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Chapter 1: Blindsided

I ducked as bullets flew by my head. I had lifted to get an action shot of Sergent Gerner shooting at the enemy. As I captured the shot, Private Harding pulled me down.

"Swan! Are you crazy? Be careful what you are doing. You'll lose your head if you don't watch it." Harding yelled at me.

"Sorry, Harding. Where do we head to next?" I asked as I passed the canteen to him and taking out the map.

"We head three clicks east to the abandon building where the others are stationed. We regroup there."

I nodded. I crouched down behind him as we walked from behind our sheild of rubble. All the while I snapped pictures of the company of men surrounding me.

I was in the company of the 35th Infantry Marine squad, proudly named The Soul Searchers. After all, they searched for souls who harm the innocent and sent them to their afterlife to be judged.

My commanding officer, Cheif Renegade, sent me with these men to take pictures for the documentary that was currently taking place. No other photogrpher dared to come to this baren waste land. I stepped up. It was the chance I needed to prove I wasn't just a small town girl who couldn't handle herself. Yeah, I carried a gun on my back, and I've gotten my share of this war, but I wanted to show the guys in boot camp I wasn't just another "pretty face".

"Hey, Swan." I look to my right to see Jenkinson coming at me.

"Hey!" I yelled as he grabbed my camera out of my hands.

"You take pictures of us, now to take some of you." He began snapping pictures of me laughing and reaching for my camera.

Next thing I know I have Harding and Franklin at my sides and Jenkinson holding the camera out in front of him. He snapped a quick picture of the four of us.

"Okay, enough horse play. Let's get to that checkpoint and regroup. Move out!" Sergent Gerner yelled over his shoulder.

"I want a copy of that Swan when we get back." Jenkinson said as he gave me back the camera.

As we neared our destination, things had finally quietedand the gun fire stopped. I slowly walked around, looking for anything that would be worthy of capturing for my commander to add to the documentary.

I entered a side entrance of an old building, three spots down from our check point. As I entered, I saw a shadow move through my lens. I slowly look up to see a woman in long clothing, everything but her eyes covered.

I couldn't understand what she was saying as she walked towards me. At a closer look, I noticed a small bundle in her arms. Then it clicked. She must have been begging to save her child.

As I walked closer, I could hear Harding and Gerner calling for me. Then thats when I heard it. That unmistakable click.

"Swan!" Harding yelled out for me.

It was too late. The last thing i saw was an explosion through my camera lens.

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