Chapter 12

"Truly the burden of the world rests on your shoulders."

~ Prince Charles


June 29th 1607

The sun has not yet risen upon the earth and I am taken by the sight of her. Never have I seen such a woman as beautiful as she. What makes it more amazing to me is the fact that she seems unaware of it. She takes her steed from the stables, carefully and quietly, in fear of waking anyone, but in her quest to remain silent, she makes more noise. The stable door slams harshly, the horses huff as she kicks over a can, and it is all quite amusing to witness. Hal and Hart are aware I am here. Hart stands outside the stable door, already upon his horse while Hal waits in the distance.

"May I join thee, wife?" I call out to her. She jumps, turning around to me in shock.

"Edward? What in God's name are you doing awake?" I love how freely she says my name.

"How can any man or beast do so with all the noise thou creates?," I grin walking towards her.

"'Tis not my doing, blame him," she points to her horse who huffs once more. It is as though he understands her and will not take the blame.

"Thy steed? Honestly wife, that is your tale?"

"Aye," she smiles, standing taller.

"How lucky I am? My wife is a horrible liar."

Her lips form a small pout which I yearn to kiss.

"You are the second person within the week who has labeled me a horrible liar."

"One cannot hide the truth at court," I reply.

She shakes her head; "Only from the king apparently, did thee spies inform you I had gone?"

"My spies?"

"Hal and Hart? I enjoy them greatly, but they are with me at all times. Sometimes do you not wish to simply escape for a moment?," she whispers to me as though she is worried another will hear.

"I do and I have. Follow me and I shall show you where to." I move to my own steed, I notice that she had not bothered to place anything but a blanket on the back of her horse. "You wish to ride bareback?"

She sighs. "Aye, my father is not very pleased and I try not to do it often, but sometimes I enjoy the simplicity of it. Allow me this, I beg of you."

I have never been so disarmed by anyone. If she asks me for all of Europe I will find a way to give it to her before asking if she desires anything more. What type of sorcery does she possess?

"I can never tell what it is you are thinking Edward," she says as I get upon my horse, bareback as she does.

"I'm thinking of you on most occasion wife, about how you control me."

She looks at me confused. "Control you milord? Surely you jest."

I laugh, taking her hand and kissing it.

"Can you out ride me?", I ask her but before she can answer, I kick into my horse, lunging forward.

"You cheat!," she yells as we ride away from the castle.

"I am the King, I do not cheat!," I yell back, gripping the reins as we move through the path of the trees.

I push my horse as fast as possible, but that seems to be for naught as my wife rides up beside me. Her hair whips freely and a grin, so bright her it lights the horizon, illuminates her face. With ease she jumps over a fallen log, going further into the forest she was not familiar with.

"Milady, you travel the wrong way," I call out to her, pulling on my reins. She slows, pulling hers as well before turning her horse to me. Hal and Hart stop as well, a small distance away.

She opens her mouth to speak, but I grin before passing her once more.


"Follow wife!"

"I am not a dog!"

"How odd would it be if you were?," I reply, taking her off the path and into an untraveled part of the forest. I slow and so does she.

"Where are we going?"

"Are you afraid?"

She snorts before bringing her hand to her face. However, that does not help to ease her changing complexion. I laugh at that as well.

"How unladylike, Lady Swan."

She flushed even more. "I should have never been allowed on my father's ships as a child."

"Ah, blame thy father."

"Of course," she giggles, however stops when her eyes fall upon the meadow. It is as though God himself has lain out a tapestry of white poppies and places it upon the earth for us to enjoy.

"It is beautiful," she whispers, bringing her legs to the side of her steed before jumping.

Following suit, I take her hand and lead her forward. I do not stop until we are in the center of the field. She takes a seat and I follow, watching as she brushes her hand against the petals of the blooms.

"This place pulls me into my memories," I whisper, laying my head onto her lap. She startles, however relaxes before placing her hands within my hair. Her touch is heavenly and I could bask in it for multiple lifetimes.

"Memories of what?," she asks.

