Part 1

Fear spread throughout her body as she awoke on silk sheets, she didn't expect this. In fact she didn't expect to wake up ever again. She lay completely still because the light was too dim to see the entire room, and she wasn't sure if she was in the room or not. The small woman in bed couldn't understand it. She was kidnapped by the Naomi Campbell.

When you're taken by Naomi, you won't ever come back. That's how it was, the redhead didn't understand why she wasn't already dead. Her limbs were stiff and she was still very tired from whatever drug Naomi had given her.

Emily Fitch didn't even know where she was. Or what day it was, how long she's been out, or if her family was looking for her.

After a few moments passed and nothing had moved in the room, the redhead sat up slowly. She groaned quietly as her aching muscles protested any movement. Emily began to stretch, ignoring the pain as she regained control of her body now. Emily was used to pain, she wasn't surprised she'd be kidnapped and killed. Her entire life was revolved around kidnapping and murder.

When Emily was just sixteen, she was just starting college and one day her little brother James never came back home from school. Those following two weeks were the worst, not knowing anything. Not being told anything about the investigation. Nothing.

The first week Jenna Fitch showed no emotion, just drank out of her favorite cup with her favorite liquid. Everyone thought it was water, but it was straight vodka. She never slept, she worried about James and if he was okay, or if he was warm and fed. The reason she never slept is because when she lays down and closes her eyes, she's plagued with images of James being hurt in ways no child should ever be.

The second week was filled with tension and hatred. Everyone was in a bad mood, everyone never slept. They just worried. Even Katie actually showed real emotion, she didn't resort to drinking like her mother, she just stayed in bed, she didn't attend any classes because she wanted to be home when they got news about James. He may have been a little worm, but Katie watched him grow from a baby to a little weasel of a brother. Her hearts was in shreds, she would scare herself half to death thinking about what bad things may be happening to James. So in the beginning second week Katie finally got dressed, not for school or to go out for a walk. She was dressed in a tight mini skirt and a small black tank top. Her hair was straightened out and her make up was applied perfectly. She was dressed for clubbing.

That entire night Katie had taken a lot of MDMA. Like her mother she took to something to take her mind off the situation. That night was the first time Katie was smiling and had forgotten about the situation at home.

As Emily was thinking about her past she heard to door creak open, she immediately backed up against the bed frame, her mind froze. Everything froze. She didn't know what to do and suddenly she saw the blond walk in with a tray. Emily didn't know what to do.

"You must be hungry." The blonde holding the tray said smoothly as she casually set down the tray and looked at the redhead.

"What's going on?" Emily whimpered out as she spoke her voice trembled with fear.

"Well, I brought you breakfast. You'd been out for a long time." Naomi had said as she pulled up a chair next to the bed and sat down. She was so casual about this situation, she was watching the small woman on the bed as if she didn't just kidnap and drugged her.

"Where am I? What are you going to do to me? How long have I been out?" Emily regained her composure, she had plenty of questions for the blonde.

"Calm down, I'll answer everything as long as you eat. You've been out for a long time." Naomi said as she kept studying the woman in front of her. Emily obeyed and began to eat, as she swallowed her first bite. Now satisfied, Naomi began speaking, "We're in Wiestiboden, Switzerland. Very remote. I own this house." The blonde stood up and pressed a button, and the curtains moved out of the way and Emily was masked with the most breathaking view of the mountain in front of them. "The only way to get out of here is by helicopter. That's why you're not tied up. If you escape here, you'll die of hypothermia before you reached the end of the driveway." The blonde sat down again, almost robotic. Emily couldn't place it, but is was almost as if Naomi glided when she walked or when she did things. She did it, in such an interesting way. She studied and observed before she did things, almost cautious like a lost dog.

As usual Naomi had known Emily was studying her. After all Naomi had to fight to remove her eyes from Emily. The blonde had to do that a lot, she had to refrain from trying to flirt with the girl she kidnapped. She felt things when she was around the redhead. She felt things she had not felt in years and that scared her. Naomi didn't want Emily to give her feelings, Naomi hated feelings. She didn't do that lovey dovey stuff. But as usual the more she fought to remove those thoughs, the more she wanted to reach out and just touch her. Not inappropriately, but just to touch her and know she's right next to her. The tall blonde has decided she was going to kill her. If Emily Fitch stayed alive, Naomi would be in danger of actually having feelings for another person. Naomi didn't want feelings, she was addicted to the emptyness she had felt. She loved the self loathing and the darkness that surrounded her. She didn't want that fuzzy feeling everyone talks about.

"You've been under a medicated coma for 3 weeks, Miss. Fitch."

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