At some bar, a demon with blonde hair and wearing black leather clothing is sitting and drinking alcohol to drown her sorrows. Her name is Trish and she's not alone; she is sitting next to a teenage girl who has long brown hair and is wearing the Day Class school uniform. Her name is Yuuki Cross, but her last name is just for adoption. In fact, her last name is really Kuran.

"So you've told me about your fiancee slash brother. I could say it's not so bad compared to my case. I have a self-righteous master who created me and use me, not to mention taking me hostage," Trish explained.

"There are more bad things to come, Trish. Bad memories, that's what," Yuuki said with remorse. "My beloved... I lost him in my heart."

"Mine, too, Yuuki. Because of me, betraying him when I reveal myself to be working for Mundus," the blonde woman is in remorse for her act that causes her to lose her man from her life.

"That was my fault. I betrayed him, telling him my human self is gone for good and now replaced with my vampiric self," the brunette stated with the same emotion that her act has led her to lose her man from her life as well.

"Dante..." Trish puts her hands to her face and tears come out of her eyes.

"Zero..." Yuuki puts her head to the table while tears come out of her eyes as well.

"That's so sad. Let's buy those two a drink to comfort them of their grief," Lady instructed while watching the two mourn.

"Same here," Sayori added as they stand up from the table to buy more drinks for their demonic friends.

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