Window Reflection


Amanda closed the front door behind Dean, walked into the family room and picked up the two coffee cups. She then walked over to the sink and began to fill it with warm soapy water. Going to the movie had been nice, it was fun having had Jamie along. Amanda really did love her boys, they brought her such joy, and spending this evening with her son had been a refreshing change from all the time she had spent with Alexi. That poor boy had been through so much already. Amanda hoped that he would have some consistency and nurture now that the KGB's plans to use him to steal the access codes to ACM's surveillance satellite had been foiled. She was glad that she had been able to spend some time with Alexi; maybe it had helped him.

Thinking of Alexi made her think about Lee. She had learned a lot about him during this case. He really was a contradiction. There was more to him than being a world class spy and playboy she thought. Those moments in his apartment while she was taking care of Alexi and talking with Lee had been very revealing and they had surprised her. Both because of the things he had said and because of what they had revealed. It appeared that Lee had had some tough times as a boy and he was doing his best to keep it all deeply hidden. But it also seemed to Amanda that he was really looking for a friend. There were moments when it felt as though Lee was about to open up and sometimes he did for a brief moment. Maybe she could earn his trust and be that friend just like she had done with Alexi.

Her thoughts then turned to the panda. After she had discovered it at her door, she had quickly taken it upstairs and put in on the chair in the corner of her bedroom. What was she going to do with that immense thing? Her mouth turned up in a smile at the thought of it. "You could sure buy my affections with this guy." That was what she had said when she first saw the bear. See, now buying that bear seemed so out of character for Scarecrow. She chuckled a bit imagining him entering a toy store and purchasing the huge stuffed animal. He had even responded a bit defensively about the bear when she had questioned him about it.

Amanda couldn't help herself. She was trying not to let herself think about the fact that he had carried the bear out of his apartment down to the street and put it into his Porsche. She tried not to think about him driving it to her house, carrying the bear across the street through her gate and placing it on her front steps. He must have rung the doorbell and then quickly ran back to his car. He must have sat there watching for her reaction. She couldn't imagine why he had done that. As she tried to fall asleep tonight she would do her best to not let her imagination carry her away and keep her logical mind firmly in control.