Here Once Again

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Do you know what it is like to die?

I find it rather unlikely that you can answer that question with a yes. After all, most people don't come back to this world after death, or least, not with their memories. However, I'm not typical; probably because I'm not Mortal – not that I'm fully Immortal either.

I'm strange. I've died more times than I can count, and I've felt the weight of dead upon my shoulders millions of times more; and no, I'm not talking about my Bonded.

If there's one thing I've learned in my time, is that not all deaths feel the same.

For those who have brushed briefly with death and walked away, they could describe it as a floating sensation. Others simply say that the world was fading around them, or that there was a light at the end of a dark tunnel that was coming closer.

The truth is that there is no simple way to day. Everyone walks into Death's embrace differently, and I am pretty sure that I have experienced them all at one time or another, and not just because he's my husband.

But I suppose if there is one death that truly stood out in my mind, one that stayed with me after all this time, it was my last death.

The last time I died.

This feeling…what was this feeling? What was this sensation that wrapped around me so? I felt no familiarity in the dark, like somehow deep down, I knew I should. It didn't feel like a dream –whatever that was – nor did I feel like I was sleeping.

I wasn't sure what these feelings were that I was comparing my current one too; and wasn't that a thought. How could I compare something I couldn't remember?

I wasn't sure how much time was passing, or how long I had been here. There was nothing before the blackness, no thought, no existence. There was just…the darkness, and then the wonder.

Then, suddenly, I knew that I was forgetting something. But what was I forgetting? What had been before the darkness? Had there been something before the darkness? Yes, there must've been…

A strange feeling was growing within me – did I even have an inside? – and I knew that I was forging something, something important. I knew…things, but I wasn't sure what these things were.

Like how I knew that I was abnormal, but I didn't know what abnormal was. Or how I knew that I was running, hiding, afraid of being found…but I wasn't sure what any of those actions were.

But fear… I decided that I didn't like fear.

I tried to push past the fear, because fear was bad…but don't ask me why… and suddenly I could remember something, no, two somethings.

Two faces flashed in my mind's eye, a face with long black colored hair, glowing silver eyes, and a reassuring smile, along with an older face, with short brown curls, unique facial hair, dark eyes, and a playful grin.

I wasn't even sure how I knew what those things were, the words just flowed through my mind as I grasped at the images and kept them close. They couldn't fade into the blackness around me. They were the only proof that something else existed, that I wasn't imagining these feelings and thoughts.

I wasn't sure how much time passed. But then, I wasn't even sure I had a concept of time. I just stayed there, in the darkness, with the strange feeling as I clung to the two images that promised reality.

Then, all of the sudden, I realized something.

The darkness was fading.

Oh, the darkness was brightening or shifting into a new image. The darkness was still there, the sense of everything…or was it nothing… fading around me. Or perhaps it was I who was fading away.

Either way, the darkness around me faded and a sense of warmth, of life, filled me. My memories didn't return, nor did I gain any sudden understanding about my existence. But I was warm, and I felt, whole. I could feel the strange beating sensation in my chest, and hear a weird thumping in my ear. I felt safe, and secure, for the first time since before the darkness.

I mentally gasped and spun around in awe as I realized that I had ears, and a chest, and a heart which was beating, and that I knew what all of those things were!

That seemed to flip a switch in my mind and suddenly my mind was flooded with information. I could feel a thin, scratchy blanket beneath my fingertips, and springs of the thin mattress pressing against my back. I could feel the stiffness in my limbs and the saliva on my tongue.

My eyes twitched beneath my eyelids and I reveled in the feeling of movement. How long had it been since I was able to move, since I had a body to move? I didn't know, but suddenly I was overcome with the feeling to open my eyes and discover where I was, to look around and see the world beyond the blackness.

Finally, after taking a moment as I tried to remember how to move my eyelids, my eyes fluttered open. A bright light flooded my senses and my eyes were squeezed shut almost as soon as they were open. My eyes were throbbing slightly, but I found myself unconcerned. I had finally seen something beyond the darkness! There was actually a world around me to see!

