A King for a Pawn

Chapter 8: My System, My Rules

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Fair warning I wont be covering all of the rating game as fighting scenes are not my strength so it will be a bit of back and fourth with of course new scenes as a result of the changes.

XChapter StartX

"He's improving now that he can take a punch or two." One of Naruto many clones said to him as he watched Issei dodge Hayate's attacks. This clone was as tall as him, pitch black hair style into a pompadour this one had named himself Bulat. He was one of the many clones that trained to be one of the strongest to protect his maker.

"Yes, but how has Raynare's training been coming along under her constantly changing weight?" Naruto asked as he'd requested that Bulat tutor her in combat as while she did have a little experience, it wouldn't compare to Bulat's.

"Smoothly, she had a good base to start with. She struggles but keeps getting back up. It's clear she doesn't want to let you down, not unlike the others here." Naruto nodded to this fully knowing that each of his clothes would be there for him at a single call. But he wanted them to exists further thus why the world was so large for them. "Also, are you going to let me train Kiba-kun after Miya-sempai is finished tenderising him?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow to the minor red in his clones cheeks looking at Issei sweating hard. "Yes I will under the condition you refrain from flirting… too much." Yes, as odd as it was from an outside perspective several clones had varied sexualities Bulat being gay. It wasn't a problem he just never felt comfy getting that close to a man in a romantic way.

To each their own he concluded eventually.

"Ah so cruel I just want to test the boy's metal and see how much he could improve under the hands of a senior swordsman." Bulat said surprisingly adapting one of Rock Lee's and Might Gai's old techniques and made his own illusion, his being a border of roses.

"See this, this is my I believe you face." Naruto said pointing to his deadpanned expression making Bulat deflate. "But yes, Miya is way above hos lvel in strength and speed but you Bulat have the best defence, Kiba will need you knowledge too. Now then I best get back to my work while we are here."

"Never thought I'd see the fires going again. This group really are helping you come out again." Bulat said making Naruto sop in his stride.

"Perhaps, I suppose I just want to try again like I promised to do." Naruto said gazing in a seemingly random direction in his little world. Leaving Bulat to watch the two young looking males grapple he wondered if he could teach Issei a few moves too. Issei himself flinched at the feeling which caused him to get punched by Hayate, no rest for the pervy.


"Stay calm Koneko-chan be still, you are worrying about something that can't happen in this world." Naruto sage master clone Yoh advised the little Koneko as she sat on a stone in a white robe under a waterfall. The training was of course to ease others into being still with the water helping block out sounds and distractions.

"I am, it's cold." She said straight faced as always but there was a hint of frustration. "I can't block out the sounds with water in my ears."

"Take a deep breath, your focusing too much on not being able to feel the flow of nature. Plus your focus is slipping to memories." Yoh advised while atop a stone spire on a flat bit of earth. "Just chill out, I'll check up on you in a bit." In a surprising show of skill Yoh fell asleep while maintaining his balance, around his eyes were green markings almost like a tribal tattoo.

"I do get surprised how relaxed this clone ended up being." Naruto said surprising Koneko as while she did have underwear on underneath her robe, her robe was wet. Naruto decided it was best not to tease her, not that he could it would be like kicking a small kitten. "Still having trouble?"

"I'm just not getting it." Naruto nodded seeing how when he did sage training the oil helped the first stage but he didn't have any way to induce sage awareness into a body so the training relied upon the person being still and listening to nature itself.

"Hmmm well I have a couple of suggestions." Koneko looked up as Naruto sat opposite her on a rock. "When I did this I had it dumbed down for me believe it or not. Chakra is composed of two parts spiritual and physical, nature power being added disrupts the flow of the two if unbalanced. A friend pointed out you have to find that balance by using the idea of ice cream." Koneko's eyes widened a moment hearing this.

"Imagine you have vanilla ice cream which represents your body, now Chocolate sauce is one part of your chakra while strawberry is another and you swirl them around. Now imagine when you swirl the sauces around you add mint or toffee, going over the first too will mix the flavours but it may overpower the sauce you already have. Instead imagine all three mixed and swirled at the same time to form a tasty treat." Naruto said hopefully getting Koneko to understand who took a few deep breaths before still completely still. After a few seconds Naruto felt the spark of senjutsu hit Koneko but as fast as it came in it left and Koneko's eyes widened with panic and fear. She was quick to lunge and hug Naruto who took to petting her head to calm her down.

