Chapter 20

"A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache."

~ Catherine II of Russia


July 31st 1607

"The French have taken back Calais." Emmett spoke as he took a turn about the room.

"How many lost?" Jasper questioned.

"All but one." Emmett frowned as they whispered among themselves "He was to bring word to the king that Phillip shall no longer amuse his actions."

All of their eyes fell upon me as if expecting something.

"Sire, surely this is ground for war!" James yelled the first to truly speak of what plagued.

"Here, here." Said Newton, "English blood has been spilled. Sire should thee not act? Phillip will believe—"

"I bothers me not what king Phillip believes." I interrupted him as they fell silent. "Wish to know how it was possible that Calais has fallen to the French so many years under our control."

They looked upon each other….all of them confused and baffled as I. But none of them dare to give me the answer in which I sought.

"Very few of knew of the weakness of our forts in Calais." Carlisle spoke craving some figure out of wood near the window.

"What says thee?" Denali questioned, "For it seems as though thou calls into question our loyalties to our king."

"Such veracity Denali one would think thy feared a simple question."

"Enough." I raised my hand, each one of them were well beyond my age and yet had seemed to have forgotten. "As it would seem no one can provide me an answer. Am I to go to war without further inquires made?"

"Sire blood has been split—"

"And so shall more blood be slipped should I declare war! Will it be thy own son fighting Lord Denali or has it escaped thee that thou have none to lose? " They all frowned their lips at me and I could see it within their eyes. They looked upon me as though I were weak and unable to do what a king ought to do. What a king was made to do.

"Phillip shall expect retaliation swiftly. I shall not give him such pleasure nor the chance to take any more sons of ours. For now it shall look as I have done nothing."

"But you shall?" Emmett asked nodding as though he followed my thoughts.

"I shall and until I am confident in that no secrets of mine are being shared then I shall no longer speak on the matter." Looking to James I waited; "How goes thou quest to find the man who attempted to take the life of thy queen, my wife?"

He shifted uncomfortably within his seat as our attentions focused upon him; "Sire, I am afraid there is not much else to gather upon the matter since you released the wine bearer. No other can be found."

Newton coughed sitting up right, placing his hands upon the desk, "My king, as valiant as my friend's effort has been, I suggest a change."

"A change?" James hissed through his teeth, his blue eyes narrowing upon the man not two chairs from him.

Newton simply nodded; "As my wife has informed me it is best to allow another set of eyes upon things in hopes finding new details one could have previously missed. After all this, the traitor is highly skilled not only deceiving James but also escaping from the grounds. It would be my honor to look further for such a man."

James fist clenched so tightly they appeared white before my own very eyes. The competition may come well deserved.

"Very well you may assist James in anyway necessary. But be aware should the man not be found soon I shall have both of your heads in his stead."

Before they could speak a messenger dressed in blue entered with his head held down and a letter in his hand.

"Your majesty." He bowed.

Without a word to him I outstretched my hand as he approached with the letter, opening it for me, taking care not to look, before handing it back to me.

I read it over once doing my best to contain my disdain before handing it to my brother resting back in my chair.

"The French princess is with child and King Manuel's two sons have fallen ill." Emmett frowned passing the letters alone.

"Fallen ill? Or poisoned?" Jasper spoke aloud the question that crossed all our minds.

"Then let us state the turn of events." I said calmly; The French have taken back Calais, killed our countrymen, on top of which King Manuel of Portugal has now lost two sons with another child on the way…a half-breed French. An old king with a young pretty wife who is to bear him more children, what better reason is there to help her father in a war?"

None of them spoke…none but that of my uncle.

"The boys are not yet dead."

I snickered at that and so did he; "They shall die I am sure of it. King Phillip will not stop until he has what is mine."

"Speak with King Manuel sire," Jasper said, "Sure he does not want to—"

"King Manuel is an old fool." James spit in disgust, "He would sooner eat his own hand than part ways with the young woman's thighs that is his queen. His country be damned."

"Leave me and speak of this to no one." I said to them. They rose Carlisle looked to me as well but I simply nodded wishing for him to take his leave. There would be much to do, much to speak of, but for now, for this very moment I wished for peace.

