Title: Loving You
Pairing: Jackie/Hyde
Summary: Spoliers for "I Can't Quit You Baby," I love Jackie and Hyde together.

"Ohh, Steven," his name escaped her lips in a soft involuntary moan. Urging him to continue the pleasurable ministrations of his lips on the creamy skin of her neck and shoulders. She pressed against him, the thin material of her dress riding higher on her hips as she straddled him on the Foreman basement sofa. Jackie let her head fall back in pleasure, exposing more skin, raven hair cascading behind her.

Hyde's lips explored the new territory with a renewed fascination. Reveling in the reality of her body against his, the unmistakable scent of warm vanilla and raspberries that was uniquely Jackie. 'Screw Eric and Donna...' he thought fleetingly, sucking gently where her neck met her shoulder, illicting another breathy sigh from her pouty strawberry-flavored lips.

Nothing felt wrong about this. About caring for her, kissing her, touching her. On the contrary, he never felt anything more - right.

His hands slid down her back, fingers slipping comfortablely under her skirt, skimming over the flesh of her thighs, massaging gently. He released the reddened skin, kissing his way up her jaw, capturing her lips in yet another steaming kiss.

It was a situation that should have never been. And yet was. She was a spoiled, school spirited cheerleader. And he was a non-conformist, heavy-metal rocker. But they had found their way to each other somehow. Underneath, she was warm, compassionate, and giving. And beneath his tough exterior, he was gentle, loving, and smart.

Jackie's fingers absentmindedly played with the hair at the base of his neck as they kissed. She sucked on his lower lip gently, and Hyde groaned. His kisses were passionate and languid. Unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. They pulled away breathlessly, staring into one another's eyes. "Now, look whose on top," Hyde teased with a knowing smirk.

"You pulled me..." Jackie grinned as she played along, poking him in the chest gently for emphasis. "You are so full of crap," Steven replied, resting his head against the cushions, his chest heaving slightly.

"Steven?" Jackie inquired, her hand on his shoulder. He brought his gaze back to her face, raising his eyebrows questioningly. She moved in close, their faces mere inches apart. "Shut your piehole."

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