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Dangerous Connects Version Two

Tim walked into the bullpen of NCIS and headed for his desk. He had a very sour look on his face. He was not having a good day. It was the twenty-four of October. Not many knew this, but it was a day he hated with a passion. He had hated it every year for the past ten years.

"Hey, Probie," Tony said as soon as he saw him.

Tim simply grunted in response and sat at his desk.

"What's up with you McSourpuss?" Tony asked.

"Back off, Tony, okay? Just let me be today," Tim said before powering up his computer so he could get to work.

"Well, someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Come on, what's got your knickers in a twist?" Tony pushed.

"Tony, he has asked to leave him alone. He will talk about it if and when he wishes," Ziva said.

Tim gave her a half smile in appreciation. It was all he could muster at this point.

"Oh, McGee, Abby called a few minutes ago looking for you," Ziva said.

Tim groaned. He knew what Abby wanted. Abby was the only one on the team that knew what this day meant to him. He'd told her when they started dating. He felt he owed it to her. She'd deserved to know before they started any kind of relationship.

"You better not keep her waiting, Probie. Then you'll really have a bad day," Tony said with a grin.

Tim didn't really wanna go see Abby, but then again the sympathy he'd get from Abby couldn't be worse than sitting there and listening to Tony. So he got up and headed for the elevator.


Tim walked into the lab and found it strangely quiet. Usually the place was blaring with music. Today it was quiet. "Abby?"

Abby came out of her office and immediately went over to him and gave him a hug. "Hey, Timmy. How are you?"

"I've been better," Tim said before pulling away. "It's kind of quiet in here."

"I figured you wouldn't wanna come into loud music today. I know how hard this day is for you. It's gotta be harder this year. It's the big ten year mark. It should be a really happy occasion for you," Abby said.

"But it's not. Look, I appreciate what you're doing, but I just wanted this day to pass without what it means being addressed," Tim said.

Abby cringed. "I guess it's a little late now. Sorry," Abby said.

"It's okay. I know you mean well. Look, can we just forget about it now and go on like it's a normal day?" Tim asked.

"Can I ask you something first? Why don't you just end it? It would be pretty easy under the circumstances," Abby said.

"I should. I know I should. I should've done it years ago. I should've just ended it and moved on with my life. But I couldn't and I can't now. I just can't bring myself to," Tim said sadly.

"I really think you should. I know it'll be hard, but you can't go on like this forever. Letting go will hurt, but you'll be able to move on. You deserve that. You deserve to be happy," Abby said.

Before Tim could respond, his phone started ringing. "McGee. Yes, Boss, I'll be right there," he said before hanging up. "I'm needed in the director's office."

"Okay, I'll see you later. Wait, Timmy, I know I'm not the one you wanna hear it from, but I think you should hear it at least once. Happy anniversary."

"Thanks, Abs," Tim said with a fake smile before walking away.


Tim made it back to the bullpen less than five minutes later. From there, he climbed the stairs to the director's office. He walked past Vance's assistant and into his office. He found Gibbs standing in front of the director looking none too pleased. "You wanted to see me, Director."

"Yeah, you gonna tell us what's going on now?" Gibbs asked impatiently. Vance had called him up there but refused to tell him anything until McGee got there.

"McGee, have you noticed anything strange lately?" Vance asked.

Ti frowned. "Like what?"

"Like the feeling that you're being followed?" Vance asked.

"What? No. Who would be following me?" Tim asked. He couldn't think of anyone who would wanna follow him. Any enemies that he had wouldn't be following him. They might try to kill him, but they wouldn't follow him.

"I don't know, McGee, but someone is," Vance said before holding out a file for him.

Tim took the file and opened it up. He was immediately greeted with pictures of himself that were obviously taken from a distance. There were pictures of him coming out of a coffee house, leaving his apartment, even pictures of him and his team while at crime scenes. "Oh my God."

Gibbs leaned in to see what his agent was looking at. He then looked at Vance with an angry look on his face. "Where the hell did these come from?"

"Metro found them. The person who took them was recently shot and killed. He had the pictures on him when he was found," Vance said.

"Who was it?" Gibbs demanded to know. He wanted to know who exactly was targeting one of his people and why.

"They don't know. He didn't have any ID on him. It's up to you to find out. The case is being turned over to us now since it seems one of ours was this guy's target," Vance said.

Gibbs turned to Tim. "You're staying with me until this is over."

"Boss, that's not necessary. I'll be fine on my own," Tim said.

"Not up for debate, McGee. This bastard had you under surveillance while you were working. None of us had any idea you were being followed. We're obviously dealing with pros here, so we're not taking any chances. It's either with me or in a safe house with two guards," Gibbs told him.

Tim sighed. He didn't like either choice, but one was slightly less imposing than the other. "With you, Boss."

"Thought so. Let's get to work," Gibbs said before walking out of the room.

Tim sighed and followed his Boss. Oh, yeah. This was the worst day ever.