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Emma woke up startled. She had some weird dream about wishing to be Regina's wife and magicking them as couple. When she looked around she gasped. That was the moment Emma knew she hadn't dreamed but did it really. Next to her laid slept peacefully and looked really cute. Emma watched her. She wore a kind smile and her face was relaxed. It was than that Emma finally felt that Regina had wrapped an arm around her hips and was sleeping rather close to her. Emma looked around and spotted a baby phone and an old looking book on her night drawer. She knew that it was her dairy.

Emma looked on the clock while she grabbed the book. 4am. She had enough time to read the book. While she was reading the book she felt how her smile grew. Apparently her magicked self and Regina were very much in love. Even more than her were married for 9 years. They had next to Henry a 3 year-old daughter whose name was Rose. Regina and herself were trying for another baby and that's why Regina had magicked Emma a cock. When she read this she slid a hand underneath her shorts and felt the limp long cock there and gasped slightly. She read her last entry and her smile grew even bigger. They had brought Rose to Ruby so they could try again this morning and Emma put the book away before she laid down once again.

Emma loved Regina. But no one knew about it. She loved her since the moment she had seen the hot tempered woman for the first time. She never doubted that Regina loved Henry. She just had doubted her ways of dealing with people who scared her. She scooted closer to her once again and soon fell asleep again.

Regina woke up two hours later. She instantly felt someone snuggled close to her and turned her head to the person. Her breath hitched and she slowly sat up. She was in bed with Emma! With Emma fucking adorable Swan! She cursed herself in her mind for being so careless and just sleep with her and even don't remember it when she noticed that she still had her clothes on. She sighed relieved and looked next to her on her own night drawer. She saw the calendar. It was the 21st June 2021. How the hell could have passed almost 10 years without her remembering? That was the moment she tasted the magic lingering in the room.

She remembered her dream. She had wished that she was Emma's wife. She looked at her hands and saw a beautiful ring on her ring finger. She turned back to Emma. Maybe... but just maybe... her wish had come true. Regina knew just one way to find out. She leaned over and kissed Emma's lips. Emma's eyes fluttered open and Regina softly broke the kiss. "Hello beautiful.",Emma said with a smile. She had read that Regina liked called being beautiful. Regina grinned brightly and kissed her once again. The wish maybe wouldn't last long but she would enjoy it. "Hello yourself.",Regina said and snuggled closer.

"So... what are you doing today?",Regina asked and stroked over Emma's stomach. "Well. We brought Rose to Ruby because we had something planned.",Emma answered and she put her hand on Regina's thigh. Regina moaned and Emma climbed between Regina's legs. "We finally can use your little present for me.",Emma whispered lovingly in Regina's ear and Regina shuddered aroused. They started kissing each other passionately. Still thinking that the other one was just a fulfilled wish. But they wanted to feel how it would feel to make love to each other. Even if it was just a short time thing.

Soon both women felt Emma's hardened cock pressing against Regina and they started undressing each other. "Well, I gave you a nice present, didn't I?",Regina asked when she stroked Emma's cock. Emma who hadn't felt THIS kind of pleasure before had to close her eyes a moment and gather herself again before she could answer. "Yes. The best.",she breathed out and Regina chuckled. "Shouldn't we use...?",Regina started when Emma wanted to entered her and than saw the surprised look of Emma. "We had a bit to much wine or did you forget why you magicked myself a cock?",Emma asked with a smirk and Regina realized it. They wanted to make a baby. Another one apparently.

"Yeah, sorry. Still have a small headache.",Regina answered and cupped Emma's cheek. "I love you.",she whispered and Emma kissed her passionately. "I love you too, beautiful.",Emma said and she carefully entered Regina who gasped. "Oh that... that feels so good. Emma...",Regina moaned and kissed her lovingly on the lips. She wrapped her arms around Emma's shoulders and closed her eyes when the pleasure started to rise in her. Emma had to bite her lip to keep quiet so that Regina wouldn't see that she was already coming from the new kind of pleasure. Or it wasn't exactly new. It was just other placed than when she had a pussy.

Regina felt Emma's conflict and leaned up. "Come. It's alright.",Regina whispered and Emma let herself go. She screamed Regina's name when she spilled amounts of seeds into Regina. Emma looked apologetic. "Sorry... it's new for me.",Emma said and Regina smiled at her softly. "It's okay, Emma. I think we will have our little friend up in no time.",Regina said and flung Emma on her back. She gripped her cock and pumped him while she lowered her mouth down to the cock. Regina took the cock deep in her mouth. She moaned and winked at Emma seductively. Emma threw her head back and groaned loudly. "Fuck! Regina..." Regina chuckled and slowly released Emma's cock and straddled her.

