Title: Seven Sins Of Lace

Author: Pikadaj

Summary: Sloth: "Sie has a debriefing, does Sie not?" "I'll cancel, no problem."

He buries his face into his pillow a little more, not quite wanting to wake up just yet.

"Sie should get up," is muttered next to him. "Sie alarm clock has gone off four times now."

"Hmm..." Jace smiles slightly as his arms wrap around a waist that dips in just a little "I know some part of me is up," he murmurs, abandoning his pillow to nuzzle golden hair.

The comment earns him a swat to the arm. "Sie has a debriefing, does Sie not?"

"I'll cancel, no problem." Jace tosses a leg over Ludwig's legs, pressing their bodies even closer than they already are.

"I vill not let Sie cancel Sie debriefing." Ludwig scowls, trying to look back at Jace over his shoulder, though all he can see is messy platinum blonde hair.

"How about I debrief you, hm?" Jace murmurs, one of his hand sliding down, to the top of Ludwig's briefs; he never gets why the other insists on dressing before sleeping, he's only going to end up undressed in the morning anyway.

Ludwig flusters, spluttering out some German words indignantly. Jace takes these words as a, 'yes please' and, much like a lion, he pounces. "Let's spend all day in bed~" he smirks before yanking the covers over them, shrouding them in darkness.