War. We were to go to war. There was no undoing the blood of our country men. Blood must be repaid in blood. But how long? The Red Wars took seven years and The War of the Roses lasted thirty years. Was I to spend the rest of my days battling a greedy fool?

Reaching for the wine at the table I took a swig before laying back into the chair, my feet rising up on top of the table.


"I wished not to be entertained!" I yelled I would have thrown the cup had there been no more wine to drink from it.

When there was silence I relaxed again.

"Goodnight my love." I heard her through the door.

Rising quickly, I almost fell from the seat, stumbling slightly as I rushed the door and opened it myself. She was some ways from the door turned back to me confused. My lips parted but I was unsure what to say so I opened the door wider allowing her entrance.

Her hands clasp together she walked slowly inside, filling the room with a light scent of lavender.

"I was not aware it was you." I said to her closing the door once more.

She smiled, but it was forced. Moving to the table she took my cup and embarrassment filled me.

"My first and only cup." I explained quickly I moved to take it from her but she drank from it. Her dark hair tilted back as she drank far better than any man twice her size. Her hand went to her chest and a true smile graced her lips when she was finished.

"I neither asked for your justification sire nor wished it. I merely wanted your wine." She said resting against the table.

Eyebrow raised I moved to her grabbing hold of her waist; "Merely the wine?"

My eyebrows raised as I watched her gown fell apart; "Courage?"

"Courage." She said again as she stepped out of her gown standing before me bare.

I swallowed at the sight of her soft skin, her breast, her…all of her.

"Many men would kill to look upon thee as such." I whispered as I ran my finger up the side of her stomach.

"I do not care of many men. Only you." She replied.

My hand traveled to her hair grabbing a fist full of her dark hair and pulling her lips to me.


July 31st 1607

His lips were everywhere. He lifted me on to the table kissing down my chest.

"Edward—" I moaned wrapping my legs around his waist. Taking my hands he placed them over my head staring down at me.

"Say it." He asked slowly. "I want to hear you to say it."

He didn't tell me what to say…and yet I knew what he wanted to hear. "I want you—I need to make love to you."

He smirked rubbing himself against me. I could feel every inch of his thick bulge between his legs burning on my skin. His grip loosened and I sat up kissing him once before biting on to his bottom lip. Not once did I look away from his lips. Pulling at his trousers I swallowed slowly.

I gripped on to him with one hand as he chose to tease me with his. His fingers ran softly against my person.

"You know not what you do to me." He replied.

"Ed—Ahh—" My back arched towards him. He kissed the side of my head

"We shall make love another time. For now, I wish to ravish in you." He bit my ear and a sound I could not even imagine came from my lips.

I had soon forgotten I held on to him as he pushed me back on to my back, parting my legs open, biting on to my breast, all while his fingers did not stop. I rocked them against them. I grabbed anything I could before finally resting my hands in the curls of his hair. He licked down my stomach not all caring how I shivered at him.

"I want this castle to hear. It is you to whom it belongs." He said right as his tongue joined the magic that was his fingers.

"Fuck Edward." I hissed out wrapping my legs around his head. Grabbing on to one of my breast I pinched my nipples just to make sure this was real. As if I could truly feel such pleasure as this.

"Edward…I…Edward—" Just before I had reached my height he stopped. "No!"

"Patience love." He grinned looking up at me as he licked his own lips. His green eyes glistened.

"Tis it not cruel…to leave a woman…in such a state?" I said between breaths.

He smiled his body now above me; "It is a crime. But not a crime of mine for I am still here my love and the night is young."

He kissed me as I kissed him. I could taste myself and that only added to my desire for him.

"Very well. For I came for thou pleasure not my own."

"Thy pleasure is my own." He countered.

I fought the smile on my lips wishing to be in command of this situation after he had all but left me so hungry for him. Once again I took grabbed on to his…member…and he did not jump but grinned in pride as though he were to dare me to do something foolish.

"Sit back." I whispered to him, and when he did not listen I, with my legs, pushed him on to one of the chairs.

Off the table I, took my place on top of him, gripping on to his hair. Slowly I lowered myself down on him.