Emma gasped and than gripped Regina's hips when she had entered Regina already a bit. She slammed her down. Regina moaned and than sighed contently. "Definitely a nice present, baby.",Regina said and rocked her hips with Emma's rhythm. She moved up and down and leaned over Emma instead of sitting straight. She kissed Emma lovingly and intertwined their fingers. Regina felt herself coming and moved faster to bring Emma at the same time with her over the edge. "If you keep doing that than I won't last any longer.",Emma moaned and Regina grinned. "That's what I hoped, honey.",she said and Emma just shook her head chuckling.

They let themselves go and came together. They became boneless puddles and just laid on each other. "I love you, Emma.",Regina said and cupped Emma's cheek and kissed her lips. "I love you too, Regina." They just stared into each other's eyes. They finally felt safe and happy. "How about we have a nice long breakfast and I give you a massage afterwards before we get Rose from Ruby?" "Well, I would love that but before we start that I want to shower. You can join me, honey.",Regina said with a wink but made no move to get down of Emma. "Gladly, Gina.",both smiled about the nickname.

When they finally got up they walked to the bathroom and Emma hugged her from behind when they looked into the mirror. They looked a few years older but it didn't really seem like there had passed 10 years. "Still as beautiful as the day I met you.",Emma said and kissed her shoulder and Regina turned her head to Emma and softly kissed her. "You too.",she whispered against Emma's lips and turned completely around to Emma. She wrapped her arms around her and just leaned against her. "What would I do without you.",Regina mumbled and Emma kissed her head. "I think that what I would do. Being a total mess.",Emma said and stroked over Regina's side.

Regina started giggling. "Stop tickling me!",Regina said and laughed but Emma shook her head and continued with a big grin. When Regina couldn't breathe anymore Emma stopped and pulled her back against her. She didn't knew why but it felt so easy to act like a happy couple with Regina. She was so sweet and caring. She was understanding and didn't mind Emma's little mistake earlier. She obviously loved every habit from her, good or bad. "Thank you for being my wife.",Emma whispered and Regina looked up to her. "I should thank you rather, Emma. Without you... I feel empty...",Regina said. And it was the truth.

The few hours with Emma? These were probably her best she had with a person she loved. And she felt empty without Emma by her side. She felt so a long time now. Every time Emma stood on her porch her heart almost leaped out of her chest even if Emma came to her to argue with her. She didn't cared as long as Emma was near her. Emma led her into the shower. After they had taken the shower they walked to the diner. What both didn't expected was Ruby fully dressed. She didn't really showed much skin in an inappropriate way. She held a little black haired girl in her arms and talked to her animated.

They knew from this moment that Ruby was the true love of their daughter. If they liked it or not. "Hey guys.",Ruby said when she saw them and they smiled kindly at her. Rose opened her arms so that Regina would take her in her arms and Regina happily obliged. "I thought you would come later.",Ruby said with a mischievous grin and Emma blushed. "I think that's just the parent in us, Rubes.",Regina said without thinking and when she realized what she said she wanted to say something but saw that Ruby didn't even minded. "You forgave me finally for being the true love of your daughter?",Ruby said quietly and Regina looked up to her.

"I would deny my own daughter the chance for love if I would be against you. It was just a lot to take in.",Regina answered and kissed Rose's head. "Love you, Mama.",Rose mumbled and Regina chuckled. "Love you too, sweety.",Regina said and Emma wrapped an arm around Regina's waist and laid her free hand on Rose's back. "Hey, my darling.",Emma said and kissed Rose's head too. Regina saw once again why she had fallen in love with Emma. She was the perfect mother. She may need some help like how to cure a child which has the flu without freaking out and over reacting. Ruby smiled at them. "I hope that we'll be as happy as you two are.",Ruby said and they looked to Ruby with serious looks.

"If you hurt her make sure that you have a room where magic doesn't work because that would be the only chance for you to survive.",Emma said to the surprise of everyone. "I know, Emma. You tell me that every time we meet with Rose.",Ruby said with a insecure smile. "How do you find Ruby?" "She is a cwutie.",Rose said and giggled before she blushed heavily. Regina laughed quietly. Henry was the same with 7 when he had a crush on his first grade teacher. "She is but don't you find your mother cuter?",Regina said with a grin and Rose shook her head. Emma fake gasped before she looked to Regina, silently asking her if she could take Rose in her arms.

Regina gave Rose a last kiss before she placed Rose in Emma's arms who directly started tickling the little girl's body. "Mo-mmyyy!",Rose squealed and tried to fight Emma's hands off. "Mama help me!" Rose laughed hard and Regina soon joined tickling their daughter. They stopped and gave each other a soft kiss. "Bad mommies.",Rose said with a mischievous grin which she definitely had inherited from Regina. "Guilty.",Emma said and hugged her tightly.