"It's ok; I know it's a lot to take in Koneko-chan." Naruto said but felt her shake her head.

"I don't wanna be like her…" she mumbled and Naruto just let her hug him till she had calmed down a little.

"You know Koneko-chan, I used to know a big cat by the name of Matabi, she was a very kind feline, more kind than some of her rough housing brothers I'll tell you. She was strong, graceful protective and loyal, we lost touch a long time ago and I'm not sure if she's still around. I say this because you remind me a little of her, cept a little shorter." Naruto said as Koneko looked up to Naruto's face. "When you are ready we'll talk about this, but maybe going straight for this was a bit of a mistake. Training in senjutsu when you have the rating game is dangerous if you lose focus in the match drawing it in. Want to go for ice cream before doing something a little bit easier?"

Koneko's belly growling in hunger was her answer as he picked her up and let her climb in his back to be carried piggy back style. Said comfy passenger wondered how Naruto would react when she actually did manage to control senjutsu, if she could get past the wall she had built around herself. Then again her teacher was going to be there helping her, and he wasn't going to leave her alone.


"Sigh I forgot how close the release date for it was coming… least either way Rias will enjoy some co-op with me." Naruto muttered to himself checking the news feed from his tablet, wifi was a must for some of his tach savy clones, Matsu one of the best but she needed them to have her 'Electronic Eye' on everything while he and most others new she was using it for what most people used it for.

"Hmmm what are you looking at Naruto-sensei?" Akeno asked walking into the main room and took seat beside him, leaning into him as if it was natural for her to be that close.

"Just news on upcoming games myself and Rias will likely be playing." He said moving a hand to pet her head, it wasn't exclusive to Koneko anymore after all. "You finished your training for the day?"

"Yes, while not as fun as it could be I have gotten faster and don't remain still while using spells. It should prove useful for the upcoming rating game. But will you be watching?" Naruto nodded to her question as it would likely be his first public appearance to the devil faction in quite some time.

"Yes, I need to get back into the swing of the politics on a level at least before I let one of the bosses here serve as my proxy… maybe Najeda as she'd been leaving requests." Akeno tilted her now very relaxed head as she shifted to use his lap as a pillow, she may not have gotten to do it to him but she wasn't going to miss her chance and loss points in her battle against her rivals.


"I have a request box where clones can ask to venture out into the world and potentially set up bases when I move about, haven't had to in a while since moving here. Yet never hurts to be prepared, Najeda is savy enough to handle devils that's for sure." Naruto explained before looking down to the young lady in his lap. "Do you think you and the others will be ready, I'll be discussing this with Rias later but I'd like to hear the queens perspective."

"I believe in Bucho but I will not deny that the odds are stacked against us even with extra training. Those two fallen should help but against an opponent like Riser I cannot say with full certainty that we will win." Akeno said knowing the limits of the peerage they had as the second strongest piece on the chess board she had to know the limits of herself and the others. Riser for all his perversion had only lost when he wanted to, that said enough for his battle ability even if it boiled down to, hit him till your tired and he regenerates and roasts you.

"I agree." Akeno gave Naruto a slight betrayed look. "Don't give me that, I know and you know that while your team has potential each of you has something holding them back, the strongest one here is Raynare as she knows what's at stake in regards to her position. But in the likelihood you may not win there is another player on this board ready to lend a hand." Naruto moved to brushed some hairs out of Akeno's face. "Plus if this punk chicken thinks that making my students upset will go unpunished then the menu of celebration will have a poultry dish for its main."

"I do so enjoy when I hear you talk like that."


"Twenty days… ten extra days free that is all I could give you. I hope you all the best when we leave here. Regardless of your result I will be proud to have been your tutor in this trip as will your other instructors. You will have but twelve hours to prepare for your battle and I will be watching. So take care Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Kiba, Asia, Issei, Kalawarner and Mittelt." Naruto said in his regal golden armour having had a clone contact him about the game starting today (technically) and he had been invited to watch by the current Lucifer.