"Bloody fuck…"He bit his lip holding on to me before moaning, "Isabella."

"Yes." I whispered.

He didn't speak and I could not bring myself to say another word as he slammed forward into me. Held on to my waist his head on my chest as gripped tightly riding harder and faster.

In the mirror not far from us I saw myself…no it could not be myself because never could I imagine that I would look as wild as I felt.

"Ahh!" I hissed in pain…pleasure…when he nipped on to my skin. "Edward I can't—"

"Stay with me love." He grunted.

But my eye rolled back and I gave into him. "Yes. Yes. Edward."

He didn't stop nor did I want him to. He lifted me up holding me tightly as if there was nothing in this world that could stop him from having me in any position he wished.

He was right to think that.


July 31st 1607

I am not sure how we ended up on the floor… In all honesty I did not care.

Kissing the side of her face once more I rested upon the wreckage that was once my study.

"You are aware that—"

"That all of court will know you had your way with me in your study?" She grinned placing herself on my chest.

"Ahh so it was your plan all along."

"I merely missed you." She kissed my chest.

"As I you." I said my hand running through the locks of her hair. We laid in silence for a moment before she too turned to me in sadness.

"What is it my love?"

"The French princess…She is with child?"

"Who told you this?" I was not aware people had already learned of this.

"You have your spies and I have mine."

"Spoken like a true queen."

"She is with child?"

I nodded watching her carefully. She had gone from sadness to confusion, worry and then back to sadness so quickly it had to be a secret talent of hers.

"Surely now everyone shall think there is something wrong with me." She whispered brushing her hair back, "I've received the most…interesting gifts…all of noble women…Some tell me to rub on my—"

She stopped and I fought the smile creeping up on my lips. However she saw it and smacked my arm.

"Edward do not leer at me! This is important."

"Of course dear. I wished to know why you stopped? You were to rub what where?"

She glared at me for a moment before busting in a fit of laughter herself. She laughed so hard she had to place her head in my chest.

"Edward I have never seen so many potions and creams in my life. They were most stern with their directions of application. One even warned of a short burn that would pass in time! Dear god! Why?" Her laughter once again turned to sadness.

"Do I fret?" I asked her sitting up.

She frowned; "You are too kind to ever—"

"Do I fret?"

"No but you have so many other things to fret about."

"And should not my heir be one of my highest priorities."

Again she frowned and it began to pain me so; "Aye. Have you found some—"

I kissed her quickly; "Dare not speak of foolish things Isabella for it will wound my pride. Ask me why you I am not concerned."

"Very well. Why are thou not concerned?"

"For I know I shall have an heir soon. I know you shall be mother of said child and I know we will one day look back on this a laugh as mad men laugh."

"What gives you such confidence?" She whispered her head slowly dropping.

Bring it back up I stared in her eyes; "My father always told me there is power in the Kings words. That I should speak and see it done. As a boy I said one day I would be king and here I am. I said one day I shall marry for love and so I have. I saw you and called you wife, even when you rejected me…more than once…and yet here you are my wife. So I say we shall have many children. The first a boy, the second a girl, and then I shall simply lose track."

She smirked; "That simple? You simply need to speak it. Is that not a form of hubris?"

"I am king." I said in reply as if that was the answer to everything she had asked…but in a way she did.

"Why do you love me so?" She whispered.

I shook my head; "I cannot answer that. It is like asking birds why do they fly or men why do they breathe. I simply do."

"Ever the poet." She snickered.

"Only for you my love."

She placed her hands on my face; "You have carried my burden. Allow me to do the same. Is it King Phillip that has you locked away from me?"

Wrapping my arms around her I sighed nodding; "War is coming much sooner than I would have thought."

"Just say you will win for you are king." She smiled kissing my hands.

"It is not winning I am worried. The path to victory is paved with the blood of young men…our men. How long until I win? Months? Years? And I cannot simply just leave them and stay within the castle. I must go as well. Damn that son of a bitch and may hell rain down on his grave for the hell he has placed us all in." I hissed in anger.

"You, us, we all, shall be fine." She whispered, "Whatever that is to come we shall stand together as we always have. War or no war."

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