Chapter 19

"I am not a political figure, nor do I want to be one; but I come with my heart."

~Princess Diana


July 17th 1607

"You, Christopher Bosworth, has been found guilty of treason, and by the power invested in me through our great and sovereign ruler King Edward Trenton Anthony Cullen III and God through him, thou shall be hung until dead." The court crier announced for all those baring witness in the grand hall.

"I SWEAR I DID NOT DO IT!" He yelled as the guards dragged him away. He kicked and screamed reaching out for his wife, sister, mother, whom ever the women were that cried in sorrow.

That was it. It took three days, most of it James giving sermons on how treasured I was as queen and how I may or may not carry the heir to the realm. I knew he did simply to make himself seem devoted to the crown and maybe, just maybe he enjoyed the sound of his own voice.

Christopher never had a chance and there was nothing I could do. I had not spoken to, much less seen Edward in three days, and the rest of court did not have any sympathy for the lowly wine-bearer. An innocent man was to hang and I as queen was powerless to do anything. What good was a crown if it did nothing but sit upon my head like a hat? When I rose, the hall went silent, each of them rising and bowing for me as I walked out the doors.

Alice and Rose followed behind quietly as I walked. I had not told them what had transpired between Edward and I nor did I plan to. It was our business and ours alone. By the time I made it back to my chambers I noticed not one but four men, Edward's men, bring gowns and trunks with them.

"What is all of this?"

Esme stopped and turned back with a grin on her face holding one of the fine gowns.

"Edward's gifts to you. He sent for them three days ago and has all but pestered me everyday to know if thou had gotten them." She said.

"Bella, these Jewels!" Alice giggled as the men laid the necklaces out for us to see them sparkle.

"Why they are so large? I can see my face in them." Rose laughed as she reached out to touch them but stopped, dropping her hand and turning to me. It was after all treason to touch the crown jewels without permission or just cause.

I stared at all the treasure laid for out me trying my best to control my rage but I could not. It burned so hot and deep within me it would bring to me tears. I took a simple necklace, grabbed the edge of my dress and turned from them all.


"Do not follow me!" I screamed back at them rushing as quickly as possible without running down the bloody halls.

I was going to kill him. They were going to hang me for treason for he would not see another day.

Turning the corner I saw two guards outside his study, both of whom who stood straighter at my approach.

"Your majesty —"

"Open the door." I interrupted them both.

"His majesty wishes not to be dis—"

"Open the BLOODY DOOR or I shall make sure you walk the earth dumb, deaf and blind all thy days!"

Their eyes opened wide as if they had never seen the fury of a woman before. Reaching towards the doors they pulled them open allowing me to see Edward leaning against his desk with Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle and a few other men I could not be bothered to remember at the moment.


I took a deep breath trying to calm I myself; "I wish to speak with thee."

His eyebrow raised and he looked at me confused. Maybe I was not clear enough.

"It is a matter of grave importance, a life and marriage is at stake I assure thee." I said.

He nodded to his men; "We shall continue this later."

"Goodday sire, my queen." The each said as they bowed to us leaving us among the stacks of his study.

"What troubles you?" He asked once more putting space between us as he moved to stand behind his desk.

I snickered; "What troubles me? I have tried to give thy time, because I have been told that men often simply need to pounder upon their actions alone. I realize there is much to tend to and you have lords, dukes, princes, and whatever the bloody fuck else coming to you. I have held my tongue. I have remained calm—"

"Isabella I am quite busy—"

"It matters not to me! You asked a goddamn question your highness and I shall answer it before thee seeks to hide behind your bloody scroll once more!" I screamed, "You wished to know what troubles me? You trouble me! YOU!"

I threw the necklace and he ducked out of the way as it connected with wall.

"Have you gone mad?" He hollered at me.

"No I AM mad you fool! I was mad for thinking I knew you! But I was mistaken! Any man who thinks so low of me, who treats me as though I were his whore not his wife—"

"Enough!" He yelled rushing to me and grabbing arms. "You will excite yourself near death if you act as such anymore and I shall not have it!"

"I hate you." I cried struggling in his arms and he froze his grip loosening as I hit him. "I hate you for making me worry. I hate you for not talking to me. I hate you for pushing me away and I hate you for those stupid gifts, which you only gave me because of your actions. And most of all I hate you because I love you!"

