Hello everyone, this is the second to last chapter, next chapter being the victory stuff, but this one will focus on what happened to all of the tributes families and friends and such in the coming years. Sorry if your tributes is one of the few without one, as some just felt like I didn't have anything to say, and felt pointless. So anyways here it is, enjoy :)

Emerald- When Emerald died the whole district seemed to stop for a moment in shock, then move on to the next year. Even Emerald's friends and family seemed to just forget about him, and continue going through their lives. Everyone but Sheen. Emerald's brother never forgot, never got over it, and the next year he volunteered for the games, getting a dominating victory. But no matter how much fame and fortune, no matter how many drunken nights and drug-induced mornings, there is one thing Sheen never did. He never, not for even a moment, forgot.

Mason- Mason's little brother was born just a couple of months after the games, and much to his parents relief, he didn't go down the same path as Mason. Instead of fueling himself up with rage and using it to hate, to get revenge, he instead used it for good. He ended up setting up the infrastructure for the rebellion in district 2, which although he never lived to see it, being assassinated at 25 years old, ended up being the key to victory for the districts in the next rebellion.

Icilla- Upon Icilla's death, while most everyone grieved for her, her father did the opposite. He was angry and disappointed, and immediately went to work having another child, training this one to be even more bloodthirsty. And at 17 years old, Icilla's older sister she never even got to know existed, won the games. But that wasn't the end for her, as at 31 years old, she was executed for crimes against the districts, the aftermath of the rebellion.

Harper- Harper's mother and brother began to grow back together, bonding over the grief of losing him. But as soon as problems got mended, they got torn back apart. With the sadness and despair of losing a family member no longer there, the two drifted back apart. Meanwhile, Harper's ex-girlfriend Vega played perhaps the biggest role in the rebellion of all. She became the head of rebellion in district 13, and very possibly would have become president of Panem, if not for her committing suicide 2 months after the end of the war, on the anniversary of the day of Harper's death.

Ryan- While Ryan's friends Sandy and Rio got over his death, and the two drifted apart, joining other groups, and Ryan's sister moved out, wanting to erase all memories and start anew, Ryan's father was truly changed. Just weeks after the victory tour, he went out and adopted a 5-year-old boy from the orphanage, raising him as his own, the way he wish he had been for Ryan.

Hayla- While Hayla's mother withered away in sadness, barely scraping by for years, Fia turned to hatred. She began training non-stop, and at 16 years old volunteered for the 107th Hunger Games, where-ironically enough- she was betrayed by the district 1 male at the bloodbath.

David and Lizzy- After losing both of their children, the Malvina parents decided that they had to start using their wealth for good, and started up an orphanage where parentless children could get the lives they deserved. The orphanage was bombed and destroyed by the Capitol however, both of the Malvina's killed, along with 4 children.

Kaylee- Out of all of the tributes, the only one to be truly forgotten would be Kaylee, who was forgotten even by her once ally, Percy.

Marren- With Marren's solid performance in the games, his sister was convinced that she needed to start training kids in 7 to enter the games. And with the help of a victor, she did just that, starting up a small training academy, where in its full span it produced 27 volunteers in 30 years, all but 3 of them facing death.

Caddis- With their brother now dead, Caddis' two sisters began to be met with crippling sadness, now having no one but each other. And as it turned out, that wasn't enough, with the two being executed for stealing 2 years later.

Ameathon- Ameathon's father, realizing his mistakes, turned his life around, coming out and living. He slowly turned back into his old self, and died with only one regret, that not being what he did with his life, but what had to happen for him to.

Fawn- Her best friend, and person she volunteered for, Elizabeth, was not fortunate enough to escape the games. The next year she was reaped yet again, and due to her blindness, stepped off the plate just as the countdown started, the earliest death in Hunger Games history.

Oak and Zaphrina- Immediately following their death, the family of the two siblings took to the streets, and started a riot which lead to the death of 13 peacekeepers and 42 citizens, including all of them, who were hanged on live television.

Susan- Perhaps the most peculiar case of the bunch, just after the games was over, they discovered the truth behind Susan, that she was the wanted daughter of the district 2 rebel. They set off to district 12 to find her siblings, but when they got there, they were already long gone, never to be seen again. Some say that they went off to district 13 and never revealed their true identities. Others say that they died on the journey. Even others say that they found something out in the woods, and never left. The true fate of them however, remains a mystery.

Overall- The events of the 100th Hunger Games set up a chain of events that lead to rebel groups in every single one of the districts, and even the Capitol. After 31 more years of ruthless tyranny by the Capitol, during the training of the 132nd Hunger Games, 19 tributes were rescued and brought to district 13, soon after a war between the districts and the Capitol beginning. After a full year it began to look like the Capitol was going to win yet again, but the rebellion had a trick up it's sleeve. A small Capitol rebellion group set up an attack on the president, and against all