Chapter 9: Answers


I've never seen my Bells this happy. I have missed her. When I got that call from her Superior, I was floored. He told me what happened and I immediatly said yes for her staying here.

Ever since she's been here, my house has a better feel to it. I actually look forward to coming home after work because I know she is there. We have reconnected, just what I wanted.

She is so much like me. We don't wear our hearts on our sleeves, but we do have our way of letting each other know how we feel. Plus, she enjoys listening to the games with me.

It has been six months since she came here. She has settled in nicely. She has been spending a lot of time with Emmett Cullen. I don't mind, he's a good kid. He brings out the best in her.

Like I said, I've never seen her this happy.

"Hey, dad. What's got you so quiet?"

"Just thinkin, Bells. You look nice. Going out with Emmett?"

"Yeah. He's taking me out to eat."

"Alright then."

At that time, there was a knock at the door. Bells went to open it and in stepped Emmett.

"Hey, Chief."


"You look amazing, Bells."

"Thanks. I'm ready."

"Okay. I'll have her home early, Chief."

"It's fine. She's not a teenager anymore, but I appreciate the thought. You kids have fun."

"We will. Bye dad."

"Bye, Bells."

Yeap, I definatly liked Emmett.


"So, where are we going?"

"A special place."

I smiled. He sure did like to surprise me. We've spent the last few months together. I've really come to like him. A lot.

"You look amazing. I wish you could see yourself."

I smiled. "Me, too. Be nice to see if I'm getting fatter or not." I chuckled.

He reached over and took my hand. I could feel the coldness of his hand against my warm one. It wasn't a cold day so I knew he wasn't cold from the weather. I couldn't quite figure out what it was about him, but I'd figure out what is was, sooner or later.

"We're here." He said as he turned off his Jeep and got out. He made it to my side and helped me out.

"Where are we?" I asked. I could tell we weren't in town. I could smell water and trees.

"I told you. It's my special place. It's a spot I like to come to when I want to get away. I wanted you to be here with me."

He took my arm gently and lead me down a path. After walking for about ten minutes, he stopped me and sat me down. I was on a blanket. I felt around and felt a basket.

"A picnic?"

"Yeah. You like it?"

"Being outside instead of some stuffy, crowded place? Hell yes!"

I could sense his smile. I felt his face and sur enough there it was. He surprised me by kissing the palm of my hand.

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself."

"It's okay."

I wanted so badly to ask him that one question, but didn't know how to go about it. We sat for awhile, only me eating.

"I enjoy being with you."

"Same here, Bells. You're better company."

"Em, can I ask you something and you tell me truthfully?"

"Sure thing."

I took a deep breath. "Well, I've noticed something about you. You're skind is cold to the touch, you don't eat aound me, only when we are around my dad. Even then it's not alot. What are you? I don't hear a heartbeat when I hug you or lay against you."

He sighed. "It's hard to explain."

"I'm a big girl, Emmett. I can handle it."

"Well, you may not believe me, but it's the truth. I'm a, uh, I'm a vampire. I only feed on animals. I can tolerate human food, but can't taste it."

I sat in shock. Was there such things as vampires?

"Can you explain to me why I feel so drawn to you? Why I always want to be next to you, be around you? And why I can feel when you're around, even when you haven't reached me yet?"

"It's because I'm drawn to you. It's like we were one at one time. I feel it, too. I actually can't explain it. My adoptive dad, Carlisle, can though."

"Is Alice?"

"Yeah. My dad, mom, nd brothers. We all found each other after we were injured, losing our life or already turned and made a family."

I just shook my head. I stood up. "Can you give me a minute?"

"Sure." I could hear hurt in his voice.

I felt my way away from him. I just needed to think. Process what he told me. A vampire? I thought only things exsisted in fairytales. In real life? I didn't know what to say. I knew I liked him, and would always want to be with or around him. There were a few things we had to talk about.

"You okay?" He asked, gently taking my hand.

"Fine. We need to talk about a few things."


"Well, I can accept vampires exsist. I can accept I like one. What I can't accept is why it was never told to me. Why I never knew sooner."

"I'm sorry, Bells. I did want to tell you, I was just scared of you running away."

I laughed. "I couldn't run from you. One, I would hit something or trip. Two, I couldn't run because I would always come back to you. I feel a strong pull to you that I can't explain."

"Really? So, does that mean you would be my girlfriend?"

"I guess it does." I smiled.

"I'm so relieved."

I felt him get closer. Felt his hand on my cheek, pulling me forward. I let myself lean into him. That's when it happened. His lips touched mine. It was nothing I'd ever felt before.

There was a electric pulse that went through us. It sent chills down my spine. His lips felt just how I imagined. Soft, tender. Amazing.

All too soon, he pulled away from me. "Wow."

"Yeah. Wow." My eyes fluttered open.

"So, it's official, then?"

"It is." I smiled.

The rest of our day consisted on talking about him being a vampire, his family, and more kissing.

It got late so he took me home. He walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight. I walked in with a smile on my face.

"Home before 9. I must say, Bells, I like this guy." Dad said from the living room.

"So do I dad. So do I."


I watched as Bella went inside. I couldn't help but smile hearing her and Charlie's short conversation. I pulled out of the driveway and headed home.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Carlisle.

"Emmett. Nice to hear from you, son."

"She knows."

"Since when?"

"Today. She had her suspicions. I couldn't lie to her. It wasn't in me. It's like she has that control over me to tell her the truth."

"It's quite alright. I knew she would sooner or later."

"I want y'all to meet each other."

"We would like that. How about this weekend? We will have everyone here."

"Okay. I'll see if she will want to. She will have some questions for you, I'm sure."

"I'll answer them. Let us know if you two will be joining us."

"I will."


I hung up with Emmett and turned to my smiling wife.

"She knows. He will possibly be bringing her here this weekend."

Esme smiled. "I'm so happy for him. He has spent so long alone. I can't wait to meet the girl who has tamed our grizzly bear."

"Neither can I."

It has been such a long time since our son has been happy. After finding out the truth about Rosalie, he was devistated. He left us, to travel, find his place. I knew when he said he was back in Forks, he would find his place, and his true mate. I have been waiting on this moment for awhile now.

I took it upon myself to give the Chief of Police a call, insure we would get to meet this young woman.


"Hello, Charlie. It's Carlisle Cullen."

"Hey there, doc. What do I owe the pleasure?"

"I was just going to ask if your daughter could make a trip this weekend with Emmett to visit us. I believe our children have become quite close lately."

"I believe so. Well, I don't see any harm in that. As long as she agrees to go, it's fine by me."

"Excellent. I assure you, she will be watched here. We have an extrs guest room she can bunk in as to not be sleeping in the same room as Emmett."

He laughed. "That's a relief. Okay then, doc."

"Alright. Speak to you later."




"Yeah, dad?"

"Emmett's dad just called. He invited you up this weekend to meet them."


"Yeah. I said it was fine by me if you wanted to go."

"Emmett hasn't said anything to me, but okay. Thanks, dad."

"No problem, kiddo."

I had this feeling that my little girl was going to be in with Emmett Cullen for the long haul. As long as she was happy, was all I cared about.

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