Window Reflection

The First Time

Placing her hands in the warm soapy water, Amanda let out a deep sigh. The warm water felt relaxing and it was comforting to tend to something around the house. Amanda knew that some of the moms of her sons' friends thought she was crazy to hand wash the dishes. They used their evenings to watch movies or read books. But she found it relaxing to have her hands in the warm water and look out the window. It was a change of view to look out a window and it gave her a chance to let her mind wander while the house was quiet.

In the past her thoughts wouldn't have very far to go beyond the house and the boys. They had been her main concern since they were born and it had felt that her world had narrowed to them even more as the years went on. Dean was a nice addition to this world. He was a stable, reliable man. That was a good thing. But her mind didn't wander to him often during her evening dish washing; actually it was often remembering that she was supposed to call him that sped the ritual to its finish.

But tonight her mind had some very interesting paths to wander. She smirked at the turn of events over the past few days. Who would have thought that a routine drop off at the train station would have yielded all this, and in her nightgown no less? Of course other women needed movies and books for entertainment. She had experienced enough events from a spy novel or adventure movie to last for quite some time. Secret codes, clandestine meetings, underground enclaves, flying helicopters…and don't forget devilishly handsome spies, uh, intelligence agents. Oh boy!

Well, who knew where this would lead? It was nice of that Mr. Melrose to offer her some work. It would be interesting work even if she stayed in the office. Amanda straightened her thoughts back into practical ones. She really did need to find a steady job. The state of the family's finances required her to be working. She would drop by the Agency in the morning, hand in her personal profile papers and see if they had any work for her, then she would go to that interview at Honeycutt Typewriters. It might not be as exciting as working at the Agency, but it would be a lot safer. It would be very exciting to work with Lee Stetson on a regular basis, but it would also be a lot safer if she never did see him again.

Amanda finished washing the last dish, drained the sink and wiped it out with the dish towel. Drying her hands she hung up the towel and turned out the light. Before she left the sink she hesitated to look out the kitchen window. Who would have believed that just a few nights ago there had been a handsome spy in a tuxedo outside that very window drying himself off. She laughed quietly to herself and left the kitchen. As she walked up the stairs in the quiet house she realized that for the first time in a long time she was truly tired. It was a good tired. She was looking forward to her dreams tonight.