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The night air has a unique smell. It can vary from night to night. Sometimes it is has an excited smell, sometimes it can be a wary and nervous smell.

I love the scent of the wary and nervous smell as it sometimes comes when I am hunting my prey.

Though I do not kill my prey. I take the same amount of blood one would take when giving blood.

Though sometimes it is tempting, especially when you can read the mind of the person you are draining and they happen to be scum.

I have taken the lives of people before, the people who have raped, abused, and taken lives themselves. It is those people who I have no issues taking their lives.

I love walking the night paths of New York. This damn city never sleeps.

There is always something going on, where it is celebrations, plays, anything and everything.

It has a vibe.

And it is perfect for people who prefer the night as it is doesn't seem much different at 6pm then it does at 12am.

Though it is 3am where I love to stroll, and observe.

The wicked often come out to play at 3am.

The depraved, the sinful, the whoring people.

Though I tend to try not to eat off of these people too much as quite a bit of these people seem to have partaken in alcohol or other drugs. All those things do is to make me need to feed that much sooner.

Most of the time I just use bagged blood, every once and a while though it is nice to have hot blood run down your throat. If I had a mate I could just feed on her blood, and the bagged blood would then satisfy me, but I have yet to have that luck.

I should be happy, it took my father hundreds of years to find his one mate. The person who he could not read their thoughts all the time. He met my mother Esme.

She had me in 1718.

I am growing tired of looking for my mate. My sister Alice found her mate a little over a hundred years ago. Jasper though, technically found us. He had been turned during the civil war by a crazy vampire that was put down. Some of the people she turned were killed, others, if they decided they were able to follow the rules they were allowed to stay.

Alice was one of the lucky ones, she was only single for under 100 years. She was born 100 years after me.

Then there is my older brother Emmett. He has been searching for 100 years longer than me, and he just met his mate Rosalie last year. If he can wait that long, I can still hold out.

I start walking the streets again, trying to decide what I wanted to do. I had the night off of work, sometimes I like to go and just walk Central Park, other nights I want to be in the hustle and bustle of Times Square. It is amazing how this city has grown.

I decide to just walk and I am just meandering down the street, trying not to listen to thoughts as at times it becomes too much.

I pass a 24 hour cafe.

I decide to go in and get a slice of pie and maybe sit for a bit.

I slide into a booth.

"Hello, my name is Bella, what can I get you?"

Her voice just kind of echos through me.

"A slice of apple pie, and a cup of coffee." I respond.

Her scent wafts to me. Yum. She smells like strawberries and vanilla.

Shit! She is making my dick hard. My incisors try to lengthen at the thought of biting her. I will them to stop growing.

I wonder what it is about this girl.

She looks severely underweight and there are shadows under her eyes.

I watch her with everyone. She is very hesitant and wary with everyone.

There is something about this girl that makes me want to protect her. I want to make sure she is safe and fed. I try to slip into her thoughts and find a wall of silence.


Why can't I read her?

Could she be my mate?

She delivers the hot slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top, and a cup of coffee.

The pie smells delicious.

I take a bite, it is the perfect concoction of apples to cinnamon, to sweetness and tartness of the apples, to the buttery crumble of the crust, to the creaminess of the ice cream.

I try not to moan with the flavors bursting on my tongue.

I haven't had something this good in a very long time.

"This is wonderful." I look up and see Bella watching me.

I smile at her and say "Thank you."

She blushes and quickly walks away.

Finish my slice and go up to pay for my pie.

I tip her fifty bucks.

I hope she gets to keep it.

I walk outside and go to walk away putting my jacket on to keep me warm in the crisp October air.

"Wait!" The musical voice of Bella calls out to me.

Christ! She ran out just in the waitress outfit she has on and no jacket.

"Sir! Sir! You left too much money." Bella calls out.

"No Bella, that is for you. Please keep it." I turn to look at her.

"I will see you again soon." I walk away.

I go around the corner and use some of the elements to blur myself. I go back so I can watch her and she is still standing outside watching where I turned with a look on her face that I can't place.

I wonder what she is thinking.

I walk back around and just watch her for quite awhile.

She seems to work very hard, and she also seems to try to stay invisible.