I took a step away from him taking a deep breath and wiping my eyes; "That was all I wanted to talk about. I shall see you in another three days after your next shipment of gifts."

I turned to take my leave when he wrapped his arms around me holding me in place.

"Wife." He whispered in my ear.

"No! You do not get to call me such."

"Wife." He kissed side of my head.

I did not speak. I just turned my head from his kisses and he sighed. We simply stood there for a moment. Finally I gave in missing his touch and turning to hug him.

"Thou sir, are an ass."

I heard him snicker as he rested his head on mine.

"Aye, and a fool."

"Yes a mighty fool." I muttered.

He broke away slightly lifting my head to look at me; "A scared ass of a fool."

I smiled but fought it away; "No. I am still displeased with thee and I shall not laugh."

"I sent the gifts—"

"To buy my forgiveness." I frowned shaking my head at him, "Forgiveness thou did not need and would have learned so had you spoken to me."

"I did not send them to buy forgiveness—" He frowned and I crossed my arms waiting, "Alright maybe I did but I did not intend to harm or hurt you love. I am not well versed in the art of forgiveness especially not when it is from a woman. I have never cared as I do now."

He was already disarming me and I had so much more to yell at him for….but I could not remember all it was I wanted to say as he brushed my hair back and ran his hand down my sides.

"Your words. You speaking to me about anything and everything mean far more to me than jewels or gowns." I whispered kissing his palm.

"What if I do not have the words?" He whispered back.

I smiled; "Then we shall find them together and put an end to all this foolishness. I wish to talk about that night."

"Isabella." He sighed his hands dropping from me but I grabbed hold of them. "I cannot express how —"

"I enjoyed it." I confessed trying to fight the warmth that spread to my cheeks.


"I enjoyed that night…at least my body did. It was most pleasurable. Should thee have told me of such things I would have agreed. I was disheartened by the means used to arrive at such intimacy."

He just stared at me amused and baffled; "You were disheartened I was—"

"Drunk." I finished for him. "Yes I was, for you wanted me not because thy loved me or were overwhelmed with desire for me but because you simply wished to fuck. Such positions are for whores."

"You enjoyed it?" He repeated again slowly.

"Aye, I wish not to repeat it outloud again. The walls have ears." I said softly.

"I feared I had hurt you."

"All that was left wounded was my pride. Why where your drunk Edward."

He sighed moving to his chair before handing me a scroll. I read it over before looking to him.

"I do not understand."

"I believe we maybe at war soon."

"War?" I froze. War as in war….blood, death…war?

"For all the horrors my uncle ever unleashed on our people war was never one of them. They call him the mad king, they spit at his name, and he in all of his years never entered into war with anyone."

"Edward, Aro was mad and the world knew it—"

"And because of that they stayed away!" He snapped, "No one dared cross Aro because they knew they could not reason with him should they lose. The risk was too great. But with me? They see me as a boy not man; a child with crown upon his head and a country who is not loyal to him. The people never wanted me! They wished to start the monarchy anew, wiped clean from the Cullen Line and yet here I stand. Should I fail, should I become mad, should I enrage the people, should I rain war upon their heads our child, my heir shall not live to ever be king…if live at all. King Phillip knows this. He has nothing to lose. But I…"

I stopped him placing my hands on his face. "Breath my love."

He took a deep breath and laughed bitterly; "I have half the mind to take you and run from this place. Renounce the throne to my brother and live the rest of my days as a farmer…or a shepherd."

I laughed taking a seat upon his lap; "How fun that would be, just you and I along with any child we might have somewhere in the hills. No duties, no crown, nothing but our family."

"Aye." He kissed my neck.

I frowned enjoying the thought for a moment looking into his eyes; "I am of the belief that if God wished that to be our lives then it very would have been. We are here. You are king, I am your queen and we live our lives for the people. You were chosen by God—"

"I was born into a royal family—"

"Chosen by God." I said sternly cutting him off as he grinned "Even you Edward cannot control which family you are born into. Only God can do that and he placed you in this one, kept you alive, and now we are at this moment. There is much to fear and much to rejoice in. I have chosen to spend my life doing both with you but you must speak to me."

He kissed me softly at first but when I shifted, turning in his lap he pulled me into his arms tight and I wrapped my hand around his neck.

"Now, we shall deal with all problems as they come, one at a time."

"Oh share thy wisdom my queen," He snickered and I smacked his arm getting up.

"First why not have me write a letter to Queen Guinevere congratulating her on her marriage."

"What good can come of that?"

"Little? Much? I am not sure. But it is something. We women are often pawns to used. Maybe she feels the same and we may become friends."

He thought about it for a moment then nodded.

"Alright. Now all I have to do is make the people love me."

"You cannot make anyone love you Edward, that is impossible. You did not make me love you."

He leaned back his chair and just watched me for a moment; "How did you come to love me then wife?"

"I came to know you as a good and just man." I smiled as a planned formed in my head; "A man who can see truth, and wishes for justice. A man of great strength, but also mercy…"

"I have this odd feeling you wish to ask something of me wife?" He grinned, "But I shall not ask what and simply bask in your complements of my person."

"Not something for me per say…"


I sighed; "Christopher Bosworth, the wine-bearer, was found guilty this afternoon."

He groaned; "Isabella I can not go against the courts—"

"Edward think of it for a moment. The people have only ever known cruelty. Kindness can only lead to respect and respect to loyalty."

"Isabella it is not as though he is being hung for stealing fruit. He is charged for trying to kill you, the queen."

"But I was not yet queen." I tried to reason and he rolled his eyes at me standing to his feet.

"I know what you wish to do and I understand. But if I forgive a man charged for such a crime as this, then nothing shall stand judgment." He said offering me his hand. Sighing I knew he was right but this seemed so unjust.

"Do not fret wife. All will be well."

"Was it not I who had taken to telling you that."

He grinned; "Aye but such is the nature of marriage. You give me strength and I you…and thank you."

He kissed both of my hands, then my forehead, cheeks and finally my lips as I laughed.

When he stepped back his boot met the necklace. Reaching back down he picked it up. "It truly is a fine piece. Are you sure you want me to get rid of them."

"The rest yes, this one no. We shall always look at it and remember how close you came to having it embedded in thy skull."

"You flatter me too much my dear." He snickered.


July 17th 1607

The wind seemed to blow right threw me. It was much colder than one would have thought in July. I could feel Isabella step closer to me and I welcomed it taking her hand. She looked to me with a sad smile before turning to look below at the man marching to his death. I knew in my heart he could not have pulled off the act of killing either Isabella or I…

"This is wrong." Isabella whispered so softly to herself that I would have missed it had she not been so close to me. It was like she was an angel whispering in my ear to stop this. From the corner of my eye I saw her look away in anger and disgust at the people who came to watch a man die. They placed the rope around his neck.

"Brother whisper to me as though you have news." I said softly to Emmett who looked at me oddly but did what he was told. The moment he leaned in I raised my hand.

"Stop." I called down to them and the world, even the wind seemed to go silent. I pretended to listen to Emmett for a moment longer before stepping further out, my hand on the stone rail.

"Christopher Bosworth, I Edward, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland find you not guilty." I said as gasps, even that of Isabella's, carried in the air, "I have been informed of the true culprit. I owe you and your family the deepest apologies, for I too am just a man and privy to mistakes. The crown does not give me the right to ignore your liberties as a person of England. To rectify my mistakea feast shall be held in your honor. Doth thou accept Mr. Bosworth?"

The man, who still had the rope around his neck and tears in his eyes stared up at me in shook, as though he could not believe the miracle bestowed upon him…no one could.

"I shall my king." He finally spoke.

"I thank you." I raised my hand and Isabella took it before saying.

"Free him and see to it that he is washed and dressed in the finest clothes. For he is our king's guest."

I walked quickly doing my best not to run with her as we entered the castle. I did not dare stop until we were in one of the small private rooms of the castle.

"Tell me. Tell me honestly, did I make a fool of myself?"

"I am in awe of you." She whispered, "Any other king would have let him die but you Edward, you showed mercy. Who truly was responsible?"

"I do not know. But it was the only way not to go against court but still free the man.

"Kindness can only lead to respect…"

"And respect to loyalty." She finished for me with a large smile on her face, "I am without words."

"As am I. Let us hide for the time being and hope no one is to notice."

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