I smile sadly, opening my eyes to stare up at her. "Before my mother and father were put to death, they brought Emmett and me here. We had a meal and my father spoke of what type of king I should become. He said I must be honest, fair, loving, strong, wise and when need be, I must be harsh. He tried to explain to me the difference between the madness of Aro and the strength of a good king. My mother then told me I must simply marry a wife who makes me laugh, one that questions me often enough to remind me that I am human as much as king."

"But not for love?," she frowns.

"Not for love. Kings do not often have such luxury. I'm sure she thought if a woman could not only make me laugh but question me, I would come to love her. And she was right."

"I do not question you."

This time I snort and she smacks my chest, causing me to laugh.

"See? I have chortled more with you in a single day than in all my days."

Again she flushes. "My apologies in regards to your parents. I would have loved to have known them. Surely it takes a dynamic pairing to create a childe such as you."

"I shall take that as a polite expression of admiration, despite the edge I hear in your voice."

Her eyebrow rises, but she smiles. "As you wish sire."

"You are cheeky Lady Swan."

"It is best you know of all my faults sire so there shall be no surprises once we are wed. None shall say I trapped you with false platitudes," she replies and I enjoy how freely she speaks.

I never wish for this to change.

"Promise me wife, you shall never change."

She frowns, leaning down to kiss my lips. "Sire, I cannot promise such things, for we change as we grow. You shall change, I have already seen it with my own eyes, you have been true to thyself, to thy people, and to me. I shall promise to do the same. To remain true to whom I am, even with court being thrust upon me."

"That is not the only thing I wish to thrust upon you," I rise from her lap before taking her cheek with my hand, bringing her face closer to my own. I take her lips and she moans into my mouth, which sends a shiver up my spine.

Laying her down onto the flowers, I do not end my assault on her lips. I grip onto her bosom and notice she wears no corset. It would be so easy for me to rip her garment from her person. I wish to see all of her, to kiss all of her. But I cannot… not yet.

"Damn it all to hell," I yell once I break free. She lies gasping for air, flushed seemingly frenzied. She is a vision. I fall beside her, needing to calm myself.

"I should have done away with such laws," I mutter.

"They would be aware that you had done it for me," she whispers with her hand upon my chest. "The very thought of others looking upon me makes me uneasy. Esme tells me not to fret, but how can anyone truly be… be as husband and wife in the presences of others."

My hands brush against the stands of her hair. "Should they look upon you, I shall have their heads. I am king, who are they to say what I can and cannot have?"

She sits up, glaring at me with those beautiful brown eyes,

"It is not them, but I who says when you can have me."

I smirk at the contemptuous tone of her words. "Do not act as though you do not wish to give thyself to me, wife. Your body sings beyond that of your lips."

"You are a sinful man, sire," she shakes her head at me.

I reach up, brushing the side of her face. Once again, I sit up, taking her lips with my own. When my tongue enters her mouth she does not shy away. Her hands go to my hair as I find myself on top of her.

Opening her legs, I run my hand upon the smoothness of her thighs. I am so close. But I stop.

"I must wed you soon."

"For my body or my mind, sire?"

"I shall have them both," I kiss her neck and then rise, helping her to her feet. "We must return before they send out a search for us."

Her hand fit in my own as we walk to the steeds. I move to help her.

She grins, looking at my hands upon her waist. "Edward, I can do this on my own."

"I know, I simply wish to enjoy the few moments I have to hold you openly," I wink at her.

She flushes, allowing me to help her.


June 29th 1607

Never in my life have I known such happiness as I walk back to my chambers. I can still feel his lips upon my skin.

"Of all the mornings you wish to ride!," Alice frowns as I enter my chambers. She stands in the center as the maids, along with Esme, help her into the intricate gold and white dress.

"Oh my, Alice forgive me!," I run to her side, but she turns.

"Of course. It is not as though I am all but going mad," she mutters, pulling at her skirts.

Walking around to face her, I take her hand. "Mad? Sister what bothers thee?"

She takes a deep breath, wiping her eyes.

"I look hideous, I am not ready. What if he is not ready? I wished to have our wedding in Devonshire but instead all of court is present. Most of them dislike me or really do not care what becomes of me. How am I supposed be married with such ill wishes surrounding me?"

I squeeze her hands within my own. "Alice, to whom are thou to be wedded?"

"Jasper?," she answers confused.