I opened my eyes once again and even with the dots dancing in my vision I gasped. The color! Well, all of the color was rather dull and bland but there was color and shape nonetheless! My eyes quickly adjusted to the light as I was able to take in the world around me.

I was staring up at a dusty, while ceiling with a large crack running through it, which was running parallel to a ceiling light that was currently off. Blinking some more, I tilted my head to the right, taking note of the air vent in the corner of the ceiling. I found myself looking at a very dirty window that was currently fogged up with perspiration. There were no curtains framing the window, but some of the wood on the frame seemed to have been pulled off; like there used to be something attached that had been forcefully removed.

Tilting my head to the left and letting my eyes travel to the other side I spotted a door. It was an off-white door which was closed, and the paint was just barely starting to peel. I could see the back of two locks on the door, and a cat flap near the floor. The cat flap confused me. Weren't they usually on outside doors? Why did I have a cat flat on my bedroom door, or what I assumed was a bedroom door?

More importantly, how did I know what a cat flap was and where they were supposed to be placed?

Dismissing the thought from my mind for now I continued on in my examination. I could see a desk from the corner of my eye, and a dark shape that might've been a box, or a trunk. Decided that I had seen everything I could from my current position on my bed, I tried to see if the rest of my body worked.

Slowly but surely I moved my head, toes, fingers, elbows, nose, and even tried moving my ears. After yet another moment of marveling in the sensation of movement and feeling, I gained enough confidence to sit up. Moving slowly, some strange voice in the back of my mind worried that the room might start spinning, I pulled myself into a sitting position.

Inspecting the room more closely, with its broken toys and random junk, I decided that I didn't know where I was. But wherever that was, I didn't want to be here. Dust lay thickly on almost every surface besides the desk and the bed on which I lay, and I could just feel the dislike radiating from the walls.

I swung my legs off of the side of the bed, my eyes continuing to sweep the room. There had to be something in the room that I would recognize, right? People didn't just randomly wake up and not remember their lives. Or at least, I didn't think they did.

But sadly, nothing stuck out to me. I didn't recognize any of the books scattered across the desk, or the hand drawn calendar pinned to the wall, counting down days to a large red circle. Getting to my feet, I strolled around the room, flipping through random books and poking at some of the junk. Surely this wasn't my bedroom was it? I may not know who I am, but this really didn't feel like it belonged to me.

I finally spotted a letter, sitting atop of a large pile of scattered papers, that looked half written. It was written in barely legible scribble with ink spots splattered everywhere. Had this been written with a broken pen or something?

Hoping that the letter would give me a few clues as to what was going on, or who I was, I picked it up and quickly read it.


I am so sick and tired of you all ignoring me! I mean, is it really that hard to pick up a quill or even a pen – I paused, confused. Wasn't a quill a feather pen used a few centuries ago? Why would people be using them nowadays? – and write me a quick letter that's more substantial than, "Oh I can't say anything right now…" blah, blah, blah! Seriously, you'd think after everything that happened this past school year you, my so called best friends, would at least know how and want to hold a conversation, even if you aren't allowed to share any information! But no, instead I get short, not noteworthy letters that are barely afterthoughts in your lives!

For whatever reason (I'm sick of our excuses that aren't really excuses, you can shove them where the sun doesn't shine) you aren't bothering to talk to me, I just thought I'd tell you that I thought I meant more to you.

Well, I've decided that you both have a week. Unless I get some answers, or at least some decent conversation, you can say that our friendship is over.

I would hate to lose two of my best friends, but best friends don't treat each other this way.

It's up to you.

The letter wasn't signed, but my heart ached for the writer. Whomever it was had been in a lot of pain, and very angry; for good reason it sounded like. It was obvious the writer of the letter was also the owner of this room, and I didn't like the picture that was being painted of this person's life.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to remember, not if there was a chance this was my room, and my life.

"Ah, but it is not worth recalling the ugliness if you can also remember the beauty?"

I jumped, spinning around and dropping the letter to the floor. There, sitting on my bed rather a peculiar figure. The figure was female, whose age was unimaginable. Every time I tried to mentally assign the woman an age, something else about her just crept in to change my opinion. It was like an age just wouldn't stick to her, even my image of her.

I blinked as I mentally moved past her age, not realizing that my mouth had dropped open in surprise. The woman had long silver hair, lowlighted with midnight blue. Large, cloudy blue eyes that seemed to echo knowledge itself, though they were also unfocused like she was dazed or half blind, sat in the middle of her face. Her skin was a pale cream color, and even her pink pink lips were pale. A four inch scar crossed over her left eye, giving her an even more mysterious and wise appearance.

A midnight blue cloak was clasped at her neck by a swirling broach, and beneath the cloak she wore a light blue robe that appeared to be made of silk. Or at least, I thought it looked like silk. The robes hung to her figure and fell to the ground, even as she sat on the bed. A carved staff made out of black wood, adorned with symbols and runes laid, and topped with a large crystal that seemed to have swirling smoke trapped inside.

It was hypnotizing and I had to force my gaze away from the crystal and back to the woman's face.

Her large eyes were wide with compassion, and something that looked strangely enough like a mixture of love and worry. This made me frown, and I tilted my head to the side in question.

"W…who are you?" I asked, my hoarse and scratchy voice echoing through the air for the first time.

She smiled; a simple kind smile that seemed to bring life and joy to the room. I swore I saw amusement flash through her eyes for just a moment before it was gone, and I was left wondering if I had imagined it.

"I am a friend," She answered, and for some reason that made her sad, because her eyes darkned and her smile lessened. Was I supposed to remember her? Was she trying to be mysterious or was it just her personality?

She chuckled, and my eyes widened as my stomach dropped. Was she telepathic? Could she get in my head?!

"Well, I wouldn't exactly claim to be inside of your mind when you're projecting your thoughts to me, rather loudly in fact." The woman said with yet another soft chuckle and a shake of her head.

My eyebrows furrowed as I studied to woman. Why did I feel like I knew her, and why didn't I think it was strange that she had just appeared right next to me? I didn't feel threatened by her, but at the same time I was on edge. It was like…if she was here, that meant something else was here. Something that scared me.

But didn't know what any of this meant! I didn't know why I couldn't remember anything, why this woman didn't scare me but something following her did. It didn't make sense. I just wanted something to make sense.

"I think you'll find that very little in the universe actually makes any kind of sense." She stated and I couldn't help the glare that I threw at her.

I didn't appreciate her responding to my thoughts. They were supposed to be privet, even if I was projecting or whatever.

She didn't reply, and I nodded to myself. It seemed like she had gotten the message.

"Who are you? And can you answer that without trying to sound all mysterious? I think I have enough unknowns in my life at the moment without adding another." My statement turned into a slight drawl at the end and I blinked in surprise at myself. That sounded almost bitter, since when was I bitter?

Her smile turned sad before it vanished, and she answered with a sigh. "I am Infinitas, and what I said was true. I am a friend, I'm your friend."

Her name sparked something in the back of my mind. It seemed…familiar somehow. But I didn't know how. There was so much that I didn't know.

"Why are you here?" I asked, moving on to the next question that appeared in my mind. Or rather, the next question that actually seemed relevant to ask.

"I'm here to help you," She replied simply and I almost cheered. For some reason I felt like Infinitas didn't typically do simple answers.

Then the excitement hit me as I realized just what she had said. She was here to help me? Did that mean that she could give me my memories back?!

I paused, as doubt started warring in my chest. Did I want my memories back, if this was my room and that letter reflected my life at all, I suddenly wasn't so sure.

Infinitas cleared her throat, and I realized that her sad smile was back once again.

