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"Esme this is so good!" I exclaim.

I continue to eat, and then hear a knock.

I hope it is Edward.

Chapter 4:

Mystery POV

Ha Ha... She thinks she is so fucking smart. Tying up Charlie to get away from him, like I would allow her to get away from him.

I still have a use for that piece of shit, and unfortunately she is his until that point where he is useless.

Thankfully I just decided to look through all hospital records until I found women who were admitted, then I went around one by one and until I found her scent.

She can't run now.

I walk through the halls of the hospital, occasionally I scent something I haven't smelt before, hmm.. I will have to ask Dad about it.

I knock on the door, and inwardly smile. "Gotcha."

Esme POV

I hear a knock on the door.

Edward? I ask.

I meet a blank space where the person is standing.


"Come in." I call out.

In walks a police officer.

"Isabella Swan, you are under arrest for assault and battery on your father Charles Swan." The officer states.

Esme quickly stands up.

"You can not take her. She is still recovering, and there is no way in hell she beat her father. She was unconscious when she was brought in." Esme states.

"And you are?" The police officer asks with a sneer.

"I am Esme Cullen, my brother Edward Cullen is Isabella's fiance. You need to wait until the Doctor gets back, and I call our lawyer. You cannot take her in this condition."

I am trying not to panic. This guy looks familiar.

I do not want to go to jail.

I can not go back to Charlie. I do not think I will survive.

While I am having a melt down, I hear the alarm go off, my heart rate is racing.

Suddenly Dr. Cullen comes running into the room, almost plowing down the police officer.

"Bella! Bella! You need to calm down!" Carlisle says as he shoves the officer aside.

I am trying to take breaths but with the pain in my ribs I am having a hard time.

Esme shoves a mask over my face, and Carlisle fiddles with the oxygen monitor.

I am still panicking.

"Bella, I am giving you a sedative, so you will calm down and sleep, if you keep breathing like this I will have to intubate you as we can't risk your lung recollapsing." Carlisle calls out.

I feel the prick as medicine enters me.

And then darkness.


Edward is going to flip his shit when he sees what happened.

I look up to look at the police officer, and he's gone.

I look to Carlisle, "Where the fuck did that piece of shit go?"

Carlisle looks around.

"I do not care, he is gone. When Bella wakes up we need to get her to press charges against her dad." Carlisle says.

"I don't know if she will."

"She has to, because once she does, then we will have a formal reason to have a security guard stationed outside of her room." Carlisle says.

"You realize we will never get Edward to leave her room again until she is released from the hospital now." I asked.

Carlisle looked at me with a serious face, "I know. Do you realize that the cop didn't leave his name or which department he was located. I wonder if the charges are even real? It is something to look into. Can you call Emmett and have him look into it?"

I nod. Hopefully maybe with Emmett's connections we can find out what the hell is going on.

I pull out my phone, and call.

"Emmett, it's mom, I need you to come to the hospital. Edward has found his mate, and she was badly beaten, she is in here, and then a supposed cop just came and tried to take her away. She panicked and it was starting to compromise her breathing so your dad had to sedate her. In the craziness of having to sedate her the guy slipped out."

"Okay mom, Rose and I are on our way." Emmett says.


I really can't wait to see what Bella thinks about what I got her.

I park the SUV, and get out, including a bag for me and the bag for Bella.

As I am walking out of the parking garage I think I see Emmett's jeep, but I continue walking as I want to get back to my girl.

I get to the floor Bella's room is located on I start to head directly to her room, I see dad come out and he holds his hand out to stop me.

"Wait Edward."

As soon as he says those words I can feel myself start to panic.

"What happened? Is she okay?" I ask.

"She is sedated right now as she started to have a panic attack and her breathing was starting to be compromised." Dad said.

"Wait why did she start to panic?"

I see Dad wince, was he not expecting me to ask that question? Of course I want to know why, what the hell happened while I was away?

"Emmett, come here." Dad calls out.

Fuck! Why the fuck is Emmett here.

Dad nods to him and he comes to stand beside me.

"Edward, a cop came and told us that Bella was under arrest for assault for her father."

I can feel a surge of power start to bubble up in me as the rage starts to take over. Suddenly a calming influence sneaks over and it was just enough to pull the rage back a bit. A hospital is not the place for a surge of power to be let free.

I strengthen resolve and take a deep breath.

"What happened? I am calm now, or at least I am not going to fry anything, thanks Jasper."

"This guy came in and told us she was under arrest, Esme was sitting in the room with her, and when they heard the knock on the door they thought it was you up until Esme scanned right before he opened the door and she said it was like a blank spot was there. He tried to get Bella to go, before I could even get to the room after Esme hit the panic button, I had noticed Bella's oxygen stats had started to race and decline, which is not good, as her lung that deflated could easily deflate again. I couldn't get her to calm down, and so I had to sedate her, in the chaos of all of that happening the officer slipped out. I now have Emmett scanning security to see if we can find out who the hell is this guy." Dad states this all rather calmly, I know he is just hoping and praying that I do not lose it again.

I take a deep breath, and then another one, centering myself.

"Okay." I state.

"Emmett, have you found anything out yet?" I ask.

My brother grabs my arms, "Dude, I literally just got here maybe five minutes ago. I am just starting to go through the footage, though Rose is going through it as we speak. We will find this asshole and figure out what the hell is going on and why Mom couldn't read him." Emmett says.

Dad pipes up, "I ran into this once, they were werewolves. That was why I couldn't read them, but what the hell would wolves be doing in New York City. There is no place for them to run." Towards the end of his sentence he is more thoughtful as if he is thinking trying to remember.

"Jasper do we have any info on wolves?" I ask.

"I will have to go and look in the archives." Jasper says.

"Dad, as we really do not have much information on wolves, do you think we can possibly get Bella out of here, whether we have to set up a hospital room at one of the house? I need to have her safe. I need to tell her about us in a safe place." I plead.

At this point I peek into his head, I can't even really follow his thoughts as I can see him skimming through her charts and reviewing facts. I decide to at this point to grab my bags and to go and sit with Bella, I need to see her, to touch her skin, to know that even though she is asleep she is okay.

I walk in the room, I see her laying so still again.

Fuck, I hate to see her like this, I want to see her go confidence, hell at this point I just want her to gain some weight so I can change her so she will be a bit safer.

Now it is time to wait… again…


Beep… Beep… Beep…

I hear in distance Edward say, "Go get Dad, I think she is starting to wake."

I feel like I am back in a fog, trying to push my way through. Did Edward say Dad? I want to meet his family, his cousins and siblings seem so nice.

I open my eyes, and it all comes crashing back, that officer accusing me of assault. I can feel my heart race.

"Bella, sweetie, we need you to calm down. You have to keep taking nice even breaths, if you do not Carlisle will have to sedate you again." Esme says.

I take a breath and count, I know it is one way to ensure that I take even breaths. My eyes are flickering back and forth between Edward, Esme and Carlisle.

"Bella," Edward says. "You are not going to jail. We will keep you safe. However you do need to press charges against your father."

"But.. I can't." I state.

"Why?" He asks.

"He is my father, he can't survive on his own. He told me he needs my help." I state.

"Bella, you do realize that your father is a fully grown adult. At that part, you are an adult, you do not need to be helping him, furthermore he has beaten the crap out of you, for what? What reason could he possibly have for beating the shit out of you?" Edward questions.

I pause. This is hard. My father is the only person I have left in this world, but Edward does have a point. What does he do while I work all the day?

The questions have started to arise in my head.

I finally nod, "okay."

"Okay what?" Edward asks.

"Okay, I will file charges. I am scared though. What if because I file charges Charlie comes after me?"

I see Edward look to Carlisle.

Carlisle speaks up. "We are moving you. We will have a whole hospital bed and monitors set up, we are taking you to Esme and my house."

Edward looks questionly.

