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Kayla blew a strand of long hazelnut hair away from her face, letting out a long drawn out sigh. She had been sitting here in this rat her confining, dull looking office for the past twenty minutes and no one had bothered to turn up to give her the schedule or even tell her anything about what she was doing. It was a big ass school, she was bound to get lost.

Okay rewind. Her train of thought was getting ahead of her.

She thought back to yesterday when she and her mother had moved here, to Beacon Hills, hoping to start afresh. Kayla didn't really care where they went as long as they got as far away from Louisiana as possible. She wasn't born there but had lived there since as long as she could remember and was glad to get away – too many bad memories. Too many regrets. Too much shame. Hell, even her slight southern drawl accent she wanted to get rid of, wash herself clean from everything that had happened.

"Sorry to keep you waiting miss… Hale" The principle apologised, glancing down at his paper and seeming a little shocked at her name. After all, the Hales did have a bit of a reputation and she was sure she would too, soon enough. In fact, it would be an honour.

"It's no problem" She said, extending her hand, "As long as I haven't missed too much – we got held up" having missed the start of the semester due to a funeral. Her best friend's funeral. If she had to miss a week or two of school to say goodbye properly then she would do it, a thousand times over.

"Nothing that I'm sure you can't catch up on" The principle smiled warmly though Kayla could tell he was a tad nervous, glancing at her like he thought she should be burnt to a crisp. Oh for god sake, that fire was three years ago, wasn't everyone over it already?

"Do you need me to show you to your class?" He asked and Kayla shook her head, taking the schedule from him and adjusting the messenger bag on her shoulder.

"No I'll manage, I'm not scared of a couple of high school kids" She reassured him, looking down at her schedule. She had English first. Oh well, it could be worse… it could've been chemistry. Kayla shivered just thinking about it.

"That's good to know" The principle chuckled just as the first bell rung, alerting them to the fact school was officially starting, "Good luck with your first day Miss Hale and if you need anything don't be scared to holler"

"Oh trust me – I won't" She smirked, turning on her heel and striding from the office. Honestly she never really understood why people were nervous on their first day. If people didn't like you they didn't like you – big deal, nothing to cry over. A few students stared at her as she walked along the halls but she paid no heed, placing her earphone bud in one ear and bobbing her head to ACDC 'Highway to Hell'. She was totally at ease as she managed to locate the classroom and strode into the already full room, looking as though she was completely comfortable here and that was when Stiles was alerted to her presence.

"Dude – is that another new girl?" Stiles exclaimed, whacking his friend who sat in front of him on the arm. The girl somehow managed to look completely chill and at ease despite the countless pairs of eyes watching her every move, with interest and curiosity, no doubt thinking what the 'fresh meat' had to offer.

"How would I know?" Scott retaliated, "I know just as much as you"

"Is that supposed to be an insult?" Stiles smirked, raising his eyebrows.

"Ah Miss Hale… welcome" The teacher greeted, "If you'd like to take the free seat at the back – I'll spare you the embarrassing introductions" pointing to an empty seat next to Stiles and he felt his eyes go wide. Hale? Hale? HALE? As in... Derek Hale? Hale as in the family of fricking werewolves? Holy god almighty.

"Thanks" The girl replied and Stiles hit Scott's arm again, leaning forward quickly, "Scott did he say Hale? As in Derek Hale? The big bad scary werewolf Derek Hale?" He demanded in a hushed whisper, his eyes wide, his heart jumping in his chest. This was all they damn well needed, another insufferable, arrogant Hale that would no doubt grate on Stiles' nerves. Him and Hales were not a good combination.

"Yes but… it's impossible – Derek's family is gone, he said so himself" Scott claimed, looking just as shocked as Stiles felt.

"Clearly not" Stiles managed as the 'Miss Hale' walked confidently down the aisle, directly towards his general direction and he tried to apply his 'It's-all-cool-here-nothing-to-see-face', running a hand across his buzz cut. If she did happen to be a werewolf then he had to keep it together – no need to get ripped apart over sending her the wrong 'vibe'. The girl wore dark blue jeans accompanied by simple black flats and a purple V-neck T-shirt that showed a sliver of her tan midriff. Stiles gulped nervously, trying to pry his eyes away but he was curious and intrigued if not a little terrified. Plus she was good to look at - his eyes definitely pleased with what they saw. Not that he was checking her out or anything, god no, of course not. He liked to keep all ten fingers thank you very much. But he supposed he could sneak a peak, no one has to find out.

From the corner of his eye he watched her get comfortable in her seat, taking out her notebook and pulling her long hair over one shoulder, eyes to the front. Both he and Scott were trying to, unsuccessfully, stare at her without bringing attention to themselves but, clearly failed, as she twisted her head and raised her eyebrows at them.

"You two are not all that good at the whole 'discreet' thing y'know? Ya may wanna work on that" She whispered in their general direction, twiddling her pen in her hands as she smirked, clearly amused.

"W-What… we w-weren't staring… what? No, we-we were just-" Stiles stuttered, his heart racing - oh god not another werewolf enemy, and a Hale all the same.

"Yes you were" She interrupted, "Now why? Do we know each other?" She asked teasingly as though she already knew the answer but was just playing with them. The teacher started his lecture though Stiles completely ignored him.

"No… n-no, do we?" He laughed nervously, right hand resting on his head, "I don't think we do, no, no we d-don't" Stiles added and the girl turned her head towards him, light green eyes glistening with amusement.

"Try saying that without the stutter" She smirked, eyes flitting between him and Scott, "But I assume it's to do with Derek and his 'wolfishness' so don't worry Mr large-brown-puppy-dog-eyes" She said, directing the last of her sentence to Scott, "Your secret is safe with me" And with that she winked before diverting her eyes and facing the front of the class again.

Stiles felt his mouth pop open. Okay then, definitely a Hale, he could tell by the attitude. A Hale that knew about werewolves and knew about his best friend too.

"Wait what? What do you-" He cut off by the teacher's sharp voice.

"Mr Stilinski, eyes to the front before I end up giving you a week's worth of detentions" The teacher snapped and Stiles nodded, face still slack with shock as he stared at the girl from the corner of his eye who was smirking in his direction.

"The name's Kayla and the pleasure is all mine" She whispered quietly before her lip quirked and she looked away, leaving Stiles completely and utterly speechless - quite a feat if he had to say so himself!

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