"Thank you sensei!" his students said in unison bowing their head before stepping onto the teleportation seal. In a flash they were gone and Naruto turned his eye to Raynare who had changed her outfit. As opposed to her original bondage lover's dream outfit; she now wore a mesh body suit with an armoured skirt, black shirt with a white tie that had a whirlpool pin at the knot. Her legs had long knee level socks that were stripped red and black and wore armoured boots that went to her ankles but wore blood red armour greaves which matched her gauntlets. At her waist was a sheathed sword that was a double edged broad sword which had a red jewel at the base of the blade.

"Are you ready as well Raynare? How is the blade?" Naruto asked as the fallen angel looked up to her king.

"I am prepared for battle and I may need a little time to adjust to my new sword, I have gotten used to simply making spears." She said grabbing the handle of her sword. "Me and my sisters in all but blood thank you Naruto-sama, you have shown kindness in allowing me to become as strong as I have now." Her two pairs of black wings flapped in agreement.

"Yes, you have come far but there is still room to grow further, it will depend on you. Part of me hopes we will not be needed to break up the party." Naruto said waving to his clone clan. Suu and Kii waved as well as this is where they would stay when they couldn't come with him, they still needed a bit of training but they would be fine watching with him and Raynare.

"Yes but like you have said Rias is still lacking in true experience, a mock war should help her find her limits." Raynare replied watching as Naruto snapped his fingers and the air in front of them fluttered like paper and he reached forward brushing it aside and walked forward to his destination.

"Raynare along with Kii and Suu followed on into a lavish office where Sirzechs and Grayfia awaited them. "Ahh Welcome Naruto-san, you're ear-ooowwch." Sirzechs started before his wife/personal maid pinched his cheek.

"Please remember Naruto-sama's station when referring to him Lucifer-sama." Naruto raised his hand to stop Grayfia.

"It is alright, this right now is just between us, two who care about Rias' health and safety. My appearance to the devil race will come soon enough." Naruto said stepping toward a nearby couch the distortion in the air fading so it looked like the air had not been turned to paper. "But since there is a bit of time there Is something I wish to bring up to the Maoh." Naruto from his gate of Babylon pulled out a set of fourteen cards. "I recall you devils use the evil piece system don't you?"


"Only an hour to go, sigh I'm still worried if I'm ready. I don't want to let Buchou down or Naruto-sensei." Issei said while sitting on his bed wearing his school uniform, obviously nervous at the upcoming rating game.

"Issei-san." Asia's voice rang out at his door and he was quick to open it up for her. Asia instead of her uniform was wearing her former clothes from when they first met. "Ano can I sit with you before we have to leave?"

"Asia-chan, your clothes?"

"Ahh Buchou said to wear something I feel comfortable in and nun clothes might not be the best idea. Um so can I sit by you?" Asia asked and Issei was quick to allow her request as she snuggled into his arm. "We are going into a scray fight soon aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are. But we won't be alone, we'll have each other." Issei said before his door was opened and the pair of Mittelt and Kalawarner walked in wearing their school uniforms like Issei. "Hey you both ok?"

"I guess, just a little anxious haven't really ever been in something like this you know? Plus Mittelt wanted a cuddle too." Kalawarner said smirking as Mittelt went red in the face.

"I do not, your such a liar. I just wanted to see if you were gonna be ok as you two have the least experience." The smaller of the fallen angels asked trying to push down her blush and not recall why she was blushing around the pervert.

A tale for another time perhaps.

"I hope so, after all the training and torture Naruto-sensei claimed was training I'd don't want to let him or Buchou down. Still no matter what I'll be sure to have your backs while you have mine." Issei then held out his fist to which Asia and the other fallen angels put there's forward too as one thing all the clones did while training said something similar.

'When you trust in your partner it's good to show them in a way that lets each of them know you have their backs and will be there. Never betray your friends otherwise you shame the symbol you make with this fist.'

A simple little message but when Issei had to spar with his fellow peerage members they would always start and end with a fist bump at the end of it. the kept their fists together for a moment before Issei's alarm went off signalling them to leave and prepare for battle.


