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Go Fish

Chapter 17 – Sally Salamander

"Oh, yeah…that's so good…hot…" He sinks further in, and a long, rumbled groan resonates inside of him. When he's finally in all the way, he stays still and absorbs the feelin' and thinkin' that he's the luckiest son of a bitch ever.

"Mm-hm…soooo good…" Bella's havin' similar thoughts as she's lettin' her body adjust to accommodate his. She pops a lazy brown eye open and takes the sight of Edward Cullen in. She can't help herself. She's findin' that she can't keep her eyes off of him for more than a few moments at a time.

Might be 'cause he's still naked—well, so is she, of course.

But this time it's 'cause his fine-naked-white-stung ass is reclined across from her in that old bath tub she'd been wantin' to use before. He'd been a gentleman and fixed her pilot light for her—after they'd made a real mess of Bella's nice clean bed by makin' out and kissin' and havin' sex for the second time around.

"Mmm…could you, uh, lift your leg a bit, babe?"

Smilin', 'cause he looks so very relaxed and happy, if not a might bit silly, what with her bubble bath coverin' parts of his chest, Bella shifts her left thigh and knee to let his slide on under.

They're almost doin' the "scissors."

Bella cracks up at that thought, but straightens up a bit when their centers almost touch.

Edward tilts his head—which is sportin' one heck of a mess of sex hair—and peeks his eyes open, askin', "What're you laughin' at, Swan?"

She only grins and flicks him with some rose-and-milk-scented bath water, and she almost extinguishes one of the lit candles. She relaxes again, but the hairs on his legs tickle a little at the points where they just barely make contact with her skin, and she can't help but shiver involuntarily. Her loved-on-long-and-good-by-Edward nipples peak and throb.

He flicks her back a little with some water and bubbles, grinnin' sideways at her and feelin' pretty good, because he knows that Bella Swan can be a screamer at certain love-makin' times. He teases her. "Was that a 'can't get enough of Edward' shiver, or a 'daydreamin' about Edward's cock' one?" He's starin' at those very same nipples and creamy swells that are teasin' him and peekin' at him through the top of their shared bath water.

She bats her eyelashes at him prettily and teases him right back. "I don't know what you mean, Mr. Cullen."

"Oh really? Well, let me remind you. I had you chantin' out your love for my cock more than a few times." He grabs her big toe and tweaks back and forth, grinnin' lasciviously.

She startles and shrieks, shiftin' her position, and her ass slips on the bottom of the porcelain tub, and her arms flail out to grip at the top sides. Once she's settled again, she lifts her right foot and pokes his wet chest with her big toe. "Don't do that, Edward! And I wasn't the only one chantin', if memory serves correct. Anyway, what time do you think it is?"

Lettin' the palm of his right hand slide down along her liky-smooth calf, he lifts some of the bath water up in his other hand and splashes it into his face, then scrubs. "'Bout midnight, I'd say. Why?"

"I got the new outdoor paints bein' delivered tomorrow. Ben Cho's supposed to show up at eight in the mornin'. Oh, God, I'm gonna be useless tomorrow."

Edward smiles, smug again, and says as he's rubbin' circles with his thumb on the inside of Bella's soft, sleek thigh, "So…I'm guessin' I did a good job with my own 'redo' then."

She tilts her head, smiles shyly at him, and says, soft and simple, "Yes, you did good."

He swears to God he's never seen her look so pretty.

They both go silent and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as they stare at each other. Then, both of their stomachs rumble.

Bella snorts and says, "I'm guessin' neither one of us got to eatin' dinner earlier."

Edward's expression morphs into a devil-like one. He says low and grumbly, "There sure is somethin' I'd like to taste."

Bella's eyes go wide, and she sits up then and smacks at his chest as she says, "Don't you say it! I—"

"Now, now. Don't get upset, baby. I am just teasin' you." He sits up, too, knowin' full well they are both thinkin' about that almost-incident that had occurred in Bella's bed when he'd tried to go down on her and get a sample of what had—in his mind—surely been made just for him. He'd been right there, too, lickin' and kissing all around, but Bella had pulled him up and away from her most private place before he could delve in and dine.

