Hadley stared at her phone in both worry and anger. This was the eight time her husband, Tommy, had dropped her call. Where was he? He promised to be back home this morning after a night of drinks with their friend, Chris. Was getting breakfast more important than speaking with his wife or coming home to see his kids? Annabelle and Edgar were starting to ask why their father was nowhere to be found; he had promised to make them his famous blueberry pancakes when he got back. She typed up a message on her phone and sent it, asking why he wouldn't return her calls. He replied five minutes later:

Busy. I'll call later.

It was nearly an hour later when he finally called her. The kids were begrudgingly eating what she made them: sausage and fruit flavored biscuits. She left them there in the kitchen to take the call in their bedroom. She didn't want the kids to hear any arguing that might occur over the phone. She and Tommy agreed early on to never argue in front of the kids if they could do anything about it. Hadley sat on their King-size bed, and he finally answered her on the fourth ring. "Tommy?" she asked worriedly.

"Hey," he said happily. "How are you doing?"

"I'm okay," she said truthfully. "Are you done with what's been keeping you?" she asked him.

"Yes. Had to clear up a few things before I could call," he explained.

"And you did?"


There was a moment of silence. Something was very wrong. Usually, Tommy talked nonstop about anything and everything. "Is something wrong, honey?"

A pause. "I'm staying with Chris."

A dull ringing began in Hadley's ears. What was he saying? Surely he was just playing around. They loved each other...right? "A-Are you serious?"

"Never been this serious about anything. I want to be together with him. Completely."

"T-Tommy... we are married! We have two kids together!" she felt like she was drowning. What was happening to her happy life? "You can't just... just pretend your family doesn't exist!"

"I'm not trying to pretend you don't exist," he said, taking a deep breath. "But I don't think I can stay married to you, either. I love someone else. I can't help how I feel. I've been in love with Chris for a long time," he said bluntly. "I just can't deny this any longer, Hadley!"

"A-Are you telling me you were lying to me...all this time?" she whimpered into the phone. She was getting tunnel vision. "About everything?"

He sighed heavily. "I didn't lie to you," he said. "There was nothing happening behind your back, you knew I was staying here."

Hadley shot up. "You said you were going for drinks and got carried away! Is that supposed to make me feel better, that you were telling me you were staying over with your affair?"

"It's not an affair, Hadley, I love Chris and I want to be with him!"

"How can he be more important than me...or your kids?! Explain that to me in words that I can understand," her voice broke as her eyes filled with tears. "Because I don't understand. Tommy I-"

"I love you and Anna and Edgar, but I love him more. I don't know what else to say, Hadley." Hadley sobbed. "And I don't know what it would accomplish to pretend I don't."

"So the whole time we were married...you were in love with him? How could you do this to me? How could you have our kids with me if you didn't love me?"



"I don't know what else you want me to say!" he snapped.

"Are you gay?"

"Would that make you feel better?" he asked, exasperated.

She sobbed as dears burned trails down her cheeks. "This...this is all my fault isn't it?"

"It's not your fault, Hadley. If it's anyone's, it's mine, and Chris'. We both didn't get it when you introduced us, and we're both sorry it's going down like this. He's feeling terrible about breaking up a family."

"Not terrible enough to keep his hands off you," she growled.

"Hadley, I...I kissed him first," he admitted. Was that supposed to make her feel better? "I think I was looking for a way to get him alone. But I swear to you that none of this was planned. I didn't plan on cheating on you, I didn't lead you on. I fell in love with you and married you because that was what I felt at the time."

"And now you're changing your mind?" she said more than asked.

"You really want me to spell it out?"

"Yes. I want to know how you could lead me on and make me believe you were in love with me and we had a future."

"Because that is what I thought!" he yelled. "I don't know what else to say!" he barked defensively.

"Chris will be so relieved when you exchange him for the next person you think you've been in love with," she snapped.

Tom let out a growl of frustration. "Listen, I get it that I'm the bad guy here. I betrayed you, I cheated on you, and you're right with all of that. Should I have known earlier? God knows I wish I had! Don't you think I wish I didn't have to hurt you so much?"

"You're a selfish bastard," she said in a dead, monotonous tone.

There was silence for a moment. "Fine. It doesn't matter that I still care about you and the kids. It doesn't matter that I still want you all in my life. It doesn't matter that I'm honest with you."

"Don't make me the evil one, Tommy," she said. Her life was over...just like that. She wanted to die. The monotone she spoke in betrayed as much. "How can everything be over like that? In one night?"

"Two," he said tiredly.

"You're an ass."

"If that helps you, fine," he said, bored. "Are we done?"

"It's like I don't even know you. Where is the man who wanted me? Where is my husband?"

"He's gone," he said brutally. "I can't be that any more. I can be your friend...I would love to have that at some point. I will always be Anna and Edgar's dad. I don't want to lose you; you mean so much to me. All the things we went through together."

"What does he have that I don't?" she asked. "Just tell me, so I can...please just tell me."

"We fit," Tommy said.

"And we didn't?"

"This feels completely different. Hadley, I think I would only hurt you more if I went on about what I love about Chris," he said.

"Tommy, I-I still love you."

"I know."

"What am I going to do?"

"I am sorry that I'm hurting you, please believe me." Liar.

"You being sorry changes nothing about me being hurt. Just tell me what happened, Tommy, please. Was there anything I could have done?"

"You couldn't," he explained. "You...you're really the victim here. It's completely unfair to you."

"Did you sleep with him?"


"More than once?" she asked.

"That is between him and me."

"Why did you choose him?"

"Because he's a man and you aren't," he snapped, exasperated. "Are you happy now?"

"I've been so stupid! How could I be so stupid?"

He sighed. "Can we want to wrap this up for today? Call again tomorrow?"

"Is he waiting?"

"That's none of your business. Could I talk to the kids for a moment?"

"No," she snapped. "I have to get them packed. We're leaving."

"Had-" she hung up.

Hadley walked down the stairs after she wiped her eyes. She had to stay strong for the kids. When she told them to pack up their things...they were curious. They asked about Tommy with those big innocent eyes. Hadley sat them down and she told them the truth. Daddy found someone else he loved more than mommy. He didn't want to be in their family anymore. They were so distraught and heartbroken. Anna actually threw up. While they absorbed the news, Hadley started packing up all their things. As she was packing her own belongings she noticed a portrait. It was of Tommy's great uncle, Freddie Page. He had been a war hero of sorts, she recalled. He died young too. Hadley always liked the picture, and Tommy never paid it any mind. She packed it up too, and started loading everything in her car.

Her parents were kind enough to let them stay in the rent house they owned until Hadley could sort things out. It was in the middle of their four acres of land, so it felt secluded. That's what Hadley needed right now. She told the kids to unpack once she designated their rooms to them. Hadley could hear them sobbing as they unpacked. They were so heartbroken over their father leaving them for someone else. Wait until they found out it was their Uncle Chris; it would crush them…maybe more than it did her. Hadley bit her lip as tears fell and she hung Freddie's photo. She gasped when Freddie turned his head to face her. Hadley blinked though and it was back to normal. Her tears were probably just distorting things.

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