Rias sat in her clubhouse waiting for her peerage members to arrive looking over a small map of the school grounds trying to think of where best to place her members to be effective in this match. "You need to calm down Rias-san." The gentle tone that fitted none of her peerage made the crimson haired teen turn to face the leaf haired Kii.

"Kii-chan? What are you doing here?" Rias questioned caught off guard by the familiars appearance when the deadline for the match was so soon.

Kii herself now was wearing a simple baby blue sundress that went down to her knees and were simple pumps on her feet. In her arms was a small basket that from the smell had some freshly cooked food in it. "Naruto-sama asked I bring these to you. he said while I can't be here to wish you luck again the food he made will keep you ready." Rias smiled as she got up from her seat removing her glasses to come round and place the basket on her desk.

"Thank you Kii-chan, it's nice to know even if I'm worried about my problems someone is still making sure I get my work done." Rias hugged the girl to her chest allowing her a pleasant experience she had gotten used to when she slept in the same bed as Suu who always took in a fair bit of water before sleeping.

Thinking of the blonde man just made Rias feel warm in her heart. She thought back to when he first started teaching the class, he was strict but fair and added a joke now and again to keep it interesting. He made for a likeable guy but time passed and he was quick to become her favourite teacher.

After the truth of who he was came out and she got shown his anime sanctuary she wouldn't be remiss in saying she felt something for him, he was to a degree distrustful but wanted to open up. Her experience in the mini resort showed her a bit more of the mystery man but someone who had people who had servants willing to do so much for him was someone to look up to.

However one thing stood out most in her recent memory, Anna's words the day before he left. "Our master gave us everything we wanted but we can't give him it. Hurt him we'll kill you, but make him smile you'll be lucky to have him."

"You can get back to him now Kii-chan, I'll make sure these don't all go to Koneko-chan." The two giggled as a seal appeared under Kii and she was teleported away. "I'll make sure I don't go down in this game."


The air felt tense as the peerage waited in the club room each of them trying to stay calm such as Kiba who was sharpening his sword despite them being perfect as he'd made it only an hour ago. Or Koneko adjusting the straps of her fighting gloves even though they were on just fine.

'It's always the wait it seems before the storm arrives, I will not waste this chance.' Rias said take a sip of the tea Akeno had made to calm what nerves she could as Sona and Tsubaki appeared. "Hello Sona."

"President? What is she doing here?" Issei asked wondering why the girl and her lovely assistant were appearing so late.

"They are here for the game. The Rating Game is monitored by an outside clan to ensure no side is favoured over the other. Sona has offered on her clans behalf to monitor our match." Rias explained a little glad that at least someone she knew was all for the rules would be the impartial watcher.

"It's because it's Rias' first game that I volunteered." Sona added looking at her friend with a hint of concern hidden behind her professional expression.

"I'll be sure to show you a fight you and my sensei can be proud of monitoring, it's only fair for my rival." Rias then noticed a seal appear on the floor with the symbol of Lucifer at the centre, from which Grayfia appeared in all her maid clothes wearing glory.

"Rias-sama, are you ready?" the maid asked her sister in law.

"Yes, whenever you are." Grayfia just offered a small nod of acceptance.

"When it is time to start the game, the magic circle will send you to the battlefield." Issei gained an expression of confusion which was understandable so Akeno explained that the battlefield was a separate dimension where each side could feel free to go all out without concern over destroying the buildings of the school.

"I'll be returning to the monitoring room Rias. Good luck to you." Sona then took her leave but not before Rias got the last word in.

"Thank you, but I hope we can win with skill rather than luck today." Sona just nodded and left the room with Tsubaki.

"Rias-sama, his majesty Lucifer-sama will be watching along with Naruto-sama. He asked me to say I hope you enjoyed the treats he sent." Grayfia noticed the group smiled as they had each eaten the god slayers cooking which served a nice pick me up.

"Yes, though I do wish he would give me some of his recipes one of these days. I may have to strap him down and pull them out of him ufufu." Akeno said placing a hand to her cheek while most in the room knew Naruto would be less likely be the one tied up in reality.

A girl can dream

Eventually the magic circle appeared. "Rias-sama it is almost time."