"I will tell you as we are on the way, we do not want anyone finding out. Edward, go ahead and call our lawyer Garrett Carmichael and call Detective Peter Newman. I have worked with him before and know that he is straight. Esme, I need you to go ahead and get the medical equipment ready." Carlisle barks out orders.

I lay there kind of stunned at the information that had flown by so quickly.

Suddenly Esme is there looking at me.

"Bella, you need to eat." She says. I frown at her and start to protest.

She smiles.

"I have something new for you, it is filled with good protein and it is very yummy, it is called Brownie Batter oatmeal. There is another portion for you later as well." She says.

Hmm.. Brownies?

"Okay." I reply.

She hands me a container, the smell is the same smell of a chocolate brownie. I take a bite, oh yum! It tastes like Brownie batter, I moan at the deliciousness.

I look around, no one is looking at me, Esme is on her phone typing something out, Edward is pacing back and forth yelling at someone over the phone to get here as soon as possible.

I take another bite, and groan again. I am enjoying the taste.

I hear a scrape and look down and frown. There is none left.

I scrape the last little bit and pout as I lick the spoon, I wonder if I could lick the bowl? Would anyone notice.

I look up and see Edward and Esme smiling at me.

"Good huh?" Edward asks.

I blush and nod.

Now that I am fed, I try to adjust the bed so that I can sit up more, only I just try to sit up.

Fuck! It hurts.

I suddenly feel strong arms around me, "I got you Bella, I will help you sit up. Press the button for how much you want to sit up."

I feel around and grab the buttons and press the button to raise the head portion of the bed dramatically.

"Thanks Edward."

I look around now that I am sitting up and I see some bags on the floor.

"What is in the bags?" I ask.

Edward smiles.

"I got two things for you."

He hands me the bag.

I open the bag and gasp. The is an ipad mini and an iphone.

"Why did you do this?" I ask.

"Bella, I got you the phone, because I want you to be able to call me or any of my family at anytime you want, for whatever the reason. I also got the ipad mini, so you can read, or play games, or whatever you want. This way you can heal and stay still, but you still have something to keep you occupied." Edward tells me.

I start to cry.

"Thank you so much. I am so glad you guys found me, I still do not understand why you all want to help me so much, but thank you." I wail out around my tears.

Esme and Edward come in and give me a hug.

There is a knock on the door. I tense up.

"It's okay sweetheart, Emmett won't let that cop back in the room." Edward whispers in my ear.

The door opens, I take several deep and calming breaths to slow my breathing down.

Two men walk into the room.

Edward doesn't tense up, so I am assuming he must know these people.

"Hello, Isabella Swan?" One guy questions.

I nod my head.

"Hi, I am Detective Peter Newman. Edward called and said you wanted to press charges against someone?"

"Yes, I want to press charges against my father, and get a restraining order." I state.

Edward looks surprised.

"Isabella, I am Garrett Carmichael, I am going to be your lawyer." I nod.

Edward look up at the detective, "Let me page Dr. Cullen so we can get you a copy of her medical records so you can see what all her injuries are." He looks to me, "I'll be right back."

Detective Newman looks to me, "Isabella, why don't you tell me when it started, when all the abuse started?"

I take a deep breath and let it out. I give myself a mental pep talk, you can do this!

"I had a happy childhood." I look up into Detective Newman and Mr. Carmichael's faces.

"My mom taught kindergarten, and my dad was a cop in Brooklyn. We always seemed to have money, they bought me a new car when I turned 16." The detective quirks his eyes to look at Edward for a moment. "I remember them starting to argue more after that point, but it was never when I was around. I did hear snippets here and there, it always seemed as if Dad was asking Mom for more money."

"I graduated high school, and had been accepted to NYU, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet, but I was going to school. Then right before school started, and right before I turned 18, my mom was killed in a robbery attempt. It seemed at that point my life ended. Suddenly there wasn't money for school, Dad told me we had to move, and that I needed to get a job. He was still working, but he told me he needed help to take care of the funeral expenses from mom's burial."

"At first it was fine, but then he kept asking for more and more money from me. Then he told me he had found me a job at a diner to work as well. I ended up taking it. Then one night, about a year after mom died, Charlie hit me for the first time. He told me it was because I was late."

"I started to squirrel away money where ever I could, and I finally had one thousand dollars saved up, it wasn't much, but it was enough to get me out of New York. I purchased a bus ticket and just as I was about to get on the bus Charlie snatched me. I don't know how he found me, but he did, and that night was when he took everything away and told me that I was here to pay him back for all the money he had spent on me over the years. I don't know what happened to him. He was not the same man that used to be my daddy."

I started crying. "That night he beat the shit out of me. From then on someone told Charlie exactly how much I made in money, then he started to limit my food. The night I met Edward, I knew it was only a matter of time before I died. That night when I walked home my 2 miles, I was dreading getting to my house. It wasn't even a home any more. It is a piece of shit hole in the wall. When I got there Charlie started harping and yelling, and then he punched me and knocked me down and then started kicking me. That is the last thing that I remember before waking up in the hospital." I end my speech.

I can see the detective and the lawyer looking me with pity in their eyes.

"Isabella, may I ask you? How old are you now? Did you ever try again to get away?" Detective Newman asks.

"I did, after about 2 years of trying I gave up. It seemed every time I would sneak away, he would find me, and I am 22. I just turned 22 on September 15th."

"Isabella, I am going to do everything I can to put your father behind bars, I will get a judge to issue you a restraining order. I am also going to look into your mother's death. What was her name?"

"Mom's name was Renee Marie Swan, though her maiden name was Higgenbotthem." I state.

"Okay Isabella, I am going to leave you my card, call me if you need anything." The detective states.

"Detective," Edward calls out. "We are going to be leaving soon. We are getting her away from everything. Call us if you need us."

"Good plan." Detective Newman stated, and then waved goodbye as he left.

"Isabella, I know that was hard. I am going to look into some things as well. I was here mainly as the extra person to make sure you were safe. Let me tell you though, no matter the reason, no father should ever treat his daughter like that." Garrett says.

"Thank you." I smile up at him.

"Garrett you know how to get a hold of me if needed." Edward told him.

Garrett nodded and then he too left.

"Alright Bella." Esme says. "I am going to warn you, it is going to hurt, but we are going to get you out of here. We have a wheelchair coming, and then it might be a little uncomfortable, but we will be going in the car for a short bit."

"Okay. I know it will hurt, but I will deal with it." I say. "But I have to go to the bathroom before we leave."

Edward smiles. "I'll carry you in there. Just yell at me when you are done."

I go to the bathroom and wash my hands, I call out to Edward and he comes back in and puts me back in bed.

This trip is going to be hell as I am already hurting.

As if summoned by magic, Carlisle walks in with a wheelchair.

"Alright Bella, all the paperwork is done. Here take this pill, it will help with the pain."

He hands me a cup of water and a pill.

I take the pill, hoping it will help.

Edward picks me back up and placed me as gently as possible in the wheelchair, while he is doing this Esme is gathering my meager things.

Edward then wheels me off and out the door, Esme reminds me to take deep steady breaths, and is following with and IV machine and some oxygen equipment.

Outside the door is a very large man with dark, close cut curly hair. He also has some cute dimples peaking out. I see a blond women standing behind him, she is curvy, everything I wish I was. I see her smile.

"Bella, I'm Edward's much more handsome brother, Emmett, and this is my wife Rosalie." He booms out. "We are going to keep you safe."

"Hi Emmett, Hi Rosalie." I greet them.

We are ushered out the door and into a waiting SUV before I can blink.

Then we are speeding along the roads. The next thing I know things are a little hazy.

"Bella, we are at the airport, are you okay?" Edward asks.

I manage to say, "Yes, though I am not in pain anymore, things are a little hazy right now."

Edward laughs and just picks me up very carefully.

He places me on a couch.

Huh? A couch. We are on a plane. Wait? We are on a private plane? Where are we going?

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