Major Spoilers for Sherlock Season 3. If you haven't watched them, all 3 of them, don't read this, unless you don't mind spoilers or you don't plan on watching it. Seriously!

Now then, Sherlock's personality/behavior is a bit different to reflect the changes in Series 3, at least if I pulled it off well. :)

The moment Sherlock pulled the trigger Mycroft knew his little brother was a dead man. He kept the team from shooting Sherlock on sight, but he was only delaying the inevitable. Magnussen was a criminal, but one the people Mycroft worked with felt was a necessary evil and they wouldn't be pleased.

It was true the elder Holmes had a controlling interest in the British government, but everyone answered to someone and for him it was them. The collective board. Yes, he could make decisions on his own, but if he let his brother walk he'd lose his position with them and that couldn't happen.

Sherlock did have his place and the board knew that. Mycroft had used him as an instrument on a number of occasions to protect their interests, without his brother's knowledge of course. After reminding them of Sherlock's importance he was able to come up with an alternative. It was hardly merciful, as Lady Smallwood put it, but they had to believe that his choice didn't stem from kindness, but necessity. If they thought he was showing the slightest bit of compassion for his brother he'd lose them and Sherlock as well.

He entered his office and walked to the back wall, lifting the picture to reveal a small screen. Mycroft pressed his thumb to the screen. A moment later a section of the wall slid open. He replaced the picture and stepped through the newly revealed entryway. The lights in the ceiling flickered to life revealing a small room. The only furnishings being an overstuffed leather chair and side table. He crossed the room and picked up the remote from the table. Then pushed a button and a monitor built into the far wall was revealed. Another button and he waited for the other end of the line to be picked up. He didn't have long to wait before the image of a man with short red hair appeared.

"Hello, Pete," Mycroft greeted.

Pete's eyes widened at Mr. Holmes' use of his first name. Something the man hadn't done in the five years they'd known each other. He never fully trusted Mycroft, but their relationship was necessary. It began back when his daughter, Rose, was trying to find a way back to the Doctor.

It was an experiment using the rift to create a bridge between universes. After two failed attempts it was abandoned, but something happened after the reality bomb. After the Doctor closed the gap in their universe, sealing them off, so he thought, that was when the bridge started working. Only, it didn't lead back to the Doctor's universe, but a different one.

"I thought our next meeting was scheduled for Friday, Mr. Holmes," Pete said, referring to the day he was scheduled to send a family of war refugees across the bridge.

They had been scheduling exchanges for years. Pete gave Mycroft information that led to advancements in different fields, including medical, technology, and weaponry to name a few. In exchange Pete was allowed to send refugees fleeing retribution equipped with perception filters across the bridge. Mycroft provided new identities, jobs, and housing.

"There's been a situation," Mycroft replied.

He needed Mr. Tyler's help, but he'd never been good at asking for that sort of thing and although they'd known each other for years their relationship was built on business. Mr. Tyler was a business man and Mycroft knew he'd want something in exchange.

"A situation?" the man asked. "One of the refugees?"

"No, nothing like that. It's…um…" He glanced at the floor and then back to the screen. "It's my younger brother. He's gotten himself into a rather bad situation."

"Your brother?" Pete asked.

Mycroft had never once mentioned his family and, to be honest, Pete never pictured the arrogant, pompous bloke having one.

"Younger brother. He's gotten himself into situations before always over some sentimental drivel, but I'm afraid he's in quite deep this time."

Sentimental drivel? His first thought was of Rose and how she always wound up in the middle of trouble because she cared. Was that what Mycroft's brother had done? He had a hard time picturing that. Mr. Holmes being the most unsentimental man he'd ever met.

"What's he done?"

"He killed a man," Mycroft said and then continued after taking in Mr. Tyler's reaction. "My brother is a genius, but he fancies himself a detective. He took a case, blackmail it was. The blackmailer tried to use my brother's friends." Mycroft couldn't keep the distain from his voice at the word friends. "Putting the wife of my brother's closest friend in danger. The only way to save her was to end the life of the blackmailer and my darling brother, sentimental fool that he is took it."

"It sounds like he should be receiving an award not being punished."

"Yes, well, there's no actual proof of what transpired and the blackmailer wasn't a commoner. He had friends in very high places and those friends were calling for my brother's execution."

"So, you want to send him here?" Pete asked, watching Mycroft closely.

If there's one thing Pete could understand it was the need to protect one's family. Whether Mr. Holmes would admit it or not Pete could tell that the man cared about his brother.

"I am, of course, willing to negotiate our initial agreement. I'm sure you'll want compensation-" Mycroft began.

"I'm not worried about compensation," Pete interrupted.

Mr. Holmes stared at him, giving him the same look Pete received all those years ago when he explained he was on a parallel world. Mr. Tyler smiled.

"You're not?"

Mycroft stared at the man on the monitor, trying to work out what his game was. Why wouldn't he care about compensation? Mycroft was asking him for a favor and in business, as the saying goes, one person scratches the other person's back.

"We've known each other six years now, Mycroft, but we're not friends."

"No, we're not."

"Honestly, I don't even know if you have any friends. My guess is you're desperate or you wouldn't have come to me. I might be a business man, but I'm also a father with a headstrong daughter who probably cares more than she should and has gotten herself into situations of her own. So, what I'm saying is yes."

Pete watched stunned disbelief take hold of Mycroft's features for a moment before the callous mask was pulled back into place.

"Yes. Right. Then I'll have him at the bridge tomorrow evening, say twenty-one hundred hours?" Mr. Holmes asked.

"I'll be waiting," Pete replied.

Mycroft pushed the button on the remote to end the transmission. He expected an argument, squabbling over negotiations, what he didn't expect was for Mr. Tyler to, not only agree, but do so without compensation. In the same position Mycroft knew what he would've done. He would've seen his associate's weakness and used it.

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