"I can't return your memories to you, that's not within my power." She said sadly, and I could see the pain in her eyes. I felt like I was missing something, but I wasn't sure what. What was I missing? What didn't I understand?

Ok, besides practically everything.

She reached into her cloak and pulled out a glowing crystal on a black coard. "However, my Sister and Mother gave me something for you."

I gazed at it, suddenly filled with a desire to snatch it out of her hand. What was it about that flowing crystal and pitch black cord that called to me? Why did it feel so important?

Why couldn't I get answers to any of my questions?

"It will not return all of your memories, but it will return a few of them. The select few we were able to save." I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but I had a feeling that I could trust her. I knew that she cared about me and was just trying to help.

"If you take this," She continued her voice suddenly grave. "Yes, some of your memories will be returned to you. However, it will not be pleasant, and you must make a choice. You can take this from me and remember the bare essence of who you are, but you will re-enter a life that you've secretly wished to leave for years. You will struggle, you will hurt, and you will have to fight. But I swear to you this, if you choose to take it, you will also discover who you are, and what you could be."

My whole brain seemed frozen as it tried to process her words. What did she mean? Was I in danger? What had I wanted to escape? I was just so confused. I didn't know, but…I wanted to.

My stomach lurched and part of my brain begged me not to take the crystal, to just leave the room and the strange woman and to go see if I could find someone …normal… to help me. But I shoved the voice aside.

Sure, there might be pain, and I had a feeling that my life wouldn't be easy, but wasn't it worth it if you knew who you were? Wasn't it worth it if you could remember your loved ones, if you could remember your friends and your past?

I thought it was.

Refocusing on the woman on the bed, I instantly noticed the wide, proud smile on her face. I must've been projecting again.

"I just want to remember." I told her aloud, with a nervous shrug. "I want to know who I am."

She nodded at me, and held out the crystal. "Then take it. Take it, Young one, and remember."

I barely stopped myself from rolling my eyes; there she went being all mysterious and cryptic again. Taking a deep breath to steel myself, I reached forward and wrapped my hand around the stone.

As soon as my skin made contact with the smooth, warm surface, a flash of light and a burst of energy erupted from the rock. Infinitas let go of it, the same moment, and suddenly I felt knowledge and scenes flowing into my mind.

I saw myself fighting, laughing, crying, and loving. I saw myself with different faces in different times. But most of all, I saw myself living.

I fell to my knees, my mind struggling to assimilate everything that I saw. The images were disjointed, hazy, and sometimes painful. But after a moment, I finally knew who I was.

Or at least, who I had been.




And suddenly, everything cleared and I could remember. Not everything of course, the gaps in my memory were large and more than obvious, but I knew enough. I could recall who I had been, who I was, and more or less what I needed to do.

Fati had done something. Attacked me, and my mortal father Tony had been there. I had reached out to Mortem, and then everything had gone black. I flinched back from the memory of the pain, but pushed through it.

My clearest memories were some of my earliest; the majority of my First Life was once again situated in my mind. I knew where I was, the room clicking in my mind. I was back where it had all begun, oh so long ago.

I still couldn't remember what had exactly happened besides Fati's laughing face, Tony's frozen look of anger, and the pain. In fact, that was pretty much all I could remember of my life as Penella Stark; and I had no memories of any of my other Lives. I knew that they existed, just like how I knew random things about Immortals, about my Family, but very few memories to go along with them.

I could sense the energy settling, and my eyes snapped open. I knew that I would have to go through my memories at some point, as whatever Fati had done had scrambled them out of order and most of them were still fuzzy, but I could do that later. Right now, I was more concerned with how I was back in this world…and why.

I could remember this world burning. This house shouldn't be standing, and my room definitely shouldn't look like it was the summer of my Fifth year. Something was wrong, the world felt wrong. I felt wrong.

"What happened?" I asked, shaking my head to refocus my wandering thoughts and looking towards Infinitas.

She sighed, and for once she looked older than time itself, which she was. "Fati attempted to eradicate your Soul. She wasn't trying to just kill you; she wanted to destroy you – utterly and completely."