"I know, let's go everyone." The king ordered and her peerage stood up preparing for their toughest battle so far. In a few moments there were transported… to the same room they were just in.

Akeno helped clear the confusion once again letting them know the school have been replicated for the same of the battle and looking outside to see the sky moving about like jelly jiggling helped bring that point home. From there they went over their basic strategy for the match in question with Issei, Kalawarner and Koneko being sent out to claim the gymnasium and cut off any potential pawns from getting close to the club house and promoting themselves to queen.

Mittelt was to remain behind with Rias at the club house as her skill set would be better for defending against pawns. Akeno and Kiba would be scouting out for other members of Riser's peerage while also helping the others when needed to.

Basic is tactics but the classics do work out when you have the team ready to go and an enemy that will underestimate you. Now it was time to see how the dominos would fall once they really started to go.


"So it had begun, I didn't expect her to leave the smaller of her newer pawns to defend the base. I wonder what Ria-tan's plan is, any ideas Naruto?" Sirzechs asked while drinking tea made by his wife.

"Mittelt apparently developed a new way of using light which as it turns out suits a trapping situation like the one now. From what I learned her teacher wanted her and Kalawarner to find a new way of using light outside of the usual spear types you tend to see." Naruto explained as he summoned a platter of snacks for him and Raynare. Sirzechs might have sampled but his wife was there to make sure it wasn't going to happen.

"it seems Koneko-chan and Issei have started their battle with the pawns while Kalawarner handles the first rook." Sirzechs said looking sadly at the likely tasty treats he was denied.

"Hopefully the pervert can do a little better now." Raynare said nibbling on her fondant fancy, mnnn hint of lemon. "Then again he did seem to be able to dodge a fair bit when the weeks came to an end."

"True and despite my opinion his new move can be useful considering his opponents." Naruto replied as they watched Issei move around the two chainsaw wielding girls while Koneko was making quick work of the other staff wielding girl. Kalawarner though…


"You are not what I was expecting to find, I imagined Rias-sama holding you too back to fight Riser-sama." Xuelan spoke as he fists of fire swung out at her opponent who defended herself using shields of light.

"That would have been obvious girl, I am impressed by your skills though. But trust me I've fought faster." Kalawarner's shields switched into gauntlets making her whole arms glow. When the two swung at each other their fists met and both were pushed back. "To think it took him only a few words to help me see how useful shape moulding was when trained properly."

Xuelan was now being pushed back by her opponent as the lights effect was slowing her down as she felt the drain on her, the fallen angel having better resistance to it. "Also while the outfit is nice, its too loose." In an unexpected move Kalawarner pulled down Xuelan's dress top exposing her chest.



"W-What are you doing in the middle of a battle?" Xuelan exclaimed before being hit in the face and flung into the gymnasium wall.

"Using my opponents embarrassment to my advantage. Oi Issei, Koneko we good to go?" Kalawarner got nods and the two left leaving their dazed opponents to get taken out by Akeno who had lovingly sent them bolts of lightning as a gift that forced them to retire.

"Hmm well that's one tough piece down for now. Only over half the board now no pressure." Kalawarner said cracking her neck.

"Oh come on Kalawarner, we beat out first opponents and barely wasted any energy. Plus I'm fully energized now after seeing such beautiful oppai thanks to you and my dress break." Issei said puffing steam out of his nose.

"Pervert." Koneko said shaking her head.

"Yeah well he'd our pervert in the end." Kalawarner sighed before she was pulled to the floor by Issei dragging Koneko too as the area behind them exploded sending the three hurtling forward propelled by the blast. "What the fuck?"

'I thought Sensei was crazy to keep surprising me with all those traps, really helps you be aware of things.' Issei thought recalling the nightmares of his training… well one of them. "Are you two ok?"

"Nothing broken thankfully, what about you Koneko?" looking to the white haired girl she shook her head but looked down at her arm.

"Dislocated, need time to adjust it." She said as they noticed figures coming forward now, the queen and the other rook plus more pawns.

"Don't think we have much of it right now, ready to go then Issei?" Kalawarner smirked at the challenge in front of her, light staff already forming and Issei started to boost.

"Yep, got to make sure to do my best for Buchou and sensei."


