Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Looney Tunes Style

Ch1: The Introduction

A/N: I'll admit this probably isn't the best idea ever, but whatever. Anyway, here's the first chapter. But first, a bit more of Bugs and Daffy arguing. P.S. As for how all the events of the game could possibly fit on one stage, I honestly don't have a logical explanation, but they're the Looney Tunes.(For those that don't know what I mean, in this there will be helicopter, car chases, battles, and even plane scenes later in the story.)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story and am not making any money off of this.

Backstage of the Looney Tunes theater.

Daffy: Come on! I know you have to be star all the time, but can I atleasth get a few more action scenesth then thisth!

Bugs:(sigh) Daffy, I'm sorry, but sweet just doesn't appear in the story till halfway through the first mission.

Daffy: I know I know, but could we atleasth give my character better diologue? Stho I don't sthound like a complete jerk.

Bugs: Well actually, I think that kind of dialogue suits you Daff.

Bugs said in a sarcastic tone, while Daffy raised his finger about to say something. But before he could open his beak, Lola came in and interrupted them.

Lola: Hay guys, the plays starting.

hearing this, Bugs and Daffy ran into the changing room and instantly appeared in costume out on the other side.

Bugs wore a blue hoody over a white tank top, with worn out blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. Daffy was clad in; a green T-shirt, green pants, a green cap, and a pair of sneakers. And with that, they ran to their places.

Bugs: You know what Daff? I still don't know how they managed to contain 4 cities, the entire country side of the state of San Andreas, an abandoned air field, an army base, and some how, manged to fit in all the air space needed for the plane scenes later on all on this stage.

Daffy: Eh, magic. Justh don't asthk.

After that, Bugs just shrugged it off and got into place. The lights in the theater all went dim, as a giant screen above the stage lit up. With that, the iconic red rings and Warner Bros. logo appeared with its trade mark music, before fading away and being replaced by the lone word and, before it was painted over and to the sound of a spray paint can revealing a large yellow square with a black R connected to a black star. The name Rock star games and Rock star North appeared below the logo, before fading away and being replaced by the word; present a Nobody Important production. Then, everything was silent for a minute, till the initials; GTA appeared in big letters with the subtitle: San Andreas. The stage lit up to show, a red car driving down the streets of Liberty City, followed by a long stream of LCPD police cruisers. The car swerves in every direction trying to lose the police, before cutting through an alley way only large enough for one car at a time. Police cruiser crashed into buildings on both sides of the alley way, while a then line of them manged to squeeze through. The chase continued down several streets, till the driver cut straight through four lanes of heavy traffic. For a moment it seemed like he had gotten away, till he saw three solid black cars speeding towards him from straight ahead. In a desperate attempt to avoid arrest, the driver stook out a ozi 9mm out the window, before doing a donut while pressing the trigger. He managed to pop all their tires, sending them swerving out of control, while he sped up. He slowed done near an open garage door with the words pay in spray written above it, he pulled in as the garage door closed and another stream of care flew by. Spraying sounds were heard from the outside as the door opened again, revealing the car with a new blue paint job and in perfect condition. The car sped off into the road, without a single cop on it.

In the next scene, Bugs Bunny was driving the stolen car down the streets of Liberty city after narrowly evading the police, before turning to the audience and saying.

Bugs Bunny: Don't worry folks. I'm just doing this for the sake of the story, I'm not really a car jacker. Ouhh!

A paper airplane came out of no where and hit him in the back of the head. He unfolded it and it said; Stick to script!

Bugs Bunny: Okay, ok, fine.

CJ(Bugs) continued to ride down the street, when he heard a phone ring and picked up a bulky cell phone that was right out of the 80s and answered it.

Sweet(Daffy): Carl, it's me sweet.

CJ(Bugs): What's up du... I mean sweet.

Daffy gave an annoyed sigh, before getting back in character.

Sweet(Daffy): Itsth mom... she's dead bro.

Everything went silent.

1992, Los Santos International Airport, San Andreas.

CJ(Bugs) picked his suit case up from the conveyor belt and walked to an awaiting cab. He rode in the cab for a little while, till he was halfway back home. But, a few less than honest officers of the Law had other ideas. They pulled up in front of the cab with the sirens flashing and ordered CJ(bugs) to get out of the car.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): You thewe! get down on the gwound and put youw hands behind your head.

He ordered, as he and two other officers dressed in dark blue uniforms with guns in hand, all approached him.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): Now, you haven't fowgonten about us Carl?

He said in a condescending tone, as CJ(Bugs) simply responded with.

CJ(Bugs): Of course not doc, I was just wondering when you was going to show up.

One of the officers stepped behind him and pulled out a wad of cash.

CJ(Bugs): Hay! Doc that's my money.

Tennpenny grabbed the money.

Officer Tennpenny: This is dwug money.

CJ(Bugs): It's my money! And it's not drug money doc!

Officer Pulaski(Porky Pig): Don't wor..worr..worr.. It's okay, we'll throw it in evidence later.

Officer Tennpenny: See, we're just doing awe civic duty. And by the way, maybe youw fowgetting how things wowk.

He punched CJ(Bugs) in the stomach.

Officer Tennpenny: Youw not supposed to raise youw voice at me.

Officer Pulaski(Porky Pig): Yeah, don't...

Officer Tennpenny: Shut up.

Officer Hernandez(Speedy): Guys, I don't think this is rig..

Hernandez(Speedy) gave a disapproving stare, but kept his mouth shut.

Officer Tennpenny: Stay out of this, unwess you want to end up like that fool Pindleberry. Oh yes, that weminds me, get in the caw.

They all got into the LSPD cruiser and drove away. Minutes later, they were driving through Glen park and into an old ghetto littered with garbage and full of gangsters. CJ(Bugs) looked out the window and gulped at the sight of the area. He recognized the place instantly, it was the territory of The Ballas. One of the most ruthless gang in Los Santos. If they were figured out who he was, they would kill him on sight. Suddenly, Tennpenny spoke up and broke the tension.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): Man, you wowk fast. Wook at this.

He showed him a glock-22 pistol.

CJ(Bugs): Oh, you shouldn't have. But, you know I prefer a M-1911 though?

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): Well this my fwiend, is the muwder weapon used to kiww a fellow officer, not 10 minutes. An officer Pindleberry, a fine man I might add.

CJ(Bugs): Whoe doc, I just got here and I live Liberty City now, I'm clean.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): You ant evew been clean Carw. What bwings you back to ouw wovwey cestpoow of a city anyway?

CJ(Bugs): I came to barry my mom. You know that.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): Yes, I might have heard about it. Anyway, if you don't want a rumor going around about how you muwdered a fewwow officer of the waw, I subjest you be weady fow a vist from us water. Fow now, fare well. Oh, and befowe I fowget, if you twy weaving town, I'ww have a fouw star wanted level on you.

CJ(Bugs): You can't leave me here, this is Ballas country.

Officer Tennpenny(Elmer): We'll keep in touch.

Tennpenny said, before throwing him in a small alley way in-between two rows of houses. He got up and sighed.

CJ(Bugs): Rollin Hights Ballas Country, worst place in the world.

He let out a sigh, before moving on.

A/N: Next chapter is where I will introduce Daffy's character into the play. On another note, I'm sure I did a bad job and Elmer's... well, Elmer talk.