Author's Note


I know that Fan Fiction is rarely dedicated but my Beta and I thought that this set of stories should be. So we want to dedicate Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections to Iwsod, in honor of the hard work that she put into her studies and subsequent graduation as well as keeping "Just Walk with Me" going for all of us at the same time. Without her and the blog these stories would never be. So thank you Iwsod!

Thank you:

A while ago I indulged my growing involvement (obsession) with Scarecrow and Mrs. King and joined a blog. Iwsod has a wonderful blog called "Just Walk with Me" and on it are some fun people. Through this blog I made a new friend because we discovered that we had more in common than just SMK. She became a pen pal of sorts and she encouraged me (bugged is more like it, bzzz) to actually write some stories that I had bouncing around in my mind. She even agreed to Beta it. It is going to be a long process because there will be 176 of these so I hope we have an enduring friendship ;) Here is to many more emails, Thanks BJo!


I have written these little vignettes in a revised order differing from the original airing order because it really does seem to make the story arc work better and even clears up some of those pesky continuity issues. It is the order that Iwsod has come up with on her blog so far. I like her order for Season 1, and so far the order for Season 2. We haven't gotten to 3 and 4 yet so I am not sure about those yet. I may alter the order for the following seasons if she doesn't come up with the same one I have. She has a great set of posts describing how she came up with that order here:


if you want to check it out. Actually the whole blog is a great set of posts!

Since my plan is to go through all 88 episodes and that may take some time, I thought that I would publish these as a pair once a week following the revised episode order. It will be an extended run for a fan fiction, but we think it will be fun and worth the journey. Of course each story would probably be enjoyed best if they were read after watching the corresponding episode, but if you don't have time they work on their own as well.

I hope you enjoy Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections.