs and Daffy prepared for their latest gig. They had the incredable honuar and privledge of being cast in the new play based on one of the greatist games ever made, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, but they got into a little friendly argument about who was cast as who...

Daffy: How come you get to be the star! I've played the game more then you have, but no, they have to casth you asth CJ, becousthe you alwaysth have to be misther show off.

Bugs: Daff, you know its not up to me. Besides, your still one of the leads.

Daffy: Yeah, your charactersth brother that isthn't in half the scenesth and goesth to pristhon for the entire sthecond act.

Bugs: Oh come on Daffy, ya know the directer cut out most of the second act anyway. You will only be off screen for a little tinsey tiny bit. Now come on, lets go up there and show him who's boss.

Daffy: I guessth, but if they don't give me the lead for GTA Vice City, I think I'm going to lose it.

Both Daffy and Bugs start to walk out of the red curtain and on to the stage, where they are greeted by Daffy's fiance Tina and Bugs' wife Lola. The men where standing in elagant toqsidoes with cheesey flowers over their hearts, while Lola was dressed in a beutiful tailor made, blue dress, while Tina was wore a simple red dress, both wearing flowers to match the boys.

Tina: So, did you knuckle heads finally stop wining around?

Daffy: Yesth, we agreed that after thisth, I'll be the star in everything elsthe we do from here on out.

Daffy stated proudly with his chest out and his finger pointing at himself with a big grin on his face. They all just rolled their eyes and went back on stage.

Daffy, Tina, and Lola all took their seats with the the other Looney Tunes sitting down next to them, as Bugs took the mike at the podium in front of them all. The entire crowd applouded his arrival, as he took a quick vow, before tapping on the mike to see if it was working.

Daffy: Spotlight stealer.

Daffy mumbled under a fake cough, before Tina elbowed him. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam muttered somthing similer.

Bugs: Testing! 1, 2, 3. Greetings docs and lady docs. I'm here to read you all a quick summary of the characters that will be in this play and tell you who the lucky gentlmen are, who will have the pleasure of potraying these fine characters. I would make a couple of wise cracks about it, but I think some people want me to rap this up.

He said, glancing at his fellow cast members. Several infact, where giving him real mean looks that practicly said, shut up and get this over with.

Bugs: And now, without futher to do... here are the wonderful characters and their respected performers, that you will be seeing tonight. First of all, yours truly...

Bugs Bunny as Carl Johnson AKA CJ. The former Grove Street gangster, who abandoned his life of crime and therefor his family to start a honest life in Liberty City. (And some how honest life means trading gangbanging, for stealing cars for the Mob.) Only to return years later, when his older brother Sweet, informs him of their mothers passing.

Daffy Duck as Sweet Johnson. The leader of the Grove Street Families and older brother to Carl. Sweet ran Carl off after he blamed him for the accedintal death of their brother Brian, only to accuse him of running off and forgetting about them later.

Foghorn Leghorn as Big Smoke. Sweet and Carl's child hood friend and seemingly loyal ally. Big Smoke moved out of the Grove for mysteriouse reasons and bought a new house in enemy territory, with money he mysteriously gained, while everyone else in the gang went broke after Sweet refused to go against his values and sale crack cocaine(Eventhough they're gangsters that make money off of robbing people, appariantly selling drugs stronger then weed is still a horrible sin he will not commit, even if their enemies are getting rich off of selling the drugs and using the money to buy more guns.) Big Smoke is there most trusted and wisest of friends, and is not oviously hiding somthing.

Yosemite Sam as Ryder. Sweet and Carl's other child hood friend, who dispite being the most hateful jerk in the whole entire gang, is still one of their closest friends. With a temper almost as short as his hight, he is truly a dangerouse ally.

Elmer Fudd as Officer Frank Tenpenny. By day, he is just another beat cop on the Los Santos Gang task force(C.R.A.S.H), but by whenever no ones looking, he is the king pin of the cities streets. He gains money and power by extorting gang members, giving gangs information on lucrative targets for a cut of their proffits, taking part in the drug trade, and corrupting once good cops and turning them into his own personel henchmen, all in what he claims is making the city a "better place". And he is willing to black mail, frame, threatin, or murder to get what he wants.

Tina Russo as Kindle Johnson. Sweet and Carl's sister, she has gotten into many arguments with her brother Sweet for dating a member of another gang.

Silvester J. Pussycat as Ceaser. Kindle's boyfriend and leader of the neutral gang, the Los Aztechs. Dispite Sweet's disaprovle, he has fallen in love with Kindle and befriended CJ.