My eyes widened as the memory of pain flashed through my mind. I flinched, and shoved the memory into the farthest reaches of my mind that I could.

"That would explain the pain then. But how on earth am I still here? More specifically, how am I here?" I asked, suddenly so very tired. Of course there was yet another battle that needed to be fought, another obstacle in my path.

Part of me wished that I hadn't picked up that crystal.

I pushed that voice away again. No, remembering was important. Memories made us who we are.

Infinitas sighed, "Because you were originally human, and a New Soul when you began your life as Harry, your Soul was tied to this dimension. Fati started ripping your Soul apart, removing lifetime by lifetime. She wasn't able to destroy it fully, because the last sliver of your Soul, your most basic instincts and core self, fled. It fled to the only place it still felt a connection to."

She paused, before continuing. "It fled home."

My eyebrows furrowed, I hadn't considered this place my home for a very long time. But then, if it was just a sliver of my Soul left, the piece that only knew the connection to this dimension…it made sense that it would flee here.

"Ok," I said slowly, deciding not to comment on the home part. "So the rest of my Soul fled here. But there's more, isn't there?"

Infinitas smiled sadly and nodded. "Fati wasn't acting alone. She gained her power from someone, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to do that to you. I am sorry I did not see her coming, Little One, my Sight has been failing me as of late."

I grimaced, and patted my Sister's shoulder sympathetically. I couldn't imagine what your Realm failing felt like. I might've known once, but I didn't want to imagine.

After clearing her throat, Infinitas continued on. "Fati was able to block us from you during the attack, I'm sure you could guess that Mortem was quite distressed. Livid, would actually describe him better. We were powerless to help, and so many of us tried." She looked close to crying. "I'm so sorry."

"You tried," I found myself saying, "that's all that really matters."

She gave me a weak smile, and continued on. "We were able to break through eventually, but by then it was already too late. The remainder of your Soul had fled here, and it wasn't long before Fati followed."

I swallowed, Fati was here? That was bad, that was really bad. I had no idea how this world still existed, but if Fati hurt one hair on anyone's head…

"Thankfully, Mother interfered after Fati tried to destroy you," Infinitas said, switching topics just slightly. "She was able to reconstruct your Soul, saving it, but then…" She paused, looking pained and I wondered what had happened that was so horrible.

She took a deep breath before exhaling, "Your Soul was lost. If you wish to regain the rest of your Soul, the rest of your memories and abilities, than you'll have to, once again, reunite the Hallows."

"The Deathly Hallows!?" I echoed in surprise and question as my eyebrows rose. What did the Hallows have to do with anything?

Infinitas gave me a sad smile. "They were what granted you the power to become an Immortal in the first place. Some might find it poetic that you must unite them again to return your status as one."

I could tell from Infinitas' face that she didn't really agree with that idea, so I didn't comment. I felt cheated somehow, like someone was just making me jump through even more hoops; even though I didn't remember what the previous ones had been.

"Fati has learned this as well, and is tearing apart the dimension to stop you." My Sister continued on, shifting her weight on the bed.

"Tearing apart the dimension?" I asked my eyes wide. Was Fati really that powerful?

"Since this world's timeline ended, everything that happened within became absolute. There was no active Realm within it, besides Memoria's. Every timeline that had played out within this world was simply looping, history playing over and over again. This happens to any dimension once it Ends. The dimension isn't' destroyed, its simply removed from the larger weave and allowed to loop. Dimensions such as this are called Shadow Dimensions.

"When Fati intervened, attempting to influence this dimension, it started to unravel. The original timelines are imprinted onto the very core of the dimension, they can never be erased. But another unstable, parallel dimension was created on top of the original, so to say, as a security measure. The Shadow Dimension is trying to protect itself by isolating any anomalies, such as your Soul, my projection, or Fati's influence. This is the small dimension that we're standing in now. However, Fati's manipulations are weakening the barrier between this bubble dimension and the original one. Given enough time, and the two will merge. By the time that happens, your Soul must be rejoined. Or this Shadow Dimension will cease to exist."