"Interesting, using light in such a way makes that girl quite dangerous at close range and I take it she can do more than make gauntlets and a staff?" Sirzechs asked Naruto while snacking on what his wife made for him.

"Yes, she and Rias had a class on physical manifestations of their powers and how to shoft their forms. Rias struggled a little as a result of her powers nature but she is more unique in its uses than Kalawarner." Naruto explained while frowning at the bombardment tactics of Riser's Queen and her rooks moving in. Kiba meanwhile was battling the knights and having a bit of trouble as they attacked in unison no doubt sensing his new skill in swordsman-ship.

"So if that's Kalawarner-san how does Mittelt-san differ in her use of light Naruto-sama?" Grayfia asked taking note that her husband was eating her food while eating some of Naruto's snacks and annoyed. 'This is better than mine… I should try and figure out the recipe.' While Grayfia plotted to steal Naruto's cooking skills Raynare came forward to answer the question.

"Well Kalawarner is a bit of a combat nut, she loves to battle so her skills reflects that. Her light skill is most static but Mittelt's personality made her make something new, poignant even."


"Hey Nel… do you think we'll get to go first if we capture Rias-sama?" One of Riser's pawns Nel the first of his cat-girl twins asked as they entered the building having sneaked by with Riser's queen and the rest fighting the pervert, fallen and fellow catgirl.

"I hope so Nel, it's been a while since we got to go first, it should be fun." Her sister replied as they checked around corners, stealth-ing their way in the opening hallway.

"Ahh but I'm afraid your fun ends here ladies. I'd say it's a cliché but your curiosity id going to get you killed." Mittelt's voice echoed down the hall along with the sound of growling.

"Darn, the other fallen is here, guess we'll have to beat up someone after all sis." Mel said smacking her fists together.

"Well I guess this could be fun, been a while since I broke a fallen." Nel replied as their fists lit up in flames.

"Hmm sounds painful, I'll pass." Mittelt riding on a much bigger Kuro, spread out her arms and little balls of light started to rise and congregate together to form light wolves. "How about you cats become chewtoys for my adorable pack here. They are fresh so that means they are hungry." Mittelt smiled as her pack howled and charged at the pair who showed no fear as they charged forward.


"That is unique, I take it she empowers them with a portion of her own will power and allows them to work of her needs?" Garyfia enquired looking at the twins manoeuvre out of the way of the light beasts maws and attacking them only to discover attacks would cause them to burst like a mini light grenade singing the catgirls leg.

"Yes, but she is still in the early stages of her new power. It doesn't show but each one takes a lot of effort to create and maintain. At maximum she can make thirty in a day no more unless she wants to pass out. Her environment makes it perfect right now but if those two have enough skill she can still lose." Naruto commented knowing Mittelt used a lot more power than Kalawarner did in her use of light weaponry.

Kalawarner just had more experience and skills to be wasteful hence why she was out on the field. Plus if she did fall Rias did have her own methods of fighting still. It would be how the coin fell now in terms of this fight.


"Gackk!" Issei cried out as he was thrown back by Riser's other rook. 'Great, she almost hits as hard as Hayate-sensei and Bulat-sensei. And her oppai and nearly visible in that jacket. This is so not fair.' Issei internally whined as he felt his side to check to see if any of his ribs felt bruised…turns our two.

"Ergh, great all this training and this bitch throws it out thanks to a fetish for explosions." Kalawarner groaned as she rolled her wrist as the last explosion knocked her back pretty far and that was from mid-air too. 'Should have relearned to fire an arrow, even a spear wont cut it.'

"We're in trouble aren't we?" Issei asked helping Kalawarner back to her feet, Koneko sadly had been eliminated after saving the pair of them. Kiba had also been taken out but not without taking out the two knights plus one bishop.

"Yeah, and we have the other bishop to worry about as it's the other Phenex. Any ideas Issei?" Kalawarner asked holding out her arm to produce a light shield to block blasts from the queen. Akeno was having trouble with her as the woman had taken her concealed phoenix tears to recover when she was close to a knock out. The most Akeno managed in the end was the defeat of a few more of the pawns.

"One… well two but the other wont help."