Lola Bunny as Dynese. A girl rescued by CJ from a burning building during a mission Tenpenny forced him into, she is a tough young girl, who shows great pride for the Grove and is willing to fight for it.

Lola Bunny also as Catalina. The axe crazy sociopathic cousin of Ceaser, who CJ must put up with to help survive in the country area outside Los Santos.

Lola Bunny yet again(There's not a lot of female Looney Tunes to work with for the female roles.) as some girl that works at a casino, that CJ has to get close to in order to pull off a casino hiest.

And once again, Lola Bunny as the Dj CJ has to dance with at a beach party, in order to still the van full of sound equipment for his friend who isn't helping in anyway, even though Cj has nothing to gain from this.

Penalope Pussy Cat as the random girl Sweet's on a date with when he gets pinned down.

Porky Pig as Officer Pulaski. Tenpenny's right hand man and a particulary nasty person.

Speedy Gonzales as Officer Jimmy Hernandez. A once honest cop threatened with death into joining Tenpenny's little aliance, he is conflicted with doing what Tenpenny says will help people or what he knows is right.

Marvin Martian as the mysteriouse goverment agent Mike Toreno( We picked him for a little irony.) No one knows who he really works for, but what is known, is he was the leader of the Loco drug Syndacate in San Fierra, and is an agent of an unknown agentcy with a very cynicle view of the world, and questionable loyalty at best, but he may prove to be a great ally in the future.

Chalie Dog as OG Loc. The wannabe gangster rapper, that tries to act like he's a real criminal, just to help his struggling rap carear.

Pepe La Pew as Jizzy B. A well... I won't get into what he does exactly, but so you get an idea why we decided not to even go there, he operates his buisness from a place called The Pleasure Dome, a building that will not be described in detail. He is the face of the Loco drug Syndacate.

Spike the Bulldog as T-Bone Mendez. Leader of the Rifa(San Fierra's prominant Hispanic gang.) and muscle of the Loco drug Syndacate.

Porky Pig again as Ken Rosneberg. A corrupt lawyer who once worked for the Verceti gang in Vice City, till he was sent away to deal with his Cocain problem. After he finally recovered from his addiction, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place, when he realizes his old friend Tommy Verceti leader of the gang he worked for has cut off ties with him and left him stranded in the State of San Andreas. He now has to oversee a deal between three rival Mob families to build the Caligula Casino in Las Venturous. A dangerouse job that could get him killed just for saying the wrong thing, let alone failling.

Hay what do you know, since we couldn't find anyone to play the hippie known as the Truth, they decided to also cast my wife Lola in that role as well. Guess they'er trying to make up for not using her very much. Anyway, the Truth is a paranoid and basicly stareotypicle hippie, who owns 2 Flame throwers and an RPG!

Now we have The Tazmanion Devil as Emmit. An old crazy gun dealer who sells his guns out of a dumpster in some alley way, he is the only gun dealer the gang can still afford.

Now for the extras.

Rocky and Mugsy as the grove street gangsters/Russain mobster/triads/drug couriers.

Ralph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog, and a flock of sheep as the Ballas. The Ballas are Grove Streets most hated rivals, they are now using Sweet's taboo against crack cocain to their advantage, by taking over the drug trade in Los Santos to buy enough guns to disamate Grove Street and sending in drug dealers in an atempt to turn their once proud gang members into crack addicts.

Slow Poke Rodrigez as Freddy and the rest of Speedy's family as the Los Vargos gang. A hostile gang supporting the Ballas goal of destroying Grove Street.

A bunch of random cats as Ceaser's pose of Los Aztech gang members.

A bunch of random bulldogs as the Rifas.

Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner as two patrol officers.

Barn Yard Dog, will be playing all the cult members at the cult farm simultamelessley.

and honurary Looney Tunes Tom and Jerry(Couse we couldn't get any one else.) as the S.W.A.T team members/FBI agents/National Guard troops.

Bugs: I would love to thank you all for coming to our little play and I hope you all enjoy this production. While we get ready to start, I recomand you all go and buy some of our insanley over priced snacks and bevredges. The guys over at Warner Bros. said for every 20 dollars spent, they would kick a nickle over to the homeless and the hungary.

He took a vow as the audiance cheered him on, then rased both arms up in a peace sign, then vowed some more, and made some funny gesters till Daffy grabbed him and pulled him backstage.