A wheel of fire grows in my mind,

Whirling wild and fierce.

It hangs so heavy, glares so strong,

My heart it seems to pierce.

Within its circle glows an Eye,

Searching endlessly

For one who bears its precious Ring–

In short, it seeks for me.

The days are ever darker now,

The nights grow colder too.

If not for faithful, constant Sam,

I know not what I'd do.

As always eastward now I press,

Mount Doom casts shadows black

Across my path; there's no relief,

But yet I can't turn back.

I've still a task I must complete,

A quest I must fulfill.

If I do not succeed at this,

Then no one ever will.

My road continues on and on

Down from my friendly door–

I cannot see where it will end,

Or what may lie before.

All I can see is fiery light

That fills my mind and soul.

If ever I escape its gaze,

I never shall be whole.