"Yeah stripping these girls would be harder plus they will probably kill you even in the buff." Kalawarner knew of Issei's Dress Break as she had been an unintentional test subject one time. "So what's your other plan?"

"I have something I haven't tried so I don't know how it will work. My Boosted gear feels like it can go further but I don't know if it will take too long to bring out." He had tried during training but Hayate was unrelenting during training and well… dress break had been such an amazing technique to develop he forgot to try out the other power he believed he had.

"Can't hurt to try, go for it perv." Kalawarner created a couple spears and threw them to gain some time while Issei held his armoured arm.

'Come on Boosted Gear I know there's more to use to help out Buchou and everyone. I can't let them down now so give me the power.' Issei thought reaching inside calming his mind only to see an image of a large green serpentine eye.

"Very well see if you can win with this Boy." A deep voice called out as Issei's arm charged its form so that the large green gem was no longer on its own as a second one appeared closer to his elbow. "Boosted Gear: Liberation!" the voice of the gear called out and Issei could feel the will of his gear and held his hand out to Kalawarner. "Kalawarner, take this! Transfer!"

With that a wave of green energy shot out of his arm and hit the angel who felt her power level flare. "Heh this feels like a good thing, well better put it to use. Hey miss rook, try this on for size!" Kalawarner made a massive light spear the size of a car and threw it fast before the rook could dodge and the announcement was made signalling her defeat. "Not bad at al-Issei you ok?" Issei was on his knees sweating hard.

"That…that took more than I expected it too… need to work on my stamina more. Kalawarner can you get me to Akeno we need to help her defeat the queen and I need to boost to help her." Issei said not trusting his legs right now to keep him up while needing to boost again.

"Sure but we have a problem, the prick's sister is here." Kalawarner pointed to the small blonde girl.

"I don't know why you think you have time to worry about your queen, she'll lose regardless of your help. I'm surprised you lucked out with the others." Ravel said smirking smugly but it was wiped off as Kalawarner helped Issei forward passed her. "Hey don't ignore me, I'm not going to let you pass."

Issei turned to the blonde. "If you stop me I'm going to strip you of all your clothes. My friends need me and I trained all this past month to help them and Buchou. I refuse to let them down so back off." Issei shouted a little feeling strained as each boost sapped a bit more of his little remaining strength.

"Better listen to him little girl, I'm sure you don't want the whole of the underworld to see you naked." With that Kalawarner unleashed her wings and carried Issei off to help defeat Riser's Queen.


"It is remarkable how far they have come for their first Rating Game, especially how the odds are stacked against Ria-tan's family. She might actually win if Issei-san can transfer some power to her and let Asia-chan heal him." Sirzechs said but noted Naruto shaking his head.

"As much as I'd like her to win her first battle scenario Rias can't win. Riser's queen will no doubt be aware of Asia's healing power and seal her off to block any attempts and Kalawarner along with Issei are running on fumes as it is. Mittelt is gone along with the rest. But regardless she has indeed done very well plus you can see in her eyes she's prepared for the consequences if she loses." Naruto got up from his seat and opened another rift in the air. "Kii, Suu you two head home, I'll be there later."

"Where are you going Naruto-sama the match isn't over yet." Grayfia called out but Raynare stood in her way when she noted the ripple on the screens where Rias was just admitting defeat to Riser.

"I know, but since this televised what better way to cut in than at the end of a battle." With that Naruto stepped through his rift and into the room where Rias was holding a bloodied Issei and Kalawarner.

"Huh what are you doing here, I've already won?" Riser said looking a bit smug down as Rias who glared at the prick.

"Of that I cannot deny boy however seeing as the match is over our business can begin. I didn't want to distract a devil whose match was rather important." Naruto said as he stamped on the floor creating black vines with thorns wrapped round Riser and his queen. "You do remember don't you Riser how you struck me without any provocation. Me, a Campione, the last remaining one."

"Of course not Campione-sama I hope you can forgive my transgression against you." Riser said forcing himself to be respectful after all Naruto had him with his hand around his throat in a way.

"I'll consider it boy… after you have fought me one on one." He could only imagine the gasps from audiences as the direct challenge was thrown down. "Of course I won't be unfair and use authorities only the tools I had when I was reborn as a King of Kings. It will be in two days' time boy so prepared yourself for the beating of your life." Naruto smirked as the vines receded from the man his flames slowly regenerating the injuries they caused.

"Very well campione-sama I will be ready. I hope this will repay the debt I owe." Naruto tilted his head for a moment in mock thought.

"Actually no it won't, you see I am within my rights to declare war on the underworld thanks to your actions so I'll need something else… I will be taking your fiancé as well." Naruto knew he was playing hardball now but screw it the underworld was watching so go nuts.

"What you can't do that, I just won her." Riser regretted shouting as Naruto was quick to stomp his head to the floor.

"Don't tell me what I can and cannot do boy it won't end well. On the other hand you are correct it is a little unfair to steal your right to marry my student, so I propose a wager. You're right to marry Rias Gremory against the loyalty of my only bodyguard Raynare." On announcement Raynare appeared and Riser's eyes gazed lustfully over her body. "Do you accept this wager Riser?"

"Yes Campione-sama, I will prepare for the battle." Riser said as a seal appeared below him as the match could officially come to a close now.

"See that you do boy."


Later on back at his home Naruto was sat in his study mulling over potential ways to really destroy Riser in their battle. Even without authorities he was no slouch the question was only how long the battle would last with Riser being a regenerator.

His time of pondering was interrupted however by a soft feeling on the back oh his head as well hands squeezing his shoulders. The red stands of hair he spotted in his peripheral let him know just who it was.

"Thank you Naruto-sensei, I didn't expect you to cut in so soon. I half expected you to be the one to object at the wedding." Rias said as she moved to the seat next to Naruto's.

"The thought crossed my mind but seeing how well you all didn't in the match it didn't seem like a good idea to keep you waiting. How is everyone now?" Naruto asked as he poured out some iced tea for Rias having prepared some earlier for when he entered the room.

"Asia-chan is still healing a few of their injuries but they are getting back to full strength and I', proud of all of them. You helped them out a lot in the time we had." Rias said accepting her glass and letting it refresh her nerves a bit.

"I only did what I knew I had to, most of you needed only a little help. It's your pawns I think got the most out of it all. Issei managing to push himself to the edge and keep going was good to see, plus I think Kala is warming up to I'm now." Naruto did not miss how worried the elder fallen had watched over Issei when he was unconscious and receiving aid via Asia.

"I really am lucky to have such a teacher as a friend. I'm not sure what we would have done without you." Rias said moving her hand over his only noting a slight flinch from Naruto.

"You would have been fine, Issei would come through in the end." Naruto noted her slightly bemused look. "I know how odd it sounds but you can't deny for being such a weak devil he grows more with each new experience. His drive while pervy make him a better person as it draws in more people, some used to say I was like that… only less pervy." He noted Rias squeezing his hand.

"You never like to talk about your past Naruto-sensei, any reason you shared that?" Naruto just shook his head moving his hand so he could squeeze back making Rias' hand feel quite small.

"Not really maybe just a feeling of nostalgia. I hope you don't mind me effectly stealing you as my wife, I'll let you out of it when the fight is done." Naruto explained but Rias just smiled.

"And what would you say if I decided I didn't want to stop an engagement to you?" Naruto gazed into her eyes blue meeting blue-green.

"I'd say I'm too old for you really and that there is probably someone better suited to play your husband." Naruto said not stopping his hand from squeezing. "But I won't deny it would be a change for me, a pleasant one. You'd have to forgive my moments of unfortunate brooding or need for space. I'm a bit of a troublesome man when you get to know more about me."

"If Grayfia-nee can deal with my Onii-sama I think I'll learn to deal with you. At least you wont embarrass me as much." Rias giggled but Naruto just smirked knowing how wrong she could be on that fact.

"Well I hope you can be ready for the political backlash of such an act, then again I'm sure you'll manage to charm you way through it all. You may have to get approval from my staff and Raynare now though Rias and trust me she's been taking her new duties quite seriously." Naruto said wondering if there would be any sparks of rivalry between Rias and his fallen Angel bodyguard who was currently feeling the urge to tackle a certain redhead to the ground and wrestle her.

XChapter EndX

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