"Then who cares as to who else is within the church or what they believe or want. My father, our father, shall walk you down that aisle. I shall be within an arms distance. You are marrying the love of your life. Be joyful sister, for I see no reason why should worry, do you?"

She smiles through her tears, pulling me into an embrace.

"Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me sister," she giggles, kissing my cheeks.

"I would not yet call me wise. Now wipe thy eyes. You are a bride."

"Isabella you need to bathe and dress," Esme states, fluffing the blue and white gown that is to be my garment. It is even more elaborate than that of Alice's wedding gown. It seems preposterous to me that I shall wear such an opulent gown.

"Isabella, you are to be queen, all of court shall be in attendance," Esme reminds me.

"She is correct Isabella. I am quite agreeable, for I chose it!," Alice claps. She is interrupted as one of the chamber maids drops the logs that are needed to tend the fire.

"I beg your pardon," She curtsies deeply, rushing to pick them up.

"Angela?," I call, noticing her dark hair.

She looks up to me, then curtsies once more. "Yes milady?"

"Can you see to it that Lady Swan has a bath at once?," Esme comes up beside me pulling me away.

"Aye, of course Milady," she replies, all but running from my chambers.

"I heard what thou did, Isabella. It was quite kind of you. But be wary, there is a fine line between kindness and piety. They shall accept the first but resent you should they feel the latter."

I nod when she finishes. Two girls return with Angela, they follow her, curtsying lowly to me as if I were already Queen. The two girls, one blonde and the other with reddish hair appear, both I remember.

"Your bath is ready, milady," Angela speaks.

"I shall return in a moment, Alice."

"You must!," she grins, fixing her shirts once more.

I notice both Hal and Hart standing guard outside the bath as I walk forward.

When I enter, I waste no time undoing my garments, however when I do the maids gasp. I am unsure as to why until I look down at my person. He has left marks upon me!

Damn him!

They must think horrid thoughts. I am even more unsure as how to address this. All I can do is step into the bath quietly.

"Milady, we shall not speak of this," Angela says placing rose petals within the bath.

"We swear upon our lives," the blonde says, rushing to attend to my nails.

"Upon God," the red haired one replies, holding my garments to her chest. "We owe so much to you."

"Thou art the kindest Lady we have ever met at court. We would rather have you as queen than the French princess," the blonde says.

"She once threw her brush at me," the red head frowns, her big brown eyes darkening at the thought.

Oh no…

"You all misunderstand—"

"You are kind. The king has decreed if any man forces himself upon a woman within his home shall be jailed and tried," Angela smiles sadly. "He is good king, if you tell him what has happened, I am sure he will understand. Or at the very least protect you."

It is my turn to smile. "You are all so kind and I do believe you shall not speak against me. So thank you, but no man forced himself upon me."

"But your skin is tainted," the redhead says, causing the blonde to hit her shoulder.

"Our apologizes milady, we have spoken out of turn. Forgive—"

"No, all is well. I seem to have delicate skin and I shall let the king know such."

"Of course milady," the red haired girl states and I realize I still do not know their names.

"I know of Angela, but I do not know what to call you two."

"I am Viola, Milady," the red haired girl says.

"And I am Margaret."

"Well, it is a pleasure to know you all," I reply and I truly mean it.

They help me out of the bath and wrap me in the softest of red silk robes. On my feet they place soft slippers. Pinning my hair upon my head, I walk out, moving the short distance from my bath to my chambers.

However, the distance is not short enough because Edward walks pass, almost as though he knew when to appear. He stops and bows, a grin spreading across his handsome face.

"Milady," he says.

I hold my robe as I curtsy. "Sire."

Moving quickly, I do not stop until I enter my chambers, though the smile on my face does not diminish in the least.

"If you smile any wider, your face shall split," Alice giggles, turning in her dress.

"Alice!," I gasp, looking her over. "You are beautiful."

"Just one thing left to add," Rosalie steps forward, dressed in a gown of the deepest of violets, with jewels adorning her ears and neck. Walking to Alice, she places a small crystal comb into her hair.

Alice reaches up and touches it carefully. "Thank you Rosalie, this very kind of you."

"I have been known to have my moments, I know you do not believe such, but we are family now and I hope we can all act as such," she speaks to Alice, but turns to me. I think she wishes to agree to our previous expiatory offering.

