Ok, this is the fourth instillation of my Sherlock story, which used to be part of 'I won't send roses', but I broke it down and made it easier for everyone to read. It follows the third season of Sherlock.

As always, I own nothing except for Tammy, Linda, Sherlock Jr and other Holmes members that are of my own creation.

Chapter One: Didn't you see the movie?

Something was wrong.

I had this sick, feeling that something was wrong. I didn't know what it was, but it was just this feeling I had. Today was a slightly depressing day. The idiotic police finally found the proof clearing Sherlock's name and proving that I'd been right. It had taken them over two, bloody, years to prove what I all had ready known.

John had grown a moustache. Mrs. Hudson and I didn't really like it, saying that it aged him. Mary, didn't like it either, but she hadn't gotten the nerve to tell him yet. John told me that he'd gone into Sherlock's flat, and the dust was thickly, covering everything. He'd gone there to make peace and to see Mrs. Hudson; he hadn't seen her in a long time. He revealed to me that he was going to propose to Mary. I was glad he texted me, for I couldn't relay my happiness over the phone when my heart was aching.

Heaven hold me this feels lonely. A girl might have just one dream that means the world. I asked the waiter, "Can he save her? Or would he leave her there would he want her to stay? Would he pick up all the pieces? Or leave her alone to break?"

I stood up from my chair, moved around, searching the audience, seeking them out. Can you tell me what happens in the scene? I think I've watched this one before. Is this the part where you come back for me? Did you read those lines? Did you see how it ends? Won't you come back will you try to love again? I spotted Charles walking backstage; I lifted my hand and discreetly smiled at him. He waved at me then he continued walking towards the stage. Say goodbye now I won't cry now. The room is clear the last man just walked out the door. I wondered where the children were, since he typically watched them. Then, I noticed he held a bouquet of deep pink roses in his hands. My voice almost cracked as I watched him leave my line of vision. Now I realize what I'm still standing here, waiting for. Can you tell me what happens in this scene? I think I've watched this one before. Is this the part where you come back for me? Did you read those lines? Did you see how it ends? Won't you come back will you try to love again?

Didn't you see the movie where he realizes he still needs her? Did you read the story where he chases her down all through town, because she's the best thing he ever had. My mind actually strayed towards the end scene with Colin Firth where he walks all through the city of...wherever it was to find the woman he loved, with a huge mob behind him. He ever had.

That's when; a cold, chilly hand went down my neck and spine. My stomach clenched tightly and my heart rate sped up. I felt these eyes...staring deep into my soul. And I didn't know where. I scanned the club, looking for the source. Can you tell me what happens in the scene? I think I've watched this one before. Then, my eyes fell on a tall, dark figure. I couldn't see him directly. Is this the part where you come back for me? Did you read those lines? I recognized the shape, vaguely, but I couldn't get a real good look at him, due to the stage lights shining in my eyes. Did you see how it ends? Won't you come back will you try to love again? Didn't you see the movie? Didn't you see the movie?

The audience applauded and I bowed, keeping an eye on that figure. After a few moments, I turned and walked off the stage and the figure stood there. I walked quickly down the hall and pushed my dressing room door open. Charles stood up, extending the bouquet of roses towards me. "Hello." I turned my cheek to the side as he leaned forward to plant a customary kiss on my cheek. "Where are the kids?"

"Oh. I asked Amy to come and watch them for an hour. I had to talk to you."

I sat down, accepting the roses. I touched a velvet petal. "It must be serious."

"It is." I looked towards Charles, just as he got down on one knee. My heart jumped and I dropped the roses in surprise. He reached into his pocket, opened up a ring box, revealing a ring with a huge diamond. "Tammy, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

I stared down at him dumbly. I reached down and took the ring from his hand, studying it, before studying the man who was asking me. Tears filled my eyes and I nodded. I was happy, just not...passionately happy about marrying him. It hadn't grown into a passionate love yet, but it could. "Yes." I said wiping my eyes. "I'd be proud to marry you Charles."

Before Charles could slide the ring on my hand, someone knocked on the door. I jumped and spun towards the door. I stared at the door, for some reason, I knew that there was something huge on the other end of the door. "Come in." Charles said. He turned and looked at me, finally noticing that there was something wrong with me. ""Tammy? Are you all right?"

"I don't know. I have this...feeling."

Charles stood up as the door creaked open slowly. For a few seconds, the person didn't enter. Then, the man finally entered, keeping his face downwards. I couldn't get a direct look until his face came into full light and when it did, I could only stare at him. I stared at him for several minutes before I jumped up from my chair. I dropped the ring box on the ground, and didn't even give it a second thought or second look.

For standing before me, no, now walking towards me….was the man who'd died two years ago. "Sherlock?" I whispered as my eyes took in the sight of the man who I'd sworn that I'd love forever.

I couldn't move, I don't what angel or mysterious being was holding me up. If this was a ghost, it was a cruel one. But I was reassured that it wasn't a ghost for Sherlock pulled me into his arms, arms that I had missed for so long. I shiver and shake as sobs make their way up from my stomach to my throat. I felt his mouth on my face, my cheek, my neck and then finally on my trembling mouth.

Oh merciful heavens! The passion, the chemistry and the magic was so much that it was as if the two years he was absent had never happened. My foolish heart was in a mad rush, instantly forgiving him for every day of his absence. My mind registered that my husband was alive, with me now, and I was in his arms. I started crying hard as a massive, turmoil of emotions surrounded me, joy, relief, shock, passion, confusion, happiness and love.

My legs couldn't hold me up anymore and Sherlock caught me as my legs collapsed around me. He carefully lifted me up and into his arms. "This is a dream." I cried as Sherlock kissed held me close, my arms were clasped tightly about his neck. "My mind….is playing tricks on me."

"I'm here Tammy." Sherlock murmured, breathing into my ear. "I'm here."

Again, his mouth claimed mine and I groaned and shuddered violently as Sherlock pressed me against him as if it were scientifically possible for two bodies to become one. I loved him, I never had, I could feel that. Merciful Heavens, I wanted him to take me, claim me and make me his wife right now! But I wouldn't allow it, not until we talked afterwards at least.

I pulled back and looked into his eyes. My eyes narrowed as I took in the sight of the face that I'd been trying to keep out of my mind. Now, he was here, with me again. He'd lost weight, he looked slightly nervous; I could feel the tension in his shoulders. My eyes narrowed as I took in the sight of a bloody lip and a cut on his chin. He had marks around his throat, as if someone had tried to strangle him. His nose was slightly swollen and the small traces of blood informed me that someone had punched him in the nose.

I ran my hand down the side of his face; he closed his eyes, obviously enjoying my touch. "What happened?" I asked him, concern in my voice. "You're bleeding."

"I'm fine." He took ahold of my hand, pressed a kiss to my palm. "John didn't take it as well as you did." He exhaled and touched my face. "God, you're still the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth." I blushed. "Still as sexy as ever."

"Sherlock, please."

"This is Sherlock Holmes I presume?"

My heart freezes in my chest at the sound of Charles's voice. Ice-cold sweat starts to roll down my forehead and down my back as I slowly begin to realize what a big, emotional, mess I was in. while I was overjoyed at seeing Sherlock, I wasn't his wife anymore, or at least I don't think that I was. Charles scowled at Sherlock and Sherlock glowered back at him.

"Yes." Sherlock peered down his nose at Charles, taking advantage of the extra inches that caused him to tower over Sherlock. "Who are you?"

"Put me down." I whisper and Sherlock thankfully, did as I asked for once.

"Charles Baker."

"Oh," Sherlock studied him. "what are you doing here? You're not a guitar player." His eyes narrowed. "You're a doctor, a child specialist, very ambitious. I can tell by your personal level of grooming that you're a well-recognized figure in the society pages."

"Sherlock." I cut him off. "Not now, please."

Sherlock ignored me. '"In fact, I'd like to know what you're doing in

"I'm her fiancé."

"Charles, don't!" I shouted.

But I was way too late, the words were out, the damage was done. I felt Sherlock's entire body stiffen under my hands. "Her what?!" Sherlock was angry, his rage was barely controlled. "You're mistaken, she's my wife."

I couldn't speak, I held up my hand, showing Sherlock that I'd removed his ring. "It's been two years Sherlock!" I bit out, fighting against the anger that was now suddenly rising up from my toes to my throat, threating to engulf me and make me look like the human torch. "You were gone! I moved on with my life."

"What life?" He asked flippantly. "I've been away."