Well this little number is all thanks to a roleplay between me and MidnightEden~! I am actually using this roleplay for two new fics, so you will see some similarities! So don't bash too hard ok? I promise not to disappoint! Have I ever let you down before? Ok, oh and by the way Shiro will sometimes speak in a foreign language...guess wat it is! If you know...you are an impossible nerd! Ok...let the story begin~!

Chapter 1: Bought

A carriage stopped on the cobblestone street as rain pelted the ground. A figure climbed out, spiky orange hair bright against the grey sky. "Lord Kurosaki!" The boy turned as his father climbed out, facing a shady man as he walked towards them. "To what might I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"My son is here for a slave." He said and the man chuckled.

"Ah, well I have fresh stock, so come this way if you will!" He gestured, leading them both to a small stand, many figures drenched as rain pelted their shaking skin. The orange haired boy looked at them in disgust.

Dragons... he scowled. Dragons were usually sold as slaves. They could shift into a human shape, albeit a few differences. Their ears tended to have a shell like shape, their teeth sharp fangs. Most still had horns on their heads and their nails were claw length. Tails hung limply, usually the color of their hair. He didn't want a slave, but it was a coming-of-age gift, and to refuse would be a slap to his father's face. "Dad...must I really choose?"

"Yes Ichigo. Just do it for appearance sakes ok?" He said and Ichigo sighed. Ichigo nodded and scanned the bodies carefully. Many were skinny, ribcages showing and legs shaking. As he examined them, he heard cursing and shouting.

"Unhand i mi eich llysnafedd dynol!" The voice was filled with anger and pain. "Gadewch i mi fynd, neu arall!" There it sounded panicked. Ichigo walked over and stared in shock. A pure white human, or more like dragon in human shape, was struggling against the seki seki bonds cuffing his wrists. He began to curse in dragon tongue and flailed. Ichigo stared in awe. The dragon was pure, snowy white, from head to toe. His hair was filthy, but it was long and silverish white, flat against his head due to the rain. Eye like dark golden suns burned with anger, disgust and panic flashed to Ichigo, surrounded in a pool of black ebony. His entire body was naked, showing off his still muscular, lithe frame. Both the slaver and dragon froze when Ichigo approached.

"How much is this one?" He asked. Golden eyes went wide as the slaver approached. "I want him."

"My young lord he isn't for sale." He said. "He hasn't been properly broken, and may cause harm. Plus, the sekiseki marks are not in place yet." Sekiseki was an odd stone with magical properties, usually against dragons. It could seal them in human form, or be used to kill them, more often than not in painful ways. "We cannot sell him yet."

"I'm more than capable of handling him...and we have a good slaver at home. I want him, that's that." He said. The man bowed and kicked the pale dragon from behind, making him yelp and fall into some mud. Ichigo knelt down and lifted a pale chin, golden eyes glaring angrily. "Do you have a name creature?"

"Fuck y-" He harsh smack to his cheek had him yelping in pain, glaring furiously. "Shirosaki Ogichi...master." He spat angrily. Ichigo yanked him to his feet as a man brought forward a black poker, glowing a faint blue. Ichigo hissed as it marked his skin and watched as the dragon howled in pain as the poker then rested against his face. Three red lines appeared on their cheeks, Ichigo's on his right and the dragon's on his left. The dragon panted heavily, eyes hazed slightly with pain. "I hate you."

"I do not ask for your favor." He shrugged. They dragged him to the carriage, and as soon as the door was shut Ichigo draped a blanket over shaking shoulders. "I don't want you getting sick."

"And I don't want yer fucking pity..." He growled, but held the blanket closer. "So what are ya gonna use me for eh Master? A servant? A fuck toy? A-" A hand gripped his hair as he glared daggers at Ichigo's father.

"Hold your tongue slave." He said calmly, yet Ichigo heard the anger in his tone. Ichigo sighed and kept silent the rest of the ride. When they climbed out, the dragon stared in awe at the large castle.

"This is my home." He said, ushering Shiro along.

"So...you need a bath and...umm..."

"Not exactly prepared are ya, dynol ifanc." The dragon chuckled, standing in the center of Ichigo's bedroom. He still had the blanket around his shoulders, his tail swaying lightly from side to side.

"Shut up. I'm trying to think." He snapped. "I'm not calling you by your full name..."

"Shiro then. I prefer it...unless ya don't care what I want." Shiro scowled, his shell like ears laying flat.

"No...I like it. We'll do that. And please just call me Ichigo." He said. Shiro scoffed and turned to the side. "Ok...you're around my size..." He dug through his clothes and pulled out some plain clothes, beige pants and grey shirt. "Here, I use this when I sneak out: dress in these." He handed them to Shiro and Shiro took them slowly. He shed the blanket and turned around. "H-hey! Not in here!"

"Rydych baban virgin dwp. Yr ydym yn y un rhyw. Pam mor swil?" Shiro mumbled and Ichigo turned and scowled. "Sorry, I prefer speaking in the tongue of my kin."

"Well, please don't all the time. You'll be staying in my room." Shiro cocked his head to the side in confusion. "You're my personal servant, but also my bodyguard. I am the prince here after all..."

"Not some sex slave?" Ichigo blinked at the slightly hopeful tone.

"No, I would never do that!" Ichigo said and Shiro sighed. Relief?

"Fine...where do I sleep Master? I am tired...or do you wish me to do things for you?" He looked to the floor and Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Follow me ok?" He led Shiro to a small bed off to the side of his own large one. It was decent sized and Shiro was slightly surprised. "My father isn't happy about this...me treating you this way. But I refused otherwise."

"...You are an odd human." He mumbled and curled up on the bed, falling asleep near instantly.

"You're welcome...ungrateful asshole..." He mumbled and left the room.

Chapter 1 end

Well ok I lied. Technically he will be speaking two languages, you'll see. Guess rhe first one~!

Unhand i mi eich llysnafedd dynol- Unhand me you human scum!

Gadewch i mi fynd, neu arall!"- Let me go or else!

dynol ifanc- young human

Rydych baban virgin dwp. Yr ydym yn y un rhyw. Pam mor swil- You stupid virgin baby. We are the same sex. Why so shy?