His disappointment had been short-lived, though, after he'd takin' in her expression—one of embarrassment—and he'd promptly fucked her silly, instead, but only after a lot of foreplay. "Com'ere…you're too far away." He grabs both her shoulders gently and helps to reposition her so she's now on her tummy layin' on top of him. He smoothes her wet tendrils back, and then he gives her poutin' lips a sweet, long, slow kiss. Then he whispers, watchin' her pretty brown eyes, "You've never done that, have you?"

Bella groans, embarrassed all over again, and she quickly hides her face into the crook of Edward's wet and bubble-spotted neck. "You, um, noticed, did you?"

Edward nods in the affirmative. "Baby…Bella…can I ask you somethin'?"

He barely hears her when she murmurs a yes.

"Good, but please don't take any offense, 'cause I am pretty sure any answer you give me will be just fine. In fact, I am positive it will be so." His arms give her a reassuring hug, and then he slides both hands down to rest at her lower back, savorin' Bella's wet and slick titties rubbin' and pressin' against his chest. "How many lovers have you had?"

She groans into his neck, not answerin'.

He kisses her cheek and tries to reassure her. "Come on, B…tell me."

"Okay, okay," she huffs and then she says, to the point, "I've only had one."


"Yes, one."

He blinks like a hundred times. "Now, this I've gotta hear."

She groans again, sayin', "Oh, God…please, I don't want to remember!"

Those words of hers have Edward stiffenin' up real good with anger. "What the fuck, Bella? You've had one lover, so…wait, did he hurt you?"

Her head pops up from his neck, and she clarifies, "No, no…I mean that I've only had sex one time, and he wasn't a lover. I just didn't want to be a virgin anymore!"

Edward's dumbfounded at that. He asks, 'cause all kinds of stuff is goin' around in his head, "So, okay…I need to get this straight. How old were you at that time?"

Her eyes go straight down to his chest, embarrassed all over again. She whisper-answers, "Twenty-two," and proceeds to chew on her bottom lip.

Now Edward's the one groanin'. "Okay…wow. You, um…never played around…until then?"

That has Bella snortin' out, incredulous when she says, "No, you dork! I'd played with myself before then! Geez!"

His eyes go wide. "Fuuu-uuu-uuuck!" His hands automatically slide down to grab her ass, grippin' and pullin' her hard into him.

"Edward!" She whines.

Getting' a hold of himself, not wantin' her to feel like she can't entrust him with her story, he sort of shudders through his apology. "Okay, sorry…sorry…baby. Jesus! I just…you say somethin' like that last part, and it's gonna have a certain kind of effect…but…fuck!" Another shudder emerges at the images of a young, explorin' Bella—his girl presently layin' naked over him—diddlin' and touchin' herself, consumes his brain. His grower does what it does best and starts growin' between them. He licks his lips and says, "Uh, continue on, please."

Bella huffs, "Fine." Then she squirms and shifts her hips to accommodate his semi that's pokin' at her lower tummy between them. "It was this guy named Peter—at least I think that was his name. Yes, I'm sure it was." She muses, "Never saw him again. I didn't even get his last name."

Edward growls at that.

Bella rolls her eyes and keeps on. "Anyway, Jasper'd dragged me to one of those honky-tonk bars over on the outskirts of Lux when he'd been chasin' the skirt of the girl, Mary Jane somethin'-or-other. My God, how I hate those kinds of places."

Edward frowns, not really likin' any of this, and he says, "You're first time was at twenty-two, and it was a one night stand? Jesus, Swan…please don't tell me it went down in the dude's pick-up truck, 'cause I know he had one."

She stays quiet. She picks at one of his sexy chest hairs. Her answer is a complete lie when she answers, "Okay, it didn't?"

Another groan sounds from Edward's chest, and he looks like he wants to punch somethin'.

Bella rushes on, "Oh, stop it! I was askin' for it…and the guy—Peter—was willin' and able. He didn't know I was a virgin, Edward. So what if it went down that way. I just wanted to get it over with and see what all the fuss was about, okay? My…lord…"

Edward's not listenin', though. He snarls out, "That mother fucker! I bet he was a two-pump chump…drunk off his ass, no doubt." He's seein' red and then more red. "I bet you didn't orgasm. I bet he didn't even walk you back to Jasper when it was all said and done! I fucking bet—"

Her hand coverin' his mouth shuts his rantin' up, and she proceeds to sit up a little, with one pointy elbow sort of pressin' into his left pec. "Calm down. I didn't expect it to be pretty, and it wasn't. As far as the orgasm part…well, let's just say Peter's peter was a little on the puny side, and there was just no way that was in the cards."

He stares, mouth still covered, his eyes murderous.

"You can stop defendin' my honor. It's not like I have suffered for it. Actually, I blossomed and bought my first vibrator soon after...Sally. I've had plenty of orgasms and penetration since then, even if they came from my own doin'." She removes her hand.

Edward just says, "Oh."

Then, Bella's smilin' at him and plantin' a sweet kiss of her own to his lips, before she replies, "Yeah."

"I see."


They're quiet for a spell, again.

Edward can't help it. It just comes out. "I really must of rocked your world, huh? I mean, six orgasms—and I haven't even gone down on—"

"You should quit while you're ahead."

He grins and nods and kisses her again. They settle back into the startin'-to-cool water. Bella traces his muscles with a soggy fingertip and kisses his chest, and Edward lays there and lets her, hands still grippin' onto her nice rounded ass, eyes closed.

His boner is still between them, of course. It's gettin' harder as each second goes by, too.

He's thinkin' about somethin' that Bella's just said that's mighty curious to him. He forces the thought away. He feels Bella's kisses move to his chin and across his jaw, and when she gets to his ear, he cannot keep it inside of himself any longer, 'cause he is mighty and wholly turned the hell on.

"You had a vibrator named Sally." It's not a question.

"Yep, I did." Her mouth smiles against him.

"Um, why did it have a female name?"

"Well, because the clit stimulator part was in the shape of a salamander, and its nose-tongue thingy would—"

Edward can't take the visual anymore. His lips crash down to hers, his right hand goin' down to pull her thigh up, so she's feelin' that grown-again cock of his. He breaks that deep kiss and says, grumbly-soundin', "Well, get ready to meet Eddie again. I can assure you, he's way better than any Sally."

"Oh, God! Ow…wait…you have to…wait!" Bella laughs 'cause she's got no leverage. "Stop…wait!"

Edward doesn't wait, but he does laugh along with her—horny as he is—'cause she's so darned cute and sexy at the same damn time. She's squirmin' and slippin' over him with all her womanly, soft curves, tryin' to get situated in that old tub. His right hand leaves the back of her thigh and slides around and under its front and down between them to her slick, slightly swollen folds—'cause he's tryin' to help Bella settle herself on him—or rather onto his fingers and then his needin'-her-again cock.

Bella groans, accidentally splashin' the both of them and they sort of laugh again together 'cause the candles now gone out. She gasps and her forehead goes to his when she feels his fingers slip and slide and start lovin' on her clit. When he moves them further down, she groans when he circles her tender core and then slips one of his fingers inside. "Edward…"

"My God, baby…I love havin' you this way. All over me…" He's watchin' her, sincerity written all over him as he circles her deep inside and feels her tighten.

How he can get her to barely functionin' in the mere span of a few minutes is beyond Bella's comprehension. She could just weep; she's never seen a man so sexy in all of her life. The look on his face alone when he's touchin' and kissin' her sends her straight to the moon. "You know, you were right before."

"How so, sweetheart?"

She answers, breathy and a bit shaky, "This so much more than fucking."

He licks his lips and whispers back, "Goddamned right it is. You're my B."

She smiles at that, and then she gasps when he hits that tender spot deep down inside of her, and then he's crashin' his lips to hers again. His tongue mimics the slow swirl of that one finger, and Bella can't stand it any longer.

Reachin' between them with her left hand, she slides it down along his slow-workin' arm muscles until she finds his waitin', achin' cock greet her grip. "I love your cock!"

He groans out as she squeezes and pumps his long, thick length, "See, told you that, too, Swan."

Bella smiles and shakes her head, 'cause he just had to say that, didn't he? "Oh, shut up, and get inside of me, Edward."

His eyebrows lift at that. "My, you're a quick learner." His eyes almost roll back into his head then 'cause she's getting' her way and sinkin' down slow and puttin' him deep inside her. "Sort of bossy, too." They're both sort of shaky and wobbly with all this lovin' they've been doin' that they have to hold still for a bit. Edward's realizin' he loves this side of Bella, and he's never gonna get enough of her.

She kisses him sweet on his lips and replies, "I just know what I want." That's when her sex muscles squeeze him tight and her hips start to circle.

He curses from somewhere deep inside his chest, and then he hisses out, "Just what's got you so…knowledgeable?" His hips begin circlin' right along with hers, and both of his hands move to grip and pull them closer together by each of her ass cheeks.

Her own hands move to his shoulders, and she answers back on a breathy shudder, "It's called…" He bucks up a little, and she can't help but stop and groan out a long-soundin' oh, and then she continues, "double-u double-u double-u dot porn-you dot com." She squeezes and circles her hips again, keepin' him deep inside.

Edward's mouth drops open, 'cause nothin' feels as good as what Bella Swan's currently doin' to him. He swallows and says, lookin' straight into her eyes for confirmation, "You…you mean you watch…online porn." She squeezes and circles again, and his eyes want to roll again, but he forces them to stay put on her pretty, flushed face.

She answers as she's gyratin' away and proppin' herself up on her forearms over him, "Well, yeah, but only the good kind. We should maybe…watch it together…sometime." She swirls, usin' her hips and little stronger now and makin' him buck deeper again inside.

"Fuck, baby!" He swallows deep again, starin' down at her breasts as they sway and rub across his chest, 'cause he's about to fall over the edge for the third time tonight. His dark green eyes flash back up to hers, and he asks with a surprised, crooked smile, "Wait…are you…are you askin' me on a porn date?"

She moans, 'cause she's about to reach her own peak with this slight change of angle, "Oh, God…Edward…" Her hips speed up their swirlin' then. "I think…yes, I am."

"Oh, fuck, baby…don't…stop!" His eyes widen, 'cause he's thinkin' she's thinkin' that's his answer. "I mean, yes! My answer is yes…to your porn date offer."

She practically wails, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Fuck, baby…cum on my cock…cum…"

A bit more swivelin' and circlin' and deep buckin', and Bella's squeezin' him so tight, he knows she's about to give him what he needs…what he want. "Come on, baby…give it to me…"

"Oh, God…Edward!" She screeches and cums hard, shakin' all around him, and Edward cannot help but follow right after, pulsing' hard and lettin' himself go deep inside his beautiful girl.

They are both like limp fish in the almost-cold bath water, 'cept for them both tryin' to catch their breaths. All the bubbles are now gone, and that accidentally-put-out candle is filled up with rose-scented water.

"My, God…I think you've made me useless for the rest of the night."

Bella agrees. "They'll have to rescue us from this tub."

Edward snorts, and then his stomach gives out a very long, loud, and angry grumble. "Must…have…sustenance…"

Bella lifts a limp arm and brushes her fingers through his messy, wet hair. "Just, give me an hour…or two."

Edward laughs and says, "Oh, good. We'll turn into prunes, and then we can just snack on each other until then."

He expects Bella to say somethin' snarky back but he only gets silence. "Too much?"

"You're gross."

He smiles out, "Good thing you love my cock."

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