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"Hello everybody!" Ceaser, in his last year, begins, "And welcome to the HG Panel! Where we will discuss our final thoughts on last years games, and what to expect for this years quell, now that we know our quell! Which as you all know is that this year it will be 9-15 year olds! So let me introduce our Hunger Games Panel. First we have hunger games expert, Mercius Palmaro!" The 58 year old expert on the games slowly walks out, and takes the first of the 3 desks. "Next we have Ella Aloi, a hunger games reporter!" The new hunger games head reporter, of only 30 years old, takes the next spot. "Finally we have our hunger games announcer, Surano Bettini!" The 37 year old announcer who took over Claudius' job steps out and takes the third, and final desk.

"The Hunger Games panel will give you a tour leading up to the hunger games, offering insight and predictions on what's going to happen. So let's ask the panel the first question everyone is itching to know, what are your thoughts on the quell?"

Mercius, the HG expert, speaks first. "Well, I believe that this could have one of two effects, either it will make it extremely fast, with the older tributes quickly eliminating the other competition easily, or it will be a long games, with the younger tributes doing everything they can to avoid the others. I'm very excited to see which of these happens, but I can't see this being overly exciting without being way too fast."

Ella, the head reporter, lets out a short laugh, "I don't believe so, what I think will happen is all the younger tributes will create a large alliance, knowing they stand no chance otherwise, and we will have a pretty normal length games, and possibly the best ever."

The HG announce, Surano, barely lets her finish. "As exciting and amazing that would be, sadly I don't think that will be the case, I think these games will still be great thought. I'm going to pre-rank it at 4th on my list, behind the 74th, 50th, and 75th of course. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong, but I think this can't compare to 48 tributes, the love story with the sour ending, or, of course, the family of previous victors."

"Well," Ella begins, "Both of the quarter quells success was because of the brilliant arenas, so I think this years success is riding on the arena heavily."

Right as she finishes a buzzer rings. "Alright!" Ceaser shouts out, "Thank you to our brilliant panel, for their fantastic insight. Make sure to tune in next week for the panel's first impressions on the tributes, and the reveal of the odds board!"

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