I wait until she gets off work and I go to follow her.

She cashes out and I watch her count her tips.

I see the two other waitresses walk over and badger Bella to give her some of her tips. I quickly scan their minds and read that yes, these waitresses are supposed to share all of the tips, but I quickly see that these girls do not share their whole amount with Bella. I hope and pray she does not share that Fifty bucks.

It is now 2am. She has to be tired, but she doesn't seem to slow, she doesn't grab a jacket. She just grabs a tattered back pack, and hunches her shoulders and starts to walk. I follow her unseen, though she keeps looking around like she senses me.

I expect that she is going to the subway. Of course though she doesn't do anything that I expect and she keeps walking at a brisk pace.

We walk for 40 minutes. I can only imagine how cold she is in her waitress outfit.

We are in a shady part of town, groups of thugs are leering at her, making cat calls, she just hunkers her head down and walks even quicker.

She walks up to a broken down town house that just by looking at it looks like it should be condemned.

She unlocks the dead bolt and walks in.

I sneak in and hear her call out. "Dad, I'm home."

I hear a grunt, and a voice call out. "Where is your money? I need it now."

"This is all I made." I hear her musical voice call out in a very quiet voice.

"YOU LIE!" The harsh voice yells out.

"No!" I peek around the corner and see her backing away very quickly.

She was not quick enough and her father swings out and hits her ribs very hard, hard enough that she is thrown to the ground and her breath catches.

I can feel the vampire part of me want to jump and destroy anyone who wants to hurt my mate.


I quickly walk home as quick as I can from the diner. I wish I could afford a coat, but anything I have owned for has been sold for money a long time ago.

I really need to just run away.

I just turned 22, I don't know why I stay with my dad. Though I do know why, I tried to get away after high school, I had a full ride scholarship to New York University. Unbeknownst to me though, my dear old dad wrote them and told them my plans changed. All I knew was that I got a letter saying that since I declined the scholarship it would go to someone else. I had no clue what had happened until one night Dad got so drunk he let it spill, and then beat on me again.

I ran away that night, only to be found again as he used his contacts on the police force to find me and had me arrested.

He then brought me home under the guise of forgiving me and tied me up and left me in the bathroom in the tub for 2 days.

Then I was allowed a cold shower and told I needed to start to earn my keep and pay him back for allowing him to raise me.

I sobbed that night.

Anytime I thought to get away it seemed he was a step ahead and either beat me or starved me.

Now it was to the point I am 5'7" and weigh under 100 lbs.

The only things I get to eat is any food I can sneak from the diner.

I am getting so tired, and I know it is only a matter of time at this point before he either breaks something that causes me to bleed out, or I just die of sheer exhaustion from working all the shifts available.

When I was working tonight a man came in that I wanted.

I have never found men attractive but this man had brown hair that had a coppery hue, and green eyes that almost shimmered.

Then all he wanted was a piece of pie.

I dished it out and served it to him. I wished he could stay or that I could talk to him more, but the boss-man doesn't like for us to chat with the customers. Sometimes I wonder if he enforces this rule just so we get as little of tips as possible so he doesn't lose those who need the job. On top of that he is friends with Charlie and reports to Dad every night how much I make. I am able to squirrel away a little bit because all Billy knows is what I report.

Tonight when that man left me $50 on a bill that was $7.

I ran back out but he was around the corner before I could blink.

I lied that night, I told Sam he left $10, and that a 3 dollar tip was too much so I ran out to catch him but couldn't find him.

To hid it from him I hid it in a small pocket I sewed into my underwear.

I arrived at the piece of shit house we lived in. The heat was in the living room, and of course that is where Dad had his bed, I got the back bedroom and 3 blankets.

I unlocked the door, I looked around because I kept getting the feeling that I was being watched, and on top of that I kept getting whiffs of the cologne that man had worn. It was odd.

I informed Dad I was home, and apparently Billy told Dad that I made more than I did, and he lashed out and punched me in the ribs. He was very careful and never left bruises where the average person could see them.

I think he broke a rib and I gasped for breath.

I looked up and I could have sworn I saw that guy from the restaurant.

Then everything went black.

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