"I have a surprise as well," I say to her, moving to my chest, I retrieve a small box, opening it to reveal the silk white ribbon within.

"Bella!," Alice gasps as her face flushes.

"I do not understand," Rosalie frowns, staring at the fabric in confusion.

"In Devonshire, this is a tradition all brides partake in," I say, walking to Alice and kneeling before her. Rising her skirts, I tie the ribbon into a bow around her thigh. "A gift for only her husband to unwrap."

"I had forgotten, thank you, sister," Alice grins.

"It's a magical moment indeed," Esme smiles, kissing Alice's cheek. "Now hurry and dress, Isabella."

"You go ahead. I will seek you out before we head to the Abbey." I tell them, hoping they will not dare argue. I do not wish for them to see the marks upon my person.

By the grace of God, they seem preoccupied with Alice and help her from the chambers. The maids who had dressed her come to my aid, but I simply shake my head.

"They shall help me," I point to Angela, Voila and Margaret.

The older maid frowns. "Milady, they are but chambers maids—"

"I am aware. Thank you," I say to her and she curtsies before leaving.


June 29th 1607

"How do I look?" Jasper asks us all.

"Like a fool in a prince's clothing." Emmett snickers lowly as we enter the blue and white decorated Abbey. It is not as full as it had been for my coronation nor can it compare how it will be for my own espousal ceremony, but it is quite the event.

"You have been oddly silent, Sire," Carlisle states causing Jasper to roll his eyes.

"It is my wedding day and you are worried for Edward, father?"

"Keep speaking as such and you shall not make it to the end of the day," I threaten and each of them goes silent before I grin. "Fools, the lot of you."

"We shall see just how foolish you are when your day comes," Carlisle states.

"I am the king. I cannot be foolish," I hold my head high.

They all snort. Ignoring them, I close my eyes to once again find myself in the field with Isabella. She has me so perplexed, so desperate. Every moment without her is driving me mad.

When will she cease to rule my thoughts? After we are wed? In a year? When?

The music starts and we cease our chatter. I watch as Alice enters upon the arm of Duke Swan. He holds his head high and proud. Jasper steps forward, a grin upon his lips. However, my gaze focuses upon that of my very own bride-to-be. After this morn' she seems even more beautiful. She is mine and I wish to scream it for all of Britain to hear. She fights with herself to not look upon my person, I can see it.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together before God, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, an institution of God into which these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore, if any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, by God's Law, or the Laws of the Realm, under the King himself; speak now, or else hereafter forever hold his peace," the Archbishop says aloud looking upon the guests present.

When none speak, he turns to Alice and Jasper. "I require and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why ye may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, that ye confess it. For ye be well assured, that so many as be coupled together otherwise than God's Word doth allow are not joined together by God; neither is their Matrimony lawful."

Once more, they do not speak.

Isabella's catches my eyes and the moment I look upon her, her gaze retreats as if she truly knows the sinful thoughts that run through my mind. I only wish for her. I can gaze upon her forever and a day.

"Prince Jasper, the Marques of Gloucester, Cousin to King Edward III, wilt thou have this Woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together in God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her, in sickness and in health. Forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?"

"I shall," Jasper replies.

"Lady Alice Jackson, ward of Lord Charlie Swan, the Duke of Devonshire, Wilt thou have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together in God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou obey him, and serve him, love, honour and keep him in sickness and in health. Forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"

Alice grins. "I shall."

At this, Bella looks to me. In that moment I can read her thoughts. In a few weeks, this will be us, declaring our union in front of all of England. A smile spreads across my face and her expression mirrors my own.

"God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, bless, preserve and keep you. The Lord mercifully with his favour look upon you and so fill you with all spiritual benediction and grace, that ye may so live together in this life, that in the world to come ye may have life everlasting. Amen," the Archbishop finishes, lifting their joined hands.

"Amen," We all say.

"You may kiss your bride." And they do, with respectable taste before parting. The church erupts into praise.

They turn, walking down the stairs and towards the door hand in hand. Before she can run, I take Bella's hand and place it upon my arm. We will walk as one. She waves to people who stand outside the Abbey as do I. They sing and cheer. Many of them, never seeing her before now, spend more time with their gaze upon her and not upon the newly wedded.

Isabella and I enter our carriage, before Jasper and Alice are able to. Once we are inside, for propriety's sake, Esme and Carlisle join us. Bella pays no mind to us, continuing to wave at any who greet her.

"They love you," I whisper, waving out to them as well.

Bella leans over to me. "Weddings bring out the best in people—-"

"They love you," I repeat, kissing the back of her hand. "As I love you."


June 29th 1607

It feels as if hours have gone by, but the music continues to play and the wine continues to flow. The vast amount of food spread across the banquet tables could have fed Devonshire. Everything is decorated to a degree that almost borders on ridiculous, yet it works. Alice has danced so much with Jasper; I know both their soles must be riddled with aches.

The French princess comes before Edward and curtsy with her ladies beside her. Her blonde hair drapes over her shoulder elegantly.

"Your highness, I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me into your kingdom. I wished very much to see their wedding. I shall be returning to France within the morn'." There is an edge within the layers of her French lilted words and I am sure Edward notices, but he does not react.

He smiles and respects her with a small bow. "May God bless you on your voyage princess, do give your father my regards."

"Of course sire and many blessing upon your espousal to the lady." She takes her leave with grace, her head held higher than all the rest, but something plagues me. Adreadful feeling I cannot shake.

"She does not wish us well," I whisper to Edward. He nods, taking my hand to kiss it.

"You will come to learn very few wish us well and even fewer of them are genuine," he says nothing more on the subject and I do not push.

"It is time my lord," one of Edward advisors' bows slightly to Jasper.

Cheers break out among the men. They stomp their feet and chug their drinks, like drunken men at a tavern. Jasper stands from the end of the table, reaching for Alice's hands. Her face flushes crimson as she stands. The advisors follow and I wish to pull her to me, to save her from such a fate.

"It is not as dreadful as it seems wife," Edward whispers beside me before eating a grape.

"How can it not be so?," I whisper, trying to remain calm.

He smiles, rising from his seat and all of court bows to him but not without whispered speculation. Esme, who is my self appointed guardian, follows behind us, so quietly that had I not seen her follow I would not have known she follows us. He takes my hand leading me out of the hall. He does not stop until we were outside a door that looks like any other door. He turns to Esme, who gives him a look I do not understand before she turns her back to us.

"You must be silent," he whispers, taking me inside.

It is a small library of sorts, with tossed books littering a great deal of the area. Edward walks to the shelf, pulling a few books down.

"What are you—"

"Silence, my love," he interrupts me with a smile, which leaves me weary. I have come to know that smile and each time I have experienced it, I have become his prey.

When the books are gone, all that remains is a small screen, similar to the ones I have seen in the confessionals at church. Stepping forward to peer through the opening, I gasp as I see them. Jasper and Alice, embracing in the most passionate of ways, her hair is down and his blouse is removed; the veil that was over the bed hides very little. I place my hands over my eyes.

"Edward this—"

"This is court. Jasper shall be in the room with us as well. You do not invade by watching," he whispers behind me and I shiver when his hand brings down my own from my eyes. I can feel him pressing behind and my eyes widen as I watch Jasper pull the ribbon off Alice's thigh.

He kisses her bosom and she moans, just as I have done many times before with Edward. The sound makes me feel… experience things in ways that I cannot explain. My breath slows and no longer am I able to look away.

How shall I ever look upon Alice innocently again?

Edward grips my waist and I lean into his touch. I wish for him to touch me like no other has. Brushing back my hair, he kisses my neck, his lips not stopping until he reaches my ear.

"Do you think they notice anyone else within that room?," he asks me and for the first time, I lay my eyes upon the men standing a ways from the bed. I am so taken with the couple and Edward's touch that I had failed to notice them.

"It shall be the same with us," his hands find their way under my skirts, stroking my inner most thighs. "We shall be so consumed with pleasure, the world shall fall away."

"Is each time as such?," I whisper, fighting the sounds that wish to break free from my lips.

He snickers and grabs my bosom tightly and I cannot suppress the moan that ripples from me. It is only luck that Alice happens to moan as well and they are still unaware of our presence.

"There shall always be pleasure when I take you milady. Fret not, for I find nothing in the world more pleasing than worshipping you," he declares and I press my derriere into his hardness.

"Sire, I cannot take much more of this," I whisper as his hands find my person. I can only imagine how flushed my face looks. My hands go to his, I plan to stop him, but when his finger enters me, I cannot find the will. I simply hold his hand, moving with him.

"Then tell me to stop, milady."

Damn him.

"I cannot," I bite my lip.

"Nor can I, so what shall we do, wife?," he asks as another one of his fingers enter my body.

"Edward—" I try to speak and breathe at the same moment, but suddenly it seems impossible.

I reach out, holding onto the bookshelf as his pace quickens and he rubs himself against me. The gown I wear frustrates him for he begins to pull on the garment. I would have ripped it free myself had there not been a knock at the door.

"No," I beg as his hand begins to pull away.

"Come to me this eve, wife," he whispers, kissing the side of my head before releasing to me.

I all but fall to my knees… again there is a knock and I wish to curse whoever interrupts. Edward calmly walks forward, opening the door as though he knows who it is and he must have, because when he sees Esme, he glares at her.

"I have given you your moment sire, but I cannot allow anything further," she states.

Edward says nothing, moving quickly pass her. I would have deemed him offensive for leaving me in such a state, but I understand his desire to release himself, for I am experiencing a need as well. Esme comes to me, closing the window peering into Alice and Jasper's affair… though I had long since forgotten them.

"At this rate, you shall be tainted before your wedding's eve," she tells me.

With my head hanging low, I nod. "I cannot resist him. I do not know what power he holds over me. Never have I been as—"

"I understand child and you are no more to blame than he is. Let us get you to your chambers."

She does her best to make me look proper before we leave the room.

Come to me this eve.

I cannot. At least not after the events of the day, but my body, mind and heart yearns for him. With every step I take, I wish to find him. It is as though I am fighting against my nature not to.

Arriving at my chambers, I notice Hal and Hart are not standing guard. Edward is making way for me. He is calling to me.

I dismiss the maids and undress myself. Donning my nightgown, I crawl into bed and try once more deny the urge to answer his call.

Come to me this eve, wife.

His voice rings out in my mind. I will go mad. Finally I give in and rise, walking to the door only to find Esme, reading her bible while stationed before my chambers.

"You are but a fox," I gasp out in dismay at her actions.

A small grin turns up the corner of her lips. "Go to bed Isabella, you shall be well again in the morn."

"At least deliver him a letter on my behalf."

She levels me with a pointed stare.

"I beg of you. I wish him not to believe I have denied him by my own doing."

She nods and I rush to my desk.


June 29th 1607

My King,

I have tried to respond kindly to your tempting invite, but your aunt shalt not allow it. She stands vigil at my chamber door. I ache for you. I wish for nothing but you, had she not prevented my actions, I would be with you. You have poisoned my thoughts, the very air I breathe and all I can do is think of you, want you. What have you done to me? Never have I acted as such, or known such desperation until you arrived in my life. I, Isabella Marie Swan, Lady of Devonshire, have become nothing but clay in your hands. I am yours to mold.

Sire, I am not sure if I am profoundly pleased or horribly dismayed. I shall dream of you tonight as I have done every night since our fateful meeting.

Sinfully yours


I take a deep breath before turning to Carlisle who seems highly amused by his wife's actions and my current situation.

"I grow more displeased with your lady wife each passing day!," I snap at him.

"Yes sire," he answers with a smirk.

"Leave me," I command and he does.

Byron comes forward to help me undress, but upon seeing my dilemma he takes the pillow and kneels before me while holding it. I had only just released myself, but her letter has left me hardened once more. Thinking of her, her lips, her bosom, how wet she gets my fingers as they undulate within her, I grow even harder and take hold of myself.

I imagine it is her soft hands, and heavens help me, her pink tongue upon me instead of my rough callused palms. The simple thought of her lips upon my person gives me the relief I so desperately desire and release myself upon to the pillow.

"Leave me." I grunt out to Byron who rises and bows, balancing the pillow as he leaves my chambers.

Falling onto my bed, I wish to scream, but I do not. I think of her face, her beauty and the emotions that course through me whenever she graces me with her smile.

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