I just stared at Infinitas in shock. I had to reunite the Hallows or allow my original universe, or what was left of it, be destroyed!? I mentally groaned as my eyes clenched shut. I always had to save the day.

"So, I just have to get the Hallows…that's not hard. It'll take me a day at most." I said, opening my eyes and gazing at Infinitas.

But she just shook her head, her smile once again sad. "It's not that simple. This bubble dimension isn't the same as the world you remember. Fati's attacks have warped things, changed events and history. The Hallows may not be in the same places as you remember, and you are also once again merged in the timeline. If you just vanish, or ignore the time streams, the bubble will collapse even faster."

I narrowed my eyes at Infinitas just slightly. There was something about what she was saying…or maybe it was the tightness around her eyes… that told me that she wasn't being completely honest with me. But timelines were her Realm, and you didn't question an Immortal on their Realms.

"Wait, you're telling me that I have to play Harry Potter again?!" I exclaimed, remembering my teenage years so long again. I ended up fighting the urge to smash my head into something. That was so not fair.

"Well, technically you'll be Harriette Jay Potter; it's one of those things that warped…but essentially, yes." Infinitas stated, an amused twinkle in her eyes. My eyes widened and I glanced down at myself. How the hell hadn't I noticed that I had boobs?! "But not to worry, just because you must stick with the timelines doesn't mean everything must be the same. You have a rather large window of variation before the dimensional destabilization becomes too large…"

"Will I be able to sense it?" I asked, my gut telling me to cut her off before she could launch into a long winded explanation.

"Yes," She said with a half-smile, "you'll be able to sense it."

"Good," I said with a nod, already thinking of the things that I was going to change to make my life easier…and because I had always wanted to.

"And nothing I do will impact the original timelines?" I asked for clarification. Oh, if I could get away with getting Umbitch kicked out of Hogwarts even earlier, and possibly admitted to an insane insilum…. That is, if finding the Hallows took that long. I didn't plan on sticking around very long.

Infinitas shook her head. "No, and you'll sense any destabilization long before it happens…" she trailed off before continuing. "The bubble dimension is still forming, that's how I am able to be here. Once it's formed, no Immortal will be able to enter without destroying it completely. We're putting a shield up, so that Fati won't be able to enter so easily. But it will be up to you, I won't be able to help."

She stood up suddenly, her eyes serious and her frown set. "Do be careful, Aequivalere…Harriette. You're completely mortal now. If you die before your Soul is complete…we won't be able to bring you back."

I nodded solemnly. Stay alive, I'm pretty sure I could do that. Then the name hit me and I scrunched up my nose.

"Ew, there's no way I'm going by Harriette. I think I'll stick with E're." I said, trying and failing to remember where the nickname had come from.

For the first time today, Infinitas threw her head back and laughed whole heartedly. She was literally shaking with laughter as I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted at her.

"I'm glad you think my suffering is so amusing." I drawled with a huff, my pout turning into a glare as she had to lean on her staff to keep upright.

As Infinitas took the time to regain her composure – aka: stop laughing hysterically – I wondered what else had changed. I was female this time around, which was rather odd, so what else was different? Was Ron a girl? Was Hermione blonde? Was Dumbledore straight!?

I shuttered. I wasn't sure if I would survive such changes.

"You'll survive." Infinitas stated simply, smirking at me. "You'll also need to reconstruct your mental walls. As far as I can See, the only current change is your gender…but the warped timelines are still settling, so I'm afraid you'll just have to see."

I nodded as I tried to put up the best barriers I could, which weren't all that good. I would really need to do some Mind and Soul searching after this to get my memories and defenses sorted.

"That would be a good idea." Infinitas said with a nod. "Now, I won't be able to stay much longer. The bubble is almost fully formed. But do keep this in mind," Her eyes were suddenly hard and I jumped back as her face was an inch from mine.

"Everyone from this world is just an Echo. Their Souls moved on long ago. They may look and act like your old friends, your old family…but they're really nothing more than faded memories."

My eyes widened as I realized what my Sisiter had said. She was right of course, but still… I was going to see everyone again! The feable walls I had instinctually put up when I realized what world I was in crashed down. Sure, I knew that they were all here – more or less – but to actually accept it… to think about it…

Sirius, Hermione, Luna, Ron, Ginny, the Twins – both the Twins, alive! – Molly, Remus, Tonks, Mad-eye, Dumbledore, Severus, Minerva…everyone. Everyone was here. I would actually see them again.

"You will." Infinitas confirmed quietly before pulling me into her arms. "But please, please be careful Little Sister. None of us, not one member of your Family wants to see you gone."

The unspoken announcement that Fati was no longer Family almost surprised me. But after everything she had done… I only wondered if Father had ordered it so.

Infinitas using the word "family" sparked something in my mind and I buried my face further into her robes. "What about T-Dad? And Mortem? Are they alright? You mentioned that Mortem went a bit manic, and I remember Dad being frozen…"

"I am so sorry you remember that!" Infinitas exclaimed, her voice dark as she hugged me tighter. "Your father is physically fine. Fati's attack did little damage to his body." She paused, and I wondered why I was felt like I should be worried about his mental health. My eyes widened as I realized that I wasn't worried about Tony. Sure, I had asked about him, but that was mostly just because I remembered him as family. I searched my mind for the one picture I had of the man, and tried, tried too hard to get an emotional response…but nothing happened.

I felt nothing when I thought about my father. My father! Nothing! It must've been because of how little of my Soul was currently aware…but, it still felt wrong. I should be worried about him, or miss him, or something! But there was nothing…just like there was barely any memory of him within my mind.

I wasn't sure I liked it.

"Don't worry about it." Infinitas said, and I wasn't sure if she was referring to my inquiry into Tony's health or my frantic thoughts. I couldn't tell if I was still projecting or not. "I believe in you, E're."

She smiled at me as let her arms fall to her sides and stepped back. Clasping her staff in one hand tightly, she gave me an almost teasing smile.

"Oh, and as for Mortem…I'm sure you'll find out soon enough." She winked at me, almost managing to hide the worry in her eyes as she vanished.

"Oi!" I protested, at the spot she had just occupied. "Being cryptic really doesn't help me!"

I swore I heard her chuckle echoing through my mind one last time, but I could've imagined it.

With a groan I flopped down onto my bed – oh god this was my bed again – and rubbed my temples. I was just about to dive in my mind, sort through my memories, figure out if I could do anything else besides sense the destabilization of the bubble dimension – hell, I didn't even know if I could still do magic – but life had other plans. Sometimes, I really didn't like my Sister's timing.


With yet another groan, I rubbed a hand down my face. Oh yes, coming back to the summer before Fifth year meant that I had to deal with the Dursleys. Great.

"Wizarding World… you better hold onto your wands." I muttered to myself as I hauled myself off of my bed. I wasn't the same person I had been whenever it was that I had been here last. If there was one thing I knew, it was that. I may not be able to make any permanent changes, but I wasn't about to let history repeat itself, or Fati ruin the one home I could currently remember.

But first, I had to resist the urge to stab something through Vernon's eye or ripping his head off.

"Tempting," I muttered to myself as I slipped out of my room, "very tempting."


I groaned. Fate really did hate me.

Oh, wait.

Of course she did, its Fati.

I was so doomed.

"Well," I stated, rolling my shoulders back. "Time to screw over Fate."

Well, what do you think? I'm actually quite fond of the remake of this chapter…I still can't believe that I'm doing this though. After all those PMs with me saying I WASN'T rewriting HOA…and here I am. Apparently you all are smarter than I am.

Anyway, thanks so much for sticking around so long. I hope you enjoy the next installment of the E're series.

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