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Chapter Seven

"What is this place?"

"I come here every now and then," Katniss explained, jerking the key to switch the car off and gesturing at the seedy building in front of her. They were far away from the city, Peeta had almost thought they were going to be travelling all night until she finally pulled up here. He couldn't really see any further than the building, the only thing visible being a red, flickering neon light saying, 'Mason's.'

"Why's it so far our of town?" Peeta asked her.

Katniss shrugged. "I don't know, I guess Johanna just liked the spot," she said. She patted his knee and smiled brightly. "You'll learn to love her and . . . I have a pretty good feeling that she'll like you. Right, come!" She threw open the car door and climbed out, Peeta mirroring her action on the other side. The night air curled around him, tickling the skin that was still felt a bit raw after Katniss' war on body hair and forcing out a shudder.

"I'm never going to get used to this," he complained. Katniss locked the car and gave him a weird look.

"Used to what?" she asked.

"I feel like a plucked chicken, I don't know how you girls can do that . . . what is it? Monthly?" Peeta said.

Katniss grinned as she caught on to what he was talking about. "Depends on the person," she replied. "Some do it monthly, some do it more than that. If you wax, sometimes it can last much longer. Of course, I only use wax as punishment."

"You punish yourself?"

Katniss' eyes sparkled. "Who said I was talking about myself?"

Oh. Right. Duh.

He watched his Mistress (he found himself referring to Katniss as that more and more outside of their sessions, which he found weird) as she started making her way to the decrepit building, having to move carefully so that her heels wouldn't slip and slide in the gravel that surrounded the area. Peeta only hesitated a second before following after her, able to catch up pretty quick because his sneakers just crushed the gravel into tiny pieces.

"So, is this your favourite bar or something?" he asked.

"You could say that," Katniss replied. They stopped at the door, which was red and splotched with splodges of dirt. Peeta couldn't imagine Katniss wishing to hang around in such a shabby shack. Then again . . . never judge a book . . .

"Act like the Jabberjay rule is enforced as soon as we go in, okay?" Katniss asked.

"Erm, okay?" Peeta was suddenly confused. Why would the Jabberjay rule have to be enforced in what looked like the outside of a run-down club? Where exactly had Katniss taken him?

"Good boy." Katniss hooked her fingers into his belt loops and tugged him forward, pressing a kiss against his lips. She slipped her hands around his waist and tugged him closer. "Trust me, if you relax, you'll really enjoy yourself," she breathed against his mouth.

"Okay, mistress," Peeta replied. Katniss smirked cheekily, her fingers crawling dangerously beneath the waistband of his jeans, scratching his lower back gently. Peeta shivered, not knowing that his Mistress had the movement listed underneath the heading, Spots that make him shiver, in the notepad in the drawer of her desk.

"I love it when you call me that without even needing to be told," Katniss purred, biting down on his bottom lip. She pulled back and winked. "Let's go, sexy." With a friendly pat on the ass, Katniss placed her hand on the door and pushed through. "Come on, don't be shy!"

Peeta chewed on his lip but knew there would be consequences if he didn't do as he was told. Taking one last fleeting look behind him, at Katniss' car, he pushed open the door that had swung closed again behind Katniss and went in.

It was like he had stepped into a whole other world.

Inside was much more modern and cleaner than the outside. In fact, the ouside was very deceiving, giving the idea that whatever lay inside had to be just as shabby and disgusting as the outside. Instead it was the complete opposite. To the left, a bar took up an entire wall, shelf after shelf of a variety of colourful drinks and bottles taking up the space. The walls were pink, with red leather booths scattered around. The floor looked . . . metallic, almost. Katniss' heels clicked against it as she headed straight for the bar.

"Johanna!" she called, cupping her hands over her mouth to make her voice travel. "Your bestest friend in the world is here!"

"Cashmere? What are you doing here?" A voice called back. Katniss laughed and a woman with short brown hair came out from a door by the bar, a self-satisfied smirk on her face. Peeta couldn't believe what she was wearing. Nothing but a leather bra and short-shorts.

"Katniss, ya bitch, where have you been?" the woman exclaimed, climbing over the bar and pulling Katniss into a hug.

"Oh you know me, Johanna, work has been crazy," Katniss sighed. She stepped back and gave Johanna the once over. "You're looking good! Are you still with Blight?"

Johanna nodded and sat down on one of the stools by the bar. "Yup," she replied. "He can be a whiny bitch sometimes but I love 'em to bits." She crossed one leg over the other and Peeta noticed something sticking out of her ankle boot. A riding corp. He gulped. It didn't take much to imagine what she probably did with that. "What about you? You haven't been here in ages!"

"I know, I've been meaning to," Katniss replied. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes meeting Peeta's instantly. "But I've finally gotten back in the game."

Johanna followed her gaze, her eyebrows lifting when she finally noticed Peeta standing there. "Oh, yum," she said. Her gaze was hungry, predatory, the sort that makes you feel like you're being devoured by someone's eyes alone.

Katniss went to him and grabbed his hand, dragging him away from the door. "Jo, this is Peeta," she said, her hand crawling up his back and playing with the blond curls at the nape of his neck. "He's still new to our world so be nice and don't touch what's not yours."

The fact that Katniss needed to tell her friend to not touch what wasn't hers was worrying, since the only thing Johanna seemed to not own was Katniss herself and . . . well . . . him.

"Well he's pretty," Johanna said, her eyes drifting up and down lazily. Ten seconds later Peeta realized that her eyes were lazily drifting up and down to examine him. He forced himself to stay normal, pretending that there still wasn't a part of him that expected her to spit in his face and call him fat. "I could just eat him up."

"Yeah well, you can't," Katniss replied. She tugged him closer to her and he was surprised by her possessiveness. Johanna was smirking though, as if she heard it all before.

Johanna slid her hand down her leg and pulled the riding corp out of her boot. She walked past, running the leather along Peeta's mid-section as she went before climbing onto a table and changing a light bulb. He found himself leaning closer to Katniss, who wrapped her arms around him like a mother comforting a child. "Ignore her, she's just jealous," his mistress purred, kissing his cheek.

"Of that tight ass? Damn right I am," Johanna responded.

Peeta's cheeks heated up in embarrassment. Katniss smiled and stroked back the hair from his face. "It's a compliment little cub, take it," she assured him.

"Aw, is he a shy one?" Johanna teased. Katniss gave him a reassuring squeeze and went to the bar, kneeling on a stool and leaning over to grab a bottle off one of the shelves. "Hey you, that's stealing."

"I'll pay for how much we drink," Katniss answered. She spun on her heel and grinned. "Can we get a private booth?" she asked.

"You don't even have to ask, you know that," Johanna said, screwing a new light bulb in and whipping her hands away as it lit up. "You're my best friend, what am I going to say? No?" She grinned and threw Katniss the corp. Katniss caught it expertly and twirled it round her fingers. Peeta's eyes followed it uneasily, as if she was going to smack him with it right there in front of Johanna. "There's a booth at the very back, no one will even know you're there."

"Great!" Katniss said. "Come with me little cub." She took Peeta's hand and guided him to the back of the room where Johanna had pointed.

"What sort of bar is this anyway?" Peeta whispered to Katniss. She didn't answer, just kept walking until they reached the booth. It was quite large and instead of having a table in the middle-like it would in a diner-there was a bunch of cushions and a small chest of drawers underneath the seats.

"I remembered that I had just shampooed the carpet in the playroom so that's why we're here," Katniss explained. "I always come here when my playroom is . . . erm, otherwise engaged." She climbed into the booth and lay back on a pillow, stretching out her arms and sighing. "Come on in, sit down. I told you you'd enjoy yourself if you relaxed."

Peeta looked over to where Johanna was now wiping down the bar. He turned back to Katniss, his face a mask of concern. "What about her?" he asked.

"What about her?" Katniss replied. She frowned. "Jo may be crazy but she isn't a pervert. You do realize she owns this place, right? She designed it, all the rules came from her own head. One of them being that you can't spy on the customers. Everyone have to be given their privacy. Why would she break her own rules?"

"I don't know . . . to rebel?"

"Against herself?"

Peeta could see the hole in that argument. He met eyes with Katniss again. She jerked her thumb in a 'Get in here you goofball!' gesture that hinted at an undertone of, 'And if you don't, you will pay for it.' Against his better judgement, he did as he was told and got into the booth, sitting across from Katniss and fiddling with his fingers nervously.

"Right, let's see. What toys does Jo provide now-a-days?" Katniss opened the drawer underneath the seat and gasped dramatically. "Oh my god she does cock rings now?!"

Peeta eyed the device in her hands with a confused frown. "What the heck does that do?" he asked.

"It's not my sort of thing," Katniss explained. "It prevents orgasm. They can vibrate, exude heat and come in a variety of colours. I don't like them because why would I give you a tool for something you can do just fine yourself if you put your mind to it? And if you cum before I let you, the ice cube punishment is worth the lack of toy."

Peeta had not went through the ice cube punishment yet but he was curious as to how it would count as a form 'torture'. It was just ice. It'd be a bit cold, granted, but it didn't seem like it would be all that horrible.

Katniss dug further into the drawer, muttering a range of names of tools under her breath that Peeta had never heard before. Except for the very few he had experienced so far. "Jeez, it has been a while," she finally concluded. "Look at the fucking variety. My god, she's even got butt plugs now, what the heck is that about?"

"You're not planning to . . . use any of that . . . are you?"

Katniss snickered. "No, I'm just looking for lube," she said. "What do you think? Warmed, coloured, flavoured-wait, why in the hell would you need flavoured lube?" She pulled out a tub and unscrewed the cap. Dipping her finger into it, she tentatively licked the gooey substance. Almost immediately she pulled a face. "Oh fuck, that's rotten."

Peeta took the tub from her and read the contents. "It's supposed to be blueberry," he told her.

"That is not blueberry," Katniss said.

"Well, maybe it's out of date," Peeta suggested.

Katniss cringed. "I just licked out of date lube," she said, her voice disgusted. She took the tub back and screwed the lid back on. "I think we'll leave the berries alone and just go for the warmed."

"What do you mean, 'warmed'?" Peeta asked.

"Here." Katniss took his arm and scooped some of the lube from a different tub out. She smeared it onto his skin. "Count back from ten." He frowned but did what she said. For the first five seconds, the substance was just cold but it slowly started warming up and by the time Peeta reached ten it was burning his skin.

"Oh my god, ow!" he exclaimed. Katniss laughed. She didn't wipe it off, instead just letting it dry off on his skin. "People use that?"

"Yup," Katniss said, popping the 'p'. She kept the lube out on the chair and searched for something else. Eventually she sat back up with a length of rope in her hands. She had a frown on her face that looked like it had been burned there. "This is the rough stuff," she muttered, almost to herself. "Could tear skin if tied tight enough . . ."

Out of all the things for Katniss to be worried about, Peeta hadn't expected something like rope to pull her up short. "And that's a bad thing?" It sounded like both a statement and a question.

"I don't draw blood, remember?" Katniss said. "I don't want these to tear your wrists open and soak you in blood." She shivered. "I hate blood." She promptly dropped the ropes back into the drawer and kicked it shut. As if trying to distract herself from the thought of bleeding, she opened the bottle of alcohol she took from the bar and took a gulp from it. Wiping the top, she asked, "Do you want some?"

Peeta shook his head. "No, thanks," he said. "I don't drink anymore."

Katniss wasn't going to push something like that. As his mistress, there were things she could tell Peeta to do but there were things she knew she couldn't. If he didn't want to drink alcohol, then she didn't have the right to force him to. "Do you want me to ask Johanna to get you something non-alocholic?" she asked.

"No, I'm fine, but thank you," Peeta said. He honestly didn't want to be a burden over something as silly as the fact he didn't drink and hasn't ever since he got hammered that night with Delly. Still, Katniss didn't want to be sitting in front of him doing nothing but drinking alochol without even bothering to get him something in case he did get thirsty.

"I'll get a jug of water anyway," she said, kicking off her shoes and climbing out of the booth.

While she was gone, Peeta curiously leaned forward and pulled open one of the drawers. The things inside it were confusing. Some looked painful, others looked messy. How did people use these things casually? Lining the booth seats were little hooks, all of them varying in size. A different drawer contained little silk ribbons. While waiting for Katniss to come back, Peeta took one of the ribbons out and started tying it around one of the metal hooks above his head, wondering how someone could be relaxed about doing this sort of stuff in a public-ish area.

Katniss climbed over the bar and filled up a jug of water. While it filled, she crouched down by the freezer and pulled out a bag of ice cubes. Johanna wouldn't mind that she was behind the bar as she had done it before and there had never been a complaint then so why would now be different? She switched the tap off once the water reached the top and dropped five ice cubes into the jug.

"You're different."

Katniss almost dropped the jug when she jumped in shock. Johanna was leaning against the door that lead out back, her chocolate eyes gleaming. "What do you mean different?" Katniss demanded.

"Well, you've never been so possessive before," Johanna said. "Every sub you've had before blondie, you've never said 'Don't touch what's not yours' to me. You used to like to humiliate them a little when meeting the friends or out in public. But you gave me a look that made me feel like you were going to rip my instestines out if I insulted him even slightly, even in the jokey way that we do."

"There's nothing to insult," Katniss said.

"That's not supposed to stop you," Johanna said. "You used to tell Gale his dick was small and I know that a man of that stature did not have a tiny ding dong. It's the point of the humiliation, not the truth. But I knew immediately that if I even teased that boy about the little pink tint in his cheeks that you'd-"

"Force you off a cliff?" Katniss asked. "Yes." She scowled. "What the hell is wrong with the pink tint anyway? It's cute!"

Johanna stared. "You've changed."

"I haven't!"

"It's not necessarily a bad thing!" Johanna insisted. "I'm just saying that you're different from when I last saw you. Maybe it will do you some good."

"Some good?!"

"Have you even fucked yet?"

Katniss sealed her mouth shut angrily and turned her attention back to the water jug. She wasn't going to answer that. It would just help Johanna along further in her side of the argument. It wasn't that she didn't want to have sex with Peeta and it wasn't that there was anything stopping it from happening it was just . . . the moment didn't seem right just yet. Peeta was still a virgin after all, Katniss was sure that it was important to him for the moment to be right and, okay, a small part of her wanted it to be right too.

"My point exactly," Johanna said, taking the silence as answer enough. "If you were the same, you'd have ridden that boy like a bronco by now."

"Okay, maybe I am a little different but what does it matter?" Katniss replied.

"It really doesn't," Johanna laughed. "You're just taking it the wrong way."

Katniss sighed. "I know, I'm sorry." She picked up the jug again and wiped counter with a tea towel. "You're just not the first person to have noticed, that's all."

"It's a good thing Kat," Johanna insisted. "Maybe this Peeta guy will do you some good. He seems like a nice guy."

Katniss smiled, almost to herself. "He is," she said quietly.

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" Johanna laughed. "Get back to him, stop talking to me!" Katniss laughed as well, walking around the bar and heading back to the booth. "Oh! And the flavoured lube is out of date! Don't touch it!"

Katniss rolled her eyes. "Okay!" she called back. Would have been nice to know that before she started hoking around in the drawers but never mind, what's done is done. When she arrived at the booth again, she burst out laughing at the fact that Peeta had managed to get his wrist tangled up in some ribbon tied to one of the bondage hooks. "What in the world are you doing?!" she laughed.

Peeta looked embarrassed, tugging on his wrist and causing the ribbon just to pull tighter around him. "I was waiting for you to come back," he admitted sheepishly.

"What? By getting started without me?" Katniss chuckled, climbing back into the booth and setting the jug down. "Here, you haven't even done it right." She freed his wrist from the ribbon with ease and fixed the bow so it was a knot instead. "Always use knots, they're much stronger than bows."

"Right, good to know."

Katniss leaned forward and kissed him, brushing her thumb along the ribbon around his wrist. "I'm glad you found these," she said. "Much better than ropes. They won't rip your skin open. Maybe mark it a bit but definitely not make you bleed." She dusted her hands off and sighed. "Okay, enough faffing around. Let's start. I think I have to say Jabberjay again because you seem to have forgotten that I said it outside before we even came in."

Realization seemed to dawn on Peeta's face as he remembered that she had said Jabberjay outside the building. His face flushed pink and he bit his lip, looking ashamed. "Sorry Mistress."

"Sorry ain't going to cut it this time around," Katniss replied. "Rest your arms ontop of the chair." Not desiring to get into any more trouble with his Mistress, Peeta did what he was told, folding his arms on top of the booth chair so he was facing away from Katniss. His wrist snagged on the ribbon around his wrist, tugging on the hook but Katniss decided to just leave it the way it was.

She leaned forward, so her breath brushed past Peeta's ear, and whispered, "Do you know why I'm about to punish you?"

Peeta exhaled and nodded. "Yes, Mistress."

Katniss wound her arms around his waist, letting her chin rest on his shoulder. "Tell me," she ordered. She slipped her hands underneath his t-shirt and trailed her nails along the skin of his abdamon. Peeta shivered and let his forehead fall into his arms.

"Because I forgot you said Jabberyjay, Mistress," he answered.

"And what did you do because of this?"

There was a pause as he mulled the question over. Normally, if Katniss hadn't made it clear what it was he had done wrong specifically then Peeta wouldn't know how to answer. But he finally said, "I forgot to call you Mistress."

"That's right," Katniss answered, pleased that he knew without having been told. "So," she purred, nibbling on his ear, "what do you think I should do to punish you?"

"What do you wish to do to punish me, Mistress?" Peeta asked, his voice small.

"Well . . . I could spank you or I could do something a little different."

"Different, Mistress?"

Katniss slid her hands around to his back, hooking her fingers into the belt loops of his pants and teasingly pulling them down just the slightest of bits. She breathed heavily in his ear, occasionally taking the lobe between her teeth and tugging. "I've been aching to fuck you for ages now, little cub," she purred, inching the pants down further. Peeta shuddered, his eyes squeezed shut and his breathing already laboured. "I suppose I'm sort of glad that you slipped up, since I get to take control of your body like this."

She pulled the pants down over the curve of his backside and let them fall, bunching at his knees. Unable to resist, she smacked his ass, relishing in the yelp she got in return. God, some of the sounds he came out with were so, so sexy. "Don't move," she ordered. Peeta nodded into his arms, his jaw coiled tight as he fought against his initial instinct to pull his pants back up and stop sitting there exposed the way he was.

Katniss opened up one of the drawers and produced a tub of in date lube. No flavour or heating abilities, not for his first time. Unscrewing the lid and coating her finger in the stuff, she sat back up and brushed her hand (obviously the hand without the lube on it) through her cub's hair affectionately. "You need to relax now," she told him gently. "Take a deep breath and then relax all of your muscles for me."

Peeta obeyed, taking a large, deep breath and relaxing everything as he exhaled. Katniss tugged his underwear off, smiling to herself when he whimpered in anticipation. She pressed herself flush against his back, pinning his front to the chair, and pressed a reassuring kiss to the nape of his neck before pushing her finger inside him.

Immediately, the relaxation disappeard. Katniss knew this would happen. It was standard reaction. Peeta groaned in pain, his hands clenching into fists ontop of the chair. "Sssh," Katniss soothed, tapping more kisses onto his neck. "Just relax like I told you."

"It h-hurts Mistress," Peeta responded through clenched teeth.

"I know it does little cub, but it gets better," Katniss replied. She wriggled her finger and managed to get another one in, using them to scissor him open. Peeta's jaw was clenched so tight by this point that Katniss wondered if it was going to pop out of its socket. She put all her energy into finding that small bundle of nerves that would make everything better. It shouldn't be too far . . .

Her pointer finger brushed something and Peeta jumped, a gasp of surprise escaping his mouth. Katniss smirked and pressed her finger against the spot, almost laughing at her cub's reaction. He moaned, his shoulders shaking with the pleasure she was causing. Katniss relished in the control she had over him, in how she could deny him all of it if she wanted to, or give it to him all at once, if she wanted to.

"Ngh Mis-Mistress, ah, I can't take . . . ohhh godddd."

"You're very audible all of a sudden little cub," Katniss teased, massaging his pleasure spot and pressing a kiss against his coiled jaw. He groaned in response. Katniss chuckled and tasted the sweat that had gathered at the nape of his neck. She dipped into the same drawer and the one that contained the lube and pulled out a purple dildo.

When she slipped her fingers out, Peeta moaned in frustration. Katniss laughed and squeezed almost half the bottle of lube onto it. She told him to relax again and slowly pushed the device in.

Peeta could only compare the feeling as to being ripped from the inside out. It was painful, almost unbearable. He knawed on his fist to the point where it bled, trying not to scream. Katniss was paitent, waiting for him to adjust before trying to move it. It was agonizing, so painful Peeta didn't know if he was ever going to be able to sit down again.

When the tip of the toy brushed that pleasure point, the pain mixed with ecstasy and desire. It was too much to handle, he couldn't bear it.

"Mockingjay!" he gasped, ripping his hand away from his mouth so Katniss could hear him. He worried Katniss thought he was going to think she was a wimp because he could barely last five minutes with it. But instead, Katniss simply pulled it out and everything stopped.

"Hey, sit down," she said, taking his elbows and helping him sit on the chair. "You okay?"

Peeta nodded, wincing at the pressure on his backside when he sat. "F-Fine," he answered.

Katniss nodded and brushed some hair out of his eyes. "Are you sure?"


"Okay, so I think I know where we stand on the dildo stuff anyway," Katniss said, making light of the situation. "You like fingers but not the toy itself."

"It was just a bit too much to take," Peeta quickly said, feeling like he had to explain himself.

Katniss shook her head. "It's okay, you don't need to explain," she answered. "Maybe we can touch on it some other time but just leave it for now, okay?"

Peeta nodded. "Okay."

Katniss smiled and pecked his lips. "You're still my little baby cub," she assured him.

Peeta returned the smile sheepishly. "